Shun Long was stunned for a second, before he turned his eyes to the cell opposite to him, where the figure of an emaciated old man appeared.

The old man ’s face was blurry due to the formations covering his cell, but Shun Long could still make out the outline of his skinny hands and bony legs, as well as his long hair and beard.

Looking at the old man ’s figure, Shun Long asked curiously

’ ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison? ’ ’

Nodding his head, the old man laughed as he then said

’ ’Hehe, exactly kid! Don ’t tell me that you don ’t even know where those old men took you to.
This is the ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’.
There is no chance for you or me to escape from here. ’ ’

After a moment of silence, the old man continued, while his tone had turned somewhat delighted, with a hint of schadenfreude inside it, almost as if he was laughing at Shun Long ’s bad luck

’ ’Hehe! With you here kid, I will at least have someone to chat with.

The other old men here in the 7th level are all so stubborn that they barely talk to me anymore. ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t respond to the old man right away, but instead, he tried to sort out what he had just learned.

’ ’So this place is a prison named the ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’, and I am inside the 7th level? What does each level correspond to however? Was the silver-armored guard who shouted at me, the one who brought me here? No…
who brought me here doesn ’t matter, what matters the most is their intentions. ’ ’

At the same time that he finished his conjectures, Shun Long also noticed that the spatial ring in his hand was now missing.

Thankfully, aside from a few ’Sun-healing pills ’ and a little more than 200.000 low-grade spirit stones, there was nothing else of value inside it.

The most surprising thing however wasn ’t that his spatial ring that was missing, but that he was unable to sense any qi in the air around him.

’ ’Eh? How can there be no qi? ’ ’

After recollecting himself, Shun Long realized, that this was the second time that he had found himself at a place without any qi.

The first time was back when he had arrived at the bottom of the white palace with the golden steps and the 2 angel statues in front of it, while today was the second.

After verifying that he was unable to shake off the chains around him using brute force, Shun Long circulated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’, before 31 bright balls of qi appeared above his head.

Seeing that the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ was circulating normally, he heaved out a sigh of relief, before he thought to himself

’Blink ’

However, as soon as the spatial fluctuations from ’blink ’ appeared around his body, the runes on the black chains that had bound Shun Long lit up with a pitch-black light, before they completely suppressed the spatial fluctuations around him.

This was the first time that Shun Long ’s blink had actually failed.

And yet, after being stunned for a second, Shun Long wasn ’t too afraid.

After all, he could still sense the ’Stone of Time ’ inside his spiritual space that hadn ’t stopped rotating yet. 

This was the second time that the ’Stone of Time ’ had sent him to this place, so unless something was different this time, Shun Long guessed that it should also send him back to his pill shop soon.

Seeing that his life wasn ’t in immediate danger just yet, Shun Long thought that the best thing he could do, was to try and find out where exactly this ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’ was.

After a moment of serious thinking, he raised his head, and looking at the cell that was opposite to his, he asked in a seemingly curious voice

’ ’Senior, actually I have never heard about this ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’ before.
Can you tell me more about this place? ’ ’

The old man who was still laughing at Shun Long seemed to have suddenly choked on his saliva.

Cough, cough

After coughing for a few moments he looked at the cell opposite to his before he asked angrily

’ ’Brat, which hole did you come out from? How can you not know about the ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’ when they have already sent you here? ’ ’

The old man seemed to have vented for a while, before he then answered in a serious voice

’ ’The ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’ is the worst prison that the 10 Immortal Palaces send their convicts to.
We are right now in the 7th lev- ’ ’

Before the old man could finish his words, Shun Long could feel the ’Stone of Time ’ inside his spiritual space that had started to buzz.
It seemed as if something had suddenly triggered this reaction, as a deep blue light suddenly covered Shun Long ’s body.

The blue light shot out from Shun Long ’s body and headed towards the sky, effortlessly passing through the walls of the ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’ as if they didn ’t exist in the first place.

In the depths of the majestic red-colored palace, the golden robed old man ’s eyes had lit up, as he seemed to have finally gotten a reaction from the purple sphere of light in front of him.

The gigantic pillar of light that was coming from the purple sphere had started to shrink, looking like it was returning back inside the purple sphere, when suddenly, a deep blue beam of light shot towards the purple sphere.

The old man snorted when he saw the blue light in the sky that was coming towards his direction, before he sent a powerful palm strike forward.

A gigantic golden palm thousands of meters tall had appeared in the sky, as it headed towards the blue light, causing the entire red palace to tremble in the process.

The 2 middle-aged men, the young man and the beautiful young woman behind the old man, all had ashen expressions on their faces as they felt the power inside the terrifying palm strike that was about to collide with the blue beam of light.

And yet, despite their expectations, the blue light seemed to have completely ignored the giant palm in the sky, as it passed through it and continued to fly towards the red palace.


Under the golden-robed old man ’s stunned eyes, the moment that the blue light touched the purple sphere, the entire red palace started to shake.

The giant purple pillar of light that had already started to shrink, immediately retreated inside the purple sphere as soon as the blue beam of light touched it, before a powerful force erupted from the depths of the purple sphere.

The golden-robed old man, along with the silver-robed Zhong Qiu and the other middle-aged man next to him, as well as the young man and the young woman behind them, were all sent flying outside the palace in an instant by the powerful force from the purple sphere.

Despite the power behind the force that had managed to send him flying, the old man didn ’t suffer any injuries, as he safely landed at the majestic red palace ’s entrance.

The look in his deep black eyes however had turned extremely profound, as he now stared at the direction where the blue beam of light had come from…
the ’Eternal Confinement Immortal Prison ’!

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