Shun Long was certain that once Little Black revealed his aura of an early rank 6 magic beast, there was no way for the Dao Kings at the center of the ’City of Sin ’ to fail to notice him.

Indeed, the black dragon nodded his head as he said

’ ’Master is right! As soon as I exposed my aura, 5 soul senses, including the middle-stage Dao King ’s appeared from the center of the city and quickly covered the shop.

However, before they could actually enter inside, I completely crushed them before they hurriedly retreated back to the center of the city. ’ ’

As soon as Little Black finished his words, Shun Long could practically imagine the scene that had taken place.

After a terrifying black fireball destroyed the group of late-stage Spirit realm experts, the soul senses of 5 Dao Kings emerged from the center of the ’City of Sin ’, but as soon as they came in contact with Little Black ’s terrifying soul sense, they retreated back in fear.

After all, Shun Long knew that dragons weren ’t your average magic beasts.

Indeed, with a proud look on his face, Little Black continued explaining

’ ’Master, there is no need to worry.
Forget about a few early-stage Dao Kings and a middle-stage one, unless it ’s a late-stage Dao King, I can still crush them completely!

Although fighting with a late-stage Dao King head-on would be somewhat difficult for now, but as soon as I breakthrough to the middle of rank 6, no one will be able to stand in front of master ’s way then! ’ ’

An aura of absolute majesty and pride emerged from Little Black ’s body, making even the ’Silver-winged panther king ’ want to bow in front of the black dragon.
This was the aura of a king of magic beasts who was certain that he would crush everything in his path in the future.

Nodding his head, Shun Long patted Little Black ’s head before he fell silent for a while.

Although he knew that there was no immediate danger in the ’City of Sin ’, he was still unwilling to expose Little Black ’s and Little Silver ’s existence unless absolutely necessary.

However, it seemed like there was no other way this time.

Even if the Dao Kings at the center of the ’City of Sin ’ didn ’t know yet that a black dragon was residing inside the shop, they still knew that it had to be at least an extremely powerful early rank 6 magic beast, otherwise, it wouldn ’t be able to defeat the soul sense of so many powerful Dao Kings.

’ ’Although the early-stage Dao Kings will most likely not choose to make a move since they should know that it ’s practically impossible to force a rank 6 magic beast to submit by themselves, it ’s still possible that there will be crazy people like that Hao Ping and that bald Elder Xue from the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’ who will try to make a probing attempt.

Additionally, the one who is the most dangerous is probably going to be that middle-stage Dao King.
Although Little Black can certainly crush any middle-stage Dao King, revealing his existence isn ’t an option just yet, otherwise the troubles that would follow would certainly contain at least peak rank 9 Dao Kings.

the chances of that middle-stage Dao King attacking the shop are also very low.
After all, as long as he understands that there is an early rank 6 magic beast here, he should also assume that there has to be at least a middle-stage, if not a late-stage Dao King as well.

Unless that person is stupid, this should be enough to deter them from making a move right now! ’ ’

Shun Long quickly organized his thoughts, before his lips slowly curved up into a smile.


At the same time, at the center of the ’City of Sin ’ was a large luxurious mansion that was covered by numerous protective formations, that could probably stop even middle-stage Dao Kings from forcefully entering inside.

Inside a large hall that was even more luxurious than Cui Guoliang ’s palace in the ’Vermilion realm ’, was a half-n.a.k.e.d old man who was sitting on a golden throne.

The old man had short white hair and obvious wrinkled around his eyes, but a powerful aura that was filled with killing intent was coming from his body.

This aura wasn ’t something that the old man was intentionally emitting, but instead, it was the killing intent that was acc.u.mulated in his body after having killed countless amounts of people.

In front of the old man was a middle-aged woman with short brown hair and blue eyes.

She was wearing a red dress that accentuated her figure, while her eyes resembled those of a hungry snake.

The woman hadn ’t restrained her aura, making it obvious that she was one of the powerful Dao Kings in the ’City of Sin ’, a peak rank 3 Dao King realm expert.

And yet, the woman had a respectful look in her eyes as she looked at the old man in front of her, before she cupped her hands and bowed as she said

’ ’Senior Huang, I have already looked into what you told me. 

That place is just a small pill shop, but they have made huge amounts of spirit stones in the past 2 weeks, and yet they haven ’t offered to pay anything to you as tribute!

From my current estimations, they have probably made more than 30 million low-grade spirit stones already, and they will probably make even more by the end of this month! ’ ’

The old man narrowed his eyes as he looked at the middle-aged woman in front of him.

He was indeed tempted when he heard that a new shop had already made 30 million low-grade spirit stones while he somehow hadn ’t heard anything about it.

After all, all large shops in the ’City of Sin ’ had to pay tribute to him every month, and this shop seems to be making even more than the top 3 pill shops at the north of the city.

However, how could he also not understand that the middle-aged woman in front of him was trying to instigate him into fighting with the owner of that shop.

With a sinister look in his eyes, the old man raised his right hand, and endless amount of blood threads appeared from his body, before they formed a huge crimson hand that choked the middle-aged woman ’s neck.

The middle-aged woman had a look of fear in her eyes, when the old man ’s merciless voice sounded in her ears

’ ’Who is responsible for that area? Who is it that hid the news about this shop? ’ ’

The middle-aged woman ’s eyes constricted, and despite being choked by the huge blood arm, she said with great difficulty

’ ’Senior, i-it ’s the ’Violent Guardian gang ’! ’ ’

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