The moment that the purple-colored poison touched the 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm experts ’ bodies, cries filled with pain, fear and terror resounded throughout the entire pill shop.

The 2 late-stage Spirit realm experts from the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ instantly fell on the ground, clutching their heads as their cries turned even louder.

The rest of the customers couldn ’t help taking a few steps back in horror, all of them moving away from the 2 experts who were now wreathing in pain.

After all, even those people inside the shop who had no knowledge about alchemy, could see, that what Shun Long had thrown earlier was 2 pill bottles filled with some kind of extremely powerful poison.

Of course, Shun Long had already expected the scene in front of him to unfold like this, since he knew, that the poison from the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’ wasn ’t a slow-acting poison, but one that would directly corrode a person ’s soul as soon as it came in contact with them.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-potency_51433610544214954 for visiting.

Everyone, including Shun Long and Liu Mei, kept their distance from the 2 white-robed cultivators who seemed to be in immense pain.

It took less than 10 breaths of time however, for the middle rank 7 Spirit realm experts ’ screams to die down and their bodies that were convulsing to finally stop moving.


Two late-stage Spirit realm experts had died in just 10 breaths of time!

The crowd was terrified before people started to slowly move away from Shun Long.

They didn ’t know why the boss of the pill shop had suddenly gone mad, but they didn ’t want to be the next people who would die like that.

Shun Long however didn ’t seem to mind these reactions, and completely ignoring the crowd around him, he waved his hand and collected the spatial rings from the 2 rank 7 Spirit realm experts bodies before he sent them flying outside the shop.


The 2 bodies landed outside the shop, raising a cloud of dust in the process. 

However, once the crowd outside the shop saw the 2 bodies, a young man couldn ’t help exclaiming

’ ’Th-This…
Isn ’t this Liu Shuren from the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’? ’ ’

’ ’The old man next to him is Xiao Shu! He is surely Xiao Shu! ’ ’

’ ’Eh? Who is Liu Shuren and Xiao Shu? ’ ’

Although most people in the crowd didn ’t recognize the 2 late-stage Spirit realm experts, those that did immediately spread the word, identifying that these 2 really belonged to the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’.

’ ’Then…
did they come to find trouble? Could it be that the owner already knew about this? ’ ’

’ ’This…
maybe they didn ’t come to find trouble! Maybe the owner is just crazy! ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes also lit up when he heard that Liu Shuren and Xiao Shu had come from the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’.

As hushed discussions were taking place both inside and outside the shop, in the distance just a few hundred meters away, the 2 men in black robes from the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ who had led Liu Shuren and Xiao Shu here were now shivering when they saw the 2 bodies that were lying outside the shop.

It was unknown whether they were shivering from anger, or from fear for the terrifying poison that had killed the 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm experts in just a few breaths of time.

A few moments later, the man whose cultivation was at the early rank 8 of the Spirit realm was the first to recompose himself.
Turning his head to look at the black-robed person next to him, he said in a hoarse voice that was reeking with killing intent

’ ’Let ’s go! We need to immediately report back to the pavilion. ’ ’

The peak rank 7 Spirit realm expert also nodded his head, before both of them disappeared on the spot.

At the same time, Shun Long had a nonchalant look on his face as he watched the people outside the shop who were unsure whether they should enter inside or not.

After asking Liu Mei to take care of the shop and seeing her nod her head, Shun Long returned back to the room on second floor of the shop, before he closed his eyes and entered the foggy space inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

After all, he knew that there was no chance for the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ to attack again in such a short amount of time, and even the ’Violent guardian gang ’s ’ members should now be apprehensive after seeing the deaths of the 2 late-stage Spirit realm experts from the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’.

Shun Long also knew, that he already had the means to protect himself against even Nascent Soul stage experts if he relied on his poison, but if he wanted to contend against them head-on, then he had to become even stronger.

Looking at the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ in front of him, Shun Long fed it with middle-grade spirit stones, while the air around him and Little Black once again started to get filled with pure qi.

Without any hesitation, Shun Long then closed his eyes, as he absorbed the dense qi around him, while he tried to condense the 31st ball of qi in his right hand.


Barely a few minutes had passed ever since the incident on Shun Long ’s pill shop was finished, when the 2 men in dark robes had arrived back on the fourth floor of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’.

Standing outside the door where the peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts were gathered, the 2 black-robed men traded glances and hesitated for a moment.

They knew that things had gone completely different to Xue Qiu ’s plan, and they couldn ’t guess the peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert ’s reaction.

Finally, gritting his teeth, the early rank 8 Spirit realm cultivator pushed open the door as the 2 of them entered inside.

However, the moment that they entered inside, the 2 black-robed men ’s feet had started to tremble.

At the head of the table wasn ’t Xue Qiu who was usually sitting there, but a 1.7m(5.6ft) tall middle-aged man with short black hair and brown eyes.

The 2 black-robed men immediately fell to their knees, as they greeted out in fear

’ ’P-Pavilion master! ’ ’

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