The 4 black-robed Spirit realm cultivators circled around the shop once, before they gathered half a mile away from it, opposite from the shop ’s entrance.

Looking at the waves of people who were entering the shop, while even more people were waiting for their turn to enter, one of the black-robed people whose cultivation seemed to be at the early rank 8 of the Spirit realm, turned his eyes at the 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm cultivators in front of him before he spoke in a hoarse voice

’ ’Xiao Shu, Liu Shuren, as soon as you enter inside try to kill the early rank 1 Spirit realm brat and make as much damage as possible in the shop! Then, without staying for another moment, make sure to flee back to the pavilion! ’ ’

The 2 black-robed people both nodded their heads, and after changing their black-robes into inconspicuous white-colored ones that no longer had the emblem of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ on them, they both queued up in line as they waited to enter Shun Long ’s shop.

They knew that if there was a peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert inside the shop, they would be detected before they could enter inside, and at least one of them would surely die in the process.

At the same time, inside the shop, a cold look flashed through Shun Long ’s eyes when he heard Little Black ’s voice inside his mind, informing him that there were 4 late-stage Spirit realm cultivators who were looking around the shop.

Little Black had already noticed that 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm cultivators had already queued up to enter the shop after changing their robes, while a peak rank 7 Spirit realm and an early rank 8 were watching from the distance.

A cold smile appeared on Shun Long ’s face as he stood up, and after thinking seriously for a while, he looked at Liu Mei with a smile on his face before he then whispered in her ear

’ ’Mei ’er, there are 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm cultivators that have hidden themselves in the crowd and are waiting to enter the shop.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'soul-poisoning-hell-grass''-poison_51416571872072926 for visiting.

Once they enter, don ’t give them a chance to escape. ’ ’ 

As soon as Shun Long finished his words, a shocked expression had appeared on Liu Mei ’s face who barely managed to restrain herself from looking around the crowd in an attempt to find the rank 7 Spirit realm cultivators.

Staring at him with her bright black eyes, Liu Mei nodded her head without another word.

If Shun Long wanted to attack these people, then there was surely a reason for it.

Although Shun Long didn ’t know whether these 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm cultivators belonged to the ’Violent guardian gang ’ or the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’, he guessed that it was more likely for them to belong to the latter instead.

As for them being normal cultivators in the ’City of Sin ’? That thought didn ’t even flash through his mind.

He was certain that if word of his shop had already spread, to the point where late-stage Spirit realm cultivators had to disguise themselves to come and purchase his pills, then Nascent Soul stage experts would definitely be the first ones to come.

Although there was a chance for these people to be normal Spirit realm cultivators who had nothing to do with the ’Violent guardian gang ’ or the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’, they would have definitely not changed their robes in that case, and neither would they have 2 more late-stage Spirit realm cultivators keeping watch from the distance.

Sitting back on his chair, Shun Long ’nonchalantly ’ watched the crowd entering and leaving the shop.

Due to how small the interior of the shop was, there could only be up to 30 people inside at the same time before it started to get too crowded.

Less than half an hour later, the next 2 people that walked inside the shop, were a thin but extremely tall middle-aged man, along with an old man with a broad forehead and a small sword attached on his waist.

Although the 2 men tried to act extremely naturally, Shun Long ’s eyes instantly narrowed when he saw them walking inside the shop.

At the same time, the 2 men ’s eyes were also focused on Shun Long as soon as they entered inside, before they quickly turned their attention to the glass cases that stored the pills.

The moment that the 2 men passed through the shop ’s entrance however, for the first time in the last 9 days, Liu Mei ’s 2 undead knights that were standing guard next to the door finally moved, and waving their 2m(6.6ft) long pitch-black greatswords, they slashed them towards the 2 white-robed men without any hesitation.

It wasn ’t just the 2 men who were shocked, but everyone in the crowd was taken aback by this sudden change!

’ ’What ’s going on? ’ ’

A young man in the crowd outside of the shop hurriedly shouted, as he looked at the scene in front of him before he stepped back.

Before the crowd had the chance to realize what had happened, a cold look flashed past the 2 men ’s eyes, before one of them unsheathed the sword on his waist while the other one instantly took out a large saber from his spatial ring and countered the 2 undead knights.

The aura of 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm cultivators exploded from the 2 men ’s bodies, immediately repelling the 2 undead knights that had sneak attacked them, before they slashed at them with their weapons, slashing the 2 black-armored knights in half.

Without wasting a moment, the 2 white-robed men knew that they had been exposed and without even trading a glance with each other, they instantly flew towards Shun Long who had now stood up from his chair, as they brandished their weapons, ready to kill him in a single strike.

And yet, what shocked the 2 late-stage Spirit realm experts, was that there wasn ’t the slightest trace of fear on Shun Long ’s face.

Instead, a pair of pill bottles filled with a dark purple liquid had already flown out of his hand and arrived in front of the 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm experts faces.

Not knowing what was inside the pill bottle, the 2 experts from the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ instinctively wanted to dodge, but Shun Long had already thrown the pill bottles when their attention was focused on Liu Mei ’s undead knights, giving them no room to escape.

Gritting their teeth, Liu Shuren and Xiao Shu both tried to sweep the pill bottles to the side, but the moment that Liu Shuren ’s hand and Xiao Shu ’s saber came in contact with the pill bottles, the bottles exploded as the terrifying poison from the ’Soul Poisoning hell grass ’ splashed on the 2 middle-stage Spirit realm experts bodies!

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