The golden-robed old man didn ’t hesitate for a moment, as he waved his sleeve and his body instantly disappeared, leaving behind the 2 silver-robed middle-aged men, the young man and the beautiful young woman, who were all buried into the ground outside the majestic red palace ’s entrance.

Although none of them were dead, unlike the old man in golden robes, each of them had suffered various degrees of injuries once they were sent flying outside of the palace.


Back inside his cell, at the 7th level of the ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’, a soul tearing pain had once again filled Shun Long ’s mind, as the same deep blue light that had shot out from the ’Stone of Time ’ a moment ago, had now completely covered his body.

As Shun Long felt the familiar feeling of spatial fluctuations around his body, the runes on the black chains that had shackled his hands and feet suddenly lit up, as they looked to suppress the space distortions around him the same way that they had done when Shun Long had tried to use ’Blink ’ earlier.

At the same time, the golden-robed old man had also appeared on the 7th level of the ’Eternal Confinement Immortap Prison ’, while the formations around the cells seemed to have temporarily stopped, revealing the prisoners inside the cells.

From the cell opposite to Shun Long, a skinny old man with long white hair and beard was now staring at Shun Long with wide-open eyes filled with shock and excitement.

Now that the formations had already stopped working, despite still being shackled, the old man could clearly sense the spatial fluctuations coming from Shun Long ’s body.

’ ’Eh?? What is going on? ’ ’

It wasn ’t just the old man opposite to Shun Long, but the other prisoners in the cells around him as well that seemed to have sensed the spatial fluctuations inside his cell.

At the same time, the golden-robed old man from the red palace had instantly arrived outside of Shun Long ’s cell, as he looked at the young man inside with eyes filled with disbelief.

Seeing that the runes on the black chains were unable to restrict the blue light coming from Shun Long ’s body, the old man snorted, before a golden palm thousands of meters tall lit up the pitch black sky of the 7th level in the ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’.

’ ’Isn ’t that the 6th palace ’s Immortal Buddha palm? ’ ’

’ ’It ’s Jin Zhelan! ’ ’

The prisoners in the cells around the old man shouted in fear, once they saw the golden palm that had covered the sky and was now descending towards Shun Long ’s cell.

The black iron bars around the cell were disintegrated into ash as soon as they came in contact with the giant golden palm, that continued towards Shun Long without stop.

Shun Long could feel as if an entire world was descending upon him from the sky, as the terrifying pressure from the golden palm had completely covered his cell, leaving no room for retreat.

And yet, Shun Long tried to suppress the soul tearing pain that he was feeling from the ’Stone of Time ’, and used all of his strength to try and open his eyes, only to see that his vision had already started to blur.

The only colors in his vision, was the bright blue light that was coming from the ’Stone of Time ’ in his spiritual space that had completely covered his body, along with the blinding golden light from the giant golden palm in the sky.

At the same time that the palm descended and was about to touch Shun Long ’s head, the blue light around him suddenly exploded, before his body disappeared in an instant.


The thousands of meters long golden palm landed on the wall of the cell, where the black chains that were previously shackling Shun Long were coming from, causing the entire ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’ to shake!

And yet, under the golden-robed old man ’s gaze, Shun Long had already disappeared!

Shun Long ’s forehead was drenched in cold sweat until he felt the pressure from the golden palm abruptly vanishing.

Just a moment ago, he could practically sense the feeling of death approaching him and knew, that if the golden palm had actually managed to touch him, he would have probably died instantly!

Time continued to pass, and a few minutes later, Shun Long felt the spatial fluctuations around him disappearing, while his blurry surroundings started to slowly turn clear.

The ’Stone of Time ’ that was rotating without stop previously finally fell silent, while the blue light that had completely covered his body started to disappear as well inside his head.

A familiar looking bed, a wooden floor and a couple of meditative cushions appeared in Shun Long ’s eyes before he lost consciousness.

From the moment that he had arrived to the majestic red palace, to when he was sent inside the cell in the ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’, the ’Stone of Time ’ hadn ’t stopped rotating inside his head, bringing him unbearable pain to his spiritual space.

Shun Long could feel that the ’Stone of Time ’ wanted something from the depths of the red palace, but Shun Long had no way to get in there.

Perhaps if there was no one else guarding that place, he could withstand the pain from the unceasing buzzing and enter the palace by himself, but with the powerful silver-armored guards who were standing there, there was no hope for him to enter inside.

Finally, now that the ’Stone of Time ’ had stopped rotating and had fallen silent, Shun Long lost consciousness as soon as he noticed that he had returned back to his room inside the shop.

At the same time, inside the depths at the first floor of the shop, Little Black and the black panther, Little Silver, both had their eyes lit up as they shot towards the second floor like lightning, with Liu Mei following behind them.


Shun Long didn ’t know how much time had passed until he finally opened his eyes, when Little Black ’s and Liu Mei ’s worried voices sounded in his mind and ears

’ ’Master! ’ ’

’ ’Long-ge!! ’ ’

Slowly standing up from the floor, Shun Long looked at Little Black, Liu Mei and Little Silver around him who had worried expressions on their faces, before his gaze fell on the gigantic hole at the wall of the room.

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