How could the old man not understand, that someone was purposefully suppressing the news of that shop so that they could swallow it all by themselves? 

Of course, 30 million low-grade spirit stones was an amount that would make even late-stage Dao Kings interested, let alone a middle-stage Dao King like him.

As soon as he heard the middle-aged woman ’s words, a wave of suffocating killing intent erupted from the black-robed old man ’s body. 

And yet, despite having received an answer, the grip from the huge crimson hand didn ’t seem to have loosened yet, as it kept choking the woman in the red dress whose face had turned completely pale by now. 

It took more than a full minute until the old man finally snorted in anger, before the large crimson hand that was connected to his body suddenly disappeared, allowing the woman to breathe again.

The red-dressed woman that was prepared to risk her life and go all out finally heaved a sigh of relief, while traces of hate as well as fear had now appeared deep inside her blue eyes.

Standing up from his throne, the old man closed his eyes, as a powerful soul sense erupted from his body, heading towards a certain street at the northern part of the ’City of Sin ’.

Inside the castle-shaped headquarters of the ’Violent Guardian gang ’, the members of the ’Violent guardian gang ’ were terrified when they felt the pressure from the powerful soul sense of a Dao King enveloping their bodies, but the old man didn ’t seem to care about them, as he headed towards the depths of the castle.

He was about to personally kill the 2 bosses of the ’Violent Guardian Gang ’ for their actions.

After all, the ’City of Sin ’ could be considered his domain.

However, an ugly expression soon appeared on the old man ’s face when he noticed that the interior of the ’Violent guardian gang ’s ’ headquarters was now empty and even their treasury had been emptied out.

The middle-stage Dao King realm expert, ’senior Huang ’ instantly understood that Shi Ru and Shi Hui had probably already fled from the northern part of the ’City of Sin ’.

Perhaps they had already left the ’City of Sin ’ altogether, or perhaps they were hidden somewhere, but that didn ’t matter. 

Even for a middle-stage Dao King like ’senior Huang ’, it was impossible to scan every single person in the entire city with his soul sense.

With a cold look in his eyes, the short white-haired old man seemed to ponder seriously for a while, before he finally waved his hand and his body turned into countless blood threads that disappeared from the throne room.


At the same time, back inside his pill shop, Shun Long noticed that despite opening the entrance of the shop today, there were practically no customers willing to enter inside.

This was most likely the result of Little Black destroying the squad of 13 late-stage Spirit realm experts, as well as the trouble that the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ had caused during the past 2 weeks by sending the 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm experts to attack in broad daylight.

Even in the ’City of Sin ’ that was a chaotic place and people were used to murder taking place randomly on the streets, Shun Long ’s shop was already turning into a den of death.

Although not many people would end up dying, all of them seemed to be late-stage Spirit realm experts without exception.

Additionally, Shun Long ’s opponent was one of the 3 largest pill shops in the ’City of Sin ’, while inside the shop itself, there were rumors that there was some kind of powerful magic beast.

If another huge fight really happened, wouldn ’t the people inside the shop be the ones who were implicated first?

Liu Mei looked at Shun Long with her enchanting black eyes, before she said in a clearly uncertain voice

’ ’Long-ge…
perhaps people are afraid and want to wait for things to calm down before they come to the shop again?! ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long agreed with Liu Mei, and with a smile on his face he then said seriously

’ ’I was planning to wait until the end of the month before taking a small trip to the Desolate East, as well as the ’Ten-thousand beasts mountain range ’, but it seems that going now is also a good time. ’ ’

Liu Mei was stunned, before a joyous expression appeared on her face, but after a moment of deliberation she then asked

’ ’But..
Long-ge, what about the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’? ’ ’

Although Liu Mei wanted to visit the Desolate East, she didn ’t seem to be willing to let the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ off the hook after all the problems that they had caused.

She also hadn ’t forgotten the assassination attempt from 2 weeks ago, where they had sent an early rank 6 Spirit realm cultivator and his team to ruin their shop and take everything.

Shaking his head, Shun Long ’s gaze had turned deep as he said seriously

’ ’I don ’t think that their Pavilion master will just stay and wait for us to go and kill him!

After Little Black exposed his strength, their pavilion master will definitely choose to lay low for a while, if he doesn ’t choose to completely abandon the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’.

Although he will find it weird when they notice that we are gone, I don ’t think that he will stay away from the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ for too long.

If he takes everything from their treasury and leaves, he knows that it will be akin to shooting himself in the foot!

Unless he plans to completely abandon the ’City of Sin ’, he doesn ’t have any other choice than to return back to his pavilion. ’ ’

Liu Mei instantly understood what Shun Long was trying to say.

Even if the monk left, the temple would stay.

Nodding his head, a cold look flashed through Shun Long ’s eyes as he said

’ ’Unless he completely abandons his pavilion, I will personally end his life once we return back! ’ ’

The serious look soon disappeared from Shun Long ’s face, and waving his hand, he gathered all of the pill bottles in the shop and placed them inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

Since Little Black had already returned back inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long didn ’t waste any more time, and wrapping his arm around Liu Mei ’s slender waist he then sat on the black panther ’s back.

Without waiting for Liu Mei to put a veil on her face, the black panther shot out from the shop like a bolt of silver lightning, as it flew in the sky above the ’City of Sin ’.

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