It was a gigantic hole filled with burn marks of charred wood around it, while 10 of Liu Mei ’s jade-white skeletons were standing in line, blocking anyone in the Silver cross street from having a clear look of the interior of the room.

Soon, Shun Long turned his eyes towards Little Black, Liu Mei and Little Silver, before he nodded his head and said in an affirming tone

’ ’Don ’t worry, I am okay! ’ ’

’ ’…
aside from being mentally exhausted of course. ’ ’ He silently added in his heart, before his eyes examined the rest of the room.
Aside from the large hole on the wall however that Liu Mei ’s skeletons were now covering, Shun Long didn ’t find anything else amiss.

Liu Mei and Little Black both heaved out in relief, while the black panther, Little Silver happily nudged its head on Shun Long ’s arm for a moment. 

With a curious look in his eyes, Shun Long looked at Liu Mei before he asked

’ ’Mei ’er, how long was I gone for? ’ ’ His eyes also fell on the large hole on the wall of the room, curious to find out what happened while he was inside the ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’.

Liu Mei lowered her head slightly as she looked at Shun Long and said

’ ’Long-ge, you were gone for almost 2 days.
In these 2 days I also didn ’t open the shop. ’ ’

’ ’2 days? ’ ’

Shun Long was stunned when he heard Liu Mei ’s reply.
He didn ’t think that he was gone for even half a day, let alone 2 whole days.

Before he could ask any more questions, Little Black ’s voice then sounded in his mind, as Little Black then asked

’ ’Master, is everything really alright? I can sense that your soul is really exhausted right now. ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long didn ’t hide anything neither from Little Black, nor Liu Mei or Little Silver, as he said in a serious voice

’ ’I am indeed tired, but I should recover fully after consuming a few ’Spirit enhancing pills ’ and get my spirit sense and spiritual strength back to peak condition. ’ ’

Looking at Little Black, Shun Long then asked curiously

’ ’Little Black, is there a power called the 10 Immortal Palaces? ’ ’

Little Black thought seriously for a while, before he eventually shook his head and said

’ ’Master, there is no such force as far as I remember! ’ ’

After a brief pause the black dragon then added

’ ’Of course, it ’s also possible that they are an extremely secluded power who don ’t show themselves easily, but I have never heard of this name before. ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long wasn ’t too surprised by Little Black ’s answer.
He didn ’t know how this red palace was connected to the ’Stone of Time ’, but it was certainly something that he had to find out about in the end.

After all, if it wasn ’t for the silver-armored guards that had decided to imprison him in the ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’ instead of killing him, Shun Long didn ’t know whether the ’Stone of Time ’ would have saved him, if there was really some kind of lethal danger while he was unconscious.

Additionally, even without fighting the silver-armored guards, and despite being unable to sense their cultivation at the time, Shun Long was certain that he wasn ’t a match for either one of them at this point.

He also wasn ’t certain what would happen to him in case the ’Stone of Time ’ forcefully sent him to that red palace again.

Shun Long knew that no matter what, he had to uncover the secrets behind that red palace, otherwise, if these silver-armored guards are present again the next time that the ’Stone of Time ’ transfers him to that place, he wasn ’t certain if he would be lucky enough to once again end up to the so-called 7th level of the ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’.

This was also the first time that Shun Long had a feeling of urgency in his heart to get stronger.

This time, it wasn ’t for Little Black or to uncover more clues about his past, but to stay alive.

Taking a few moments to reorganize his thoughts and calm down his emotions, Shun Long then looked at Liu Mei as he asked

’ ’Did the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ attack the shop during the past 2 days? ’ ’

Liu Mei nodded her head with a regretful look on her face, but just as she was about to answer, Little Black spoke first, as his voice once again sounded in Shun Long ’s mind

’ ’Master is right! Just a few hours after master disappeared, I sensed a group of 3 rank 9 Spirit realms leading more than 10 late-stage Spirit realm cultivators, all of them coming towards the shop.

They were all very cautious, but they were filled with determination and killing intent! 

I know that master had your own plans about how to deal with these peoples, but once they entered the shop, there was no way that that little girl could stop them all by herself.
At least not until her cultivation reaches at least the rank 9 of the Spirit realm. ’ ’

Shun Long was dumbfounded when he heard Little Black ’s words.

He instantly understood that these people must have belonged to the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’.

However, although he knew that the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ would be anxious after losing all of the spirit stones in their treasury, he also knew that they would be able to operate normally for a while, considering how many pills and medicinal herbs they still had in stock.

In other words, although Shun Long robbing their treasury clean was a large hit to the pavilion, it wasn ’t to the extent that they would throw caution to the wind and send more than a dozen late-stage Spirit realm experts to blindly attack the shop.

’ ’Was someone pressuring them? This is the only answer that makes sense! Otherwise, considering that they only have 11 peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivators, it wouldn ’t make sense to send 3 of them at once, when they know that there is a poison that can most likely threaten even Nascent Soul stage experts! ’ ’

Seeing that Shun Long was still reorganizing his thoughts, Little Black stayed silent for a moment, letting his master figure out what was going on.

At the same time, Liu Mei seemed to have understood that Little Black was explaining what happened, so she decided to let him explain everything.

Nodding his head, Shun Long looked at Little Black before he asked

’ ’What happened then? Did you wipe them out? ’ ’

Little Black nodded in confirmation without any hints of embarrassment, and looking at the hole on the wall of the room he said matter-of-factly

’ ’Master is right! As soon as they approached close to the shop, I spat out a huge ball of black fire that wiped them all in an instant! ’ ’

Shun Long couldn ’t see it earlier, but after standing up and taking a look at the hole on the wall of the room, he noticed that even the ground on the Silver cross street had now turned black.

He could only imagine the commotion that Little Black ’s fireball had caused this time.

At the same time, looking at Little Black who had certainly attracted a lot of attention after revealing his aura of an early rank 6 magic beast, a single question suddenly appeared in Shun Long ’s mind

’ ’Didn ’t the Dao Kings at the center of the ’City of Sin ’ notice your presence then? ’ ’

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