Looking at the 2 black-robed men who had just entered the room, the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ pavilion master, Chao Xieren nodded his head, before he asked in a serious voice

’ ’Did you discover the person behind that shop? ’ ’

There was an unmistakable excitement behind Chao Xieren ’s question as he looked at the 2 black-robed men in front of him.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-order_51454933429442463 for visiting.

Seeing Chao Xieren ’s brown eyes that were gleaming with a sharp light, the 2 men immediately lowered their heads in fear, before the old man with the hoarse voice who was at the early rank 8 of the Spirit realm spoke nervously

’ ’Reporting to the pavilion master, we…
didn ’t. ’ ’


’ ’Eh? ’ ’

Surprised exclamations sounded from Xue Qiu, Zhou Ning and the other peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts who were seated on the table, as they all turned their heads to look at the old man who just spoke.

Feeling the gazes of all the rank 3 silver grade alchemists from the pavilion on his body, the old man suddenly tensed up, when Chao Xieren ’s voice once again sounded in the old man ’s ears

’ ’Immediately explain what happened! ’ ’

The pavilion master ’s authoritative voice immediately silenced the entire room.

Everyone in the room knew, that the pavilion master didn ’t care about Liu Shuren and Xiao Shu who had probably been sacrificed, but he was waiting for the results of this probing attempt with great interest.

After taking a deep breath, the old man narrated what had just taken place a few minutes ago.

From the moment that the 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm experts had entered the pill shop, to the undead knights sudden attack, and finally, to Shun Long throwing the 2 pill bottles filled with the dark purple liquid and Liu Shuren ’s and Xiao Shu ’s deaths.

As soon as the old man finished his words, a chill suddenly ran through his body as his eyes met with Chao Xieren ’s frosty gaze.

It wasn ’t just the old man, but even the peak rank 7 Spirit realm cultivator who was kneeling next to him, as well as the peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts, everyone immediately felt the temperature inside the room lowering, as a frosty wave of killing intent that was emitted from the pavilion master ’s body suddenly filled the room.

’ ’HAHAHAHA! ’ ’

Chao Xieren started laughing abruptly, while the killing intent coming from his body was becoming even more intense!

Turning his gaze towards the peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts around him, he finally slammed his hand on the gigantic table in front of him, breaking it in half as he said in a furious voice

’ ’Not only did you lose 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm cultivators this time, but you also failed to find out anything about the person behind that shop! ’ ’

Seeing everyone around him lower their heads in shame, Chao Xieren ’s gaze was focused on the bald old man, Xue Qiu, before he spoke in a voice so cold, that it almost chilled the peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert ’s soul

’ ’Xue Qiu, you will personally lead a team this time and attack that shop.
If you succeed, I will certainly reward you handsomely. ’ ’

Although Chao Xieren ’s tried to make his words sound like an invitation, in reality, it was actually an order that gave Xue Qiu no room for refusal.

The old man trembled as soon as he heard Chao Xieren ’s words, and with a pleading look in his eyes, he fell on his knees as he said in a voice that was almost begging

’ ’Pavilion master, please reconsider.
If it ’s a poison that could kill a middle stage rank 7 Spirit realm cultivator like Liu Shuren in just a few breaths of time, then how long will I be able to last?

Even as a peak rank 3 silver grade alchemist, I have no confidence in creating an antidote that could stop a poison of that level!

Additionally, based on this poison alone, the person behind that shop is also an experienced poison master aside from being an alchemist, and he is certainly to be at least at the gold grade.
Wouldn ’t I instantly die as soon as I expose him then? ’ ’

Chao Xieren ’s eyes turned even colder as he looked at Xue Qiu.

Of course, if Xue Qiu had thought of these points, then how was it possible for him to not have thought of them as well?

This was already the worst-case scenario that he had thought of.

The person behind the shop was a gold grade alchemist, making him at the same level as Chao Xieren himself…
a middle-stage Nascent Soul stage expert.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Chao Xieren wouldn ’t have tried to provoke such a person who was certainly as strong as he himself, especially one who was just staying hidden and only had a small shop in the Silver cross street.

However, he knew, that it was only a matter of time before that shop grew and attracted even more attention, taking away even more of his customers.

In addition, the spirit stones that this shop was making in a month, had already exceeded the spirit stones that his treasury had amassed for thousands of years!

At the same time, since he was going to have the assistance of the 2 bosses of the ’Violent guardian gang ’, Shi Ru and Shi Hui, Chao Xieren felt confident in taking down, even a gold grade poison master.

After all, Shi Hui by himself was rumored to be strong enough to take care of almost any middle-stage Nascent Soul stage expert in the ’City of Sin ’ by himself!

Of course, even despite all of this knowledge and power, Chao Xieren still wasn ’t confident enough to attack Shun Long ’s shop just yet, and decided to make a last reconnaissance attempt by sending a peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert like Xue Qiu.

In case that the expert inside that shop was really a late-stage Nascent Soul expert, then Chao Xieren would definitely abandon any notion of attacking again, even with the help of Shi Ru and Shi Hui.

However, if it was just a middle-stage Nascent Soul expert, he was willing to risk his life, even against a gold grade poison master.

After all, for pills that could possibly make over 60 million spirit stones, even the eyes of Dao Kings would turn red with greed, let alone a Nascent Soul stage expert like himself!

Shaking his head, Chao Xieren looked at the rest of the people around him and said

’ ’If Xue Qiu needs help, you will all follow his orders this time! ’ ’

The rest of the peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts around Xue Qiu trembled when they heard this, before they turned their gazes towards the pavilion master at the head of the now-destroyed table, in a desperate attempt to make him change his mind.

Standing up from his seat however, Chao Xieren ’s cold eyes didn ’t even glance at the peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivators around him, and without another word he waved his sleeve, as his body then turned into a wisp of red flames that disappeared from the room.

At the same time, inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long was completely oblivious to the happenings at the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’, as the outline of an illusionary 31st ball of qi was slowly being formed in his right hand.

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