The rank 6 ’Silver-winged panther king ’ shot to the sky as it flew above the northern part of the ’City of Sin ’, shocking the people around Shun Long ’s shop.

At the same time, inside the ’Violent guardian gang ’s ’ castle, the short white-haired middle-stage Dao King, ’senior Huang ’, turned his eyes towards the sky as he mumbled to himself

’ ’Indeed, it is an early rank 6 magic beast… ’ ’

It only took a few minutes for the black panther to fly from the northern part of the ’City of Sin ’ to the east, until it slowly left the tall ’Mountain of Blood ’!

The ’City of Sin ’ and the ’Mountain of Blood ’ were situated at the north of the Night star continent, but the Desolate East was very far away.

According to the map that he had purchased in the Heaven ’s Dome city, Shun Long knew, that he would have to travel all the way to the east of the continent, and pass from the SIlver sword city before returning back to the Desolate East.

Looking at the map in his hands, his eyes were focused on a place called ’Silver Mountain ’.

Liu Mei also saw that place on the map and chuckled lightly.

This was the place where the previous guild master of the ’Pale Moon guild ’, the beautiful blonde woman Xie Rong lived.

She had even given Shun Long a small white token with a ’Xie ’ character on it, and had asked him to visit when he had time.

Shun Long however wasn ’t planning on stopping by the ’Silver Mountain ’.

Although he was somewhat curious to find out whether everything had worked out for Xie Rong after obtaining the ’Dragon Lord ’s medallion ’, this was just a small bout of curiosity.

Seeing the ’Mountain of Blood ’ behind him turn even smaller in his eyes, Shun Long also wasn ’t afraid of someone taking over his shop while he was away, as his eyes stared in the distance ahead of him.

Although he and Liu Mei hadn ’t been in the ’City of Sin ’ for a long time, he was certain that very few people would dare to occupy his shop after his clash with the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’.

As he observed the map in front of him, Shun Long mapped out a route to return to the Desolate East.

After returning back to the Silver sword city, he would continue towards the east of the continent, until he arrived at a big country called ’Snowcloud country ’.

’ ’Snowcloud country? ’ ’

Shun Long could feel that this name sounded somewhat familiar, but he couldn ’t remember when he had heard it before.

’ ’Eh? ’Snowcloud country ’? That ’prince ’ in the ’Vermilion realm ’ said that he was from the ’Snowcloud country ’. ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s voice sounded in Shun Long ’s ears when she saw the place that Shun Long was pointing at.

Although Shun Long didn ’t care about ’unimportant ’ places that had nothing to do with him, as the daughter of the ’Floating Cloud sect ’s ’ sect master, Liu Mei had learned to pay attention to the name of the places that she had heard of in the past.

Nodding his head, Shun Long seemed to have remembered that ’sixth prince ’ who had arrived with his attendant in the ’Vermilion realm ’ and had arrogantly asked for a spot that he then got from Liu Mei ’s father, Liu Jian.

Shun Long ’s gaze then focused on the seemingly vast sea that he would have to cross in order to arrive to the Desolate East.

The ’Snowcloud country ’ was at the far east of the ’Night star continent ’ and only a vast sea separated it from the Desolate East.

As he continued to stare at the map, Liu Mei ’s curious voice then sounded in his ears, as she then said in a somewhat uncertain tone

’ ’Long-ge, I also heard from my father, that the waters around the ’Snowcloud country ’ are filled with powerful magic beasts, some of which are even stronger than Spirit realm experts.

Even the head priest of the ’Golden Buddha Temple ’ in the Desolate East isn ’t strong enough to fight against these magic beasts by himself. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes lit up, and he quickly assumed that those must probably be rank 5 magic beasts.

Whether it was for himself, for Little Black or Little Silver, refining the ’Dragonblood grass ’ into pills was a top priority for Shun Long.

However, parts of certain rank 5 magic beasts, including their beast cores were absolutely necessary during the pill refinement, otherwise, the pills wouldn ’t be completely pure, and would have powerful pill toxins inside them.

One or two pills wouldn ’t make a difference, as Shun Long ’s body would expel them by itself after a few days, but consuming large amounts of pills that were filled with pill toxins would have a negative effect on his cultivation in the future.

That was why, although he had already advanced to the level of a gold grade alchemist, Shun Long hadn ’t refined the rank 5 ’Dragonblood grass ’ into pills just yet.

Although it was more likely that he would find all the magic beasts and the medicinal herbs that he required in the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ Mountain range ’, if there were really suitable rank 5 magic beasts on the way to the ’Desolate East ’, then he could start concocting some pills before he even arrived in the ’Ten thousand beasts ’ Mountain range ’!


Flying on the black panther ’s back, it only took a single day for Shun Long and Liu Mei to arrive at the familiar-looking city that was shaped like a sword.

Without stopping by the ’Silver sword city ’ however, Shun Long and Liu Mei continued their journey, and a few hours later, a new scene appeared in their eyes.

A snowy landscape appeared in the distance and covered everything as far as the eye could see.

In the distance ahead was a huge city covered with pure-white snow, and city walls that weren ’t inferior to the ’Silver sword city ’s ’.

A few moments later, Shun Long and Liu Mei who were sitting on the black panther ’s back, had already arrived outside of the snow-covered city.

And yet, ignoring the snowy scenery in front of him, Shun Long ’s expression immediately changed.

A bad premonition had suddenly appeared in his heart as he approached closer to the Desolate East, while for some inexplicable reason, Shun Fang ’s and Shun An ’s smiling faces had abruptly appeared in his mind.

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