Shun Long didn ’t know why, but he could feel his heart clench when he saw the faces of his parents, while his heartbeat had started to rise.

Both Little Black and Little Silver whose souls were connected to Shun Long ’s, could feel his feelings that had turned into turmoil, while Liu Mei who had her hands around Shun Long ’s chest could also feel his heart that was now beating wildly.

’ ’Master, what happened? ’ ’

’ ’Long-ge? ’ ’

Both Little Black ’s, as well as Liu Mei ’s voice, sounded in Shun Long ’s head and ears respectively, as soon as they detected this anomaly.

Little Black spread his soul sense but he didn ’t detect anything untoward around them, which puzzled the black dragon even more.

With a serious look on his face, Shun Long then said

’ ’Something has happened to my parents! ’ ’

This wasn ’t something related to any Dao, but a feeling that stemmed directly from Shun Long ’s heart.

It was said that once a tragedy befell one of your loved ones, you would start feeling restless and be unable to stand still.

For cultivators, this feeling was even more intense and clear.

Liu Mei didn ’t question Shun Long ’s words.
and simply nodded her head in response.

Little Black nodded his head as well, while a cold look flashed through his eyes.

He had already met Shun Fang and Shun An in the past, and in the black dragon ’s head, he had already accepted them as Shun Long ’s parents.
Although it was only one-third of Shun Long ’s soul that was given birth to and raised by them, for Little Black that was already enough.

Without wasting any more time, Shun Long didn ’t choose to stop at the ’Snowcloud country ’ for the night, and instead continued forward.

The black panther flew like a bolt of silver lightning, as it soared in the sky above the royal city of the ’Snowcloud country ’.

The guards at the city walls were stunned for a moment and quickly sounded the alarm, alerting the people in the royal palace in the process.

The auras of Spirit realm and even Nascent Soul stage experts exploded from the depths of the palace, along with a middle-rank 1 Dao King realm expert, and an early rank 2 Dao King.

Shun Long however didn ’t seem to care about the people from the royal palace, and without wasting any time to take a detour he had the black panther continued forward.

’ ’HALT! ’ ’

A grey-armored late-stage Nascent Soul expert who was wearing a matching helmet shouted at the black panther, but when he felt the panther ’s aura his body noticeably trembled before he hurriedly fell back.

The 2 Dao Kings inside the royal palace also paled when they felt the aura of the early rank 6 magic beast flying towards the palace, as they hurriedly activated the palace ’s formations and braced themselves to fight.

The black panther however completely ignored the royal palace, as he continued flying towards the snowy sea in the distance.

Spreading its bright silver wings that shone brightly under the illumination of the bright stars in the sky, the people in the royal capital of the ’Snowcloud country ’ saw the silver streak of light flying above their heads as it continued off into the distance.

Flying above the snow-covered sea, Shun Long was originally planning to hide Little Silver and slowly hunt out some rank 5 magic beasts, but this time, his attention was fully focused on getting to the Desolate East as fast as possible.

Half a day later, the sun had already risen in the sky, but aside from a handful of rank 4 magic beasts, no one else attacked them as they traveled above the snowy sea.

In the distance, Shun Long and Liu Mei could see a large mass of land slowly emerging from the horizon, as the black panther quickly approached closer to it.

The Desolate East.

Shun Long had finally returned.

Less than a year had passed since Cui Guoliang ’s test in the ’Vermilion realm ’ had ended and he had sent Shun Long and the rest to the ’Night star continent ’, and yet, Shun Long and Liu Mei had been through so many things that it seemed as if it had already been much longer than this.

Seeing that there was a medium-sized city in the distance, Shun Long had the black panther fly directly towards it, as he intended to purchase a map about the Desolate East.

After all, the last time, he had been directly teleported from Cui Guoliang ’s palace all the way to the ’Night star continent ’, and hadn ’t traveled by himself.

Despite the Desolate East being much smaller than the ’Night star continent ’, Shun Long knew that without a map, it would be like searching for a needle in the haystacks.

The city was controlled by a small sect, whose sect master was only at the middle rank 1 of the Spirit realm.

The moment that he felt Little Silver ’s and Liu Mei ’s auras, the sect master along with the Elders personally came out and welcomed Shun Long and Liu Mei to the city with excited expressions.

Shun Long however was extremely anxious, while the bad premonition in his heart had become even more noticeable as soon as he arrived in the Desolate East, and immediately explained to the sect master the reason that he had stopped in their city.

Despite the sect master ’s fervent wishes to have Shun Long and Liu Mei be their guests and stay in the city for the night, the sect master still had an Elder fetch a map before handing it to Shun Long.

Although the map wasn ’t an extremely detailed one, it still pointed directly towards the ’Lightning Wasteland ’ where the ’Vermilion realm ’ had opened the last time.

After thanking the sect master, the black panther immediately shot towards the ’Lightning Wasteland ’s ’ direction, under the sect master and the Elders envious gazes.

Looking at the black panther ’s back, one of the Elders of the sect couldn ’t help mumbling

’ ’Sect master, which powerful sect do you think this person comes from? ’ ’

Shaking his head, the sect master ’s eyes glimmered as he answered

’ ’I don ’t know, but it ’s definitely not a sect from our Desolate East! ’ ’

Seeing the stunned expressions of the Elders of his sect, the sect master continued with an envious tone

’ ’Didn ’t you see how young that young woman was? Her cultivation however is even stronger than mine, and has already reached the middle-stages of the Spirit realm!

At the same time, the pressure I got from that black panther is even more terrifying than the pressure I felt from an Elder of the ’Golden Buddha temple ’!

No, it can ’t even be compared! This is certainly a rank 5 magic beast! ’ ’

’ ’WHAT? ’ ’

The Elders around the sect master were all stunned when they heard his words!

After all, even the head priest of the ’Golden Buddha temple ’ was rumored to be just an early-stage Nascent Soul expert.

This magic beast was at the same level as him?

Nodding his head, the sect master continued with a serious look in his eyes

’ ’As for that young man, even I couldn ’t see through him… ’ ’

The sect Elders were all speechless, none of them adding another word in the process.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'floating-cloud-sect'_51576454982464632 for visiting.

Of course, by the time they had finished their words, the black panther had already disappeared from the sky.

An hour later, Shun Long had already passed through the Lightning Wasteland, and finally, after 3 more hours, the outline of a familiar city appeared in the distance.

The ’Floating Cloud sect ’.

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