Looking at the people around him Xue Qiu slowly stood up from his chair as he said in a solemn tone

’ ’All of you know what the pavilion master has said.
We will either find a way to probe the person inside that shop without getting directly involved, or we will risk our lives in the process. ’ ’

Zhou Ning nodded his head, and after sweeping at everyone with his brown eyes, he looked at Xue Qiu as he said

’ ’Going by ourselves is simply too risky.

Since we don ’t know the strength of the person inside the shop, it would be foolish to charge in blindly.
If the person inside is just a peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivator, then we won ’t have any problem, but if it ’s a Nascent Soul stage expert, whoever takes the lead will probably die…

Thus, I suggest sending Liu Shuren and Xiao Shu to take the risk this time. ’ ’

The plump middle-aged woman instantly stood up when she heard this, and slamming her fat hand on the table she said in an angry tone

’ ’Zhou Ning! You really want to sacrifice 2 middle rank 7 Spirit realm cultivators? How many late-stage Spirit realm experts does our pavilion have? Can we really afford to send them to that shop, like sheep waiting to be slaughtered? ’ ’

The old man ’s Xue Qiu ’s eyes narrowed when he heard the woman ’s words, and with a serious look in his eyes he spoke in an austere tone

’ ’Xiao Guiying keep quiet! Unless you want to personally lead a team and head over to that shop by yourself, shut up! Zhou Ning ’s suggestion is the best option we have!

Sacrificing a few rank 7 Spirit realm cultivators is better than having someone among us take the risk. ’ ’

After being berated by Xue Qiu, the plump woman Xiao Guiying lowered her head without daring to retort against him.


At the same time that this conversation was taking place in the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’, Shun Long opened his eyes, as he appeared on top of the bed inside his room.

Surprisingly, Liu Mei wasn ’t in the room however.

Shun Long knew that there were still a couple more hours until it was time to open the shop, and after sitting up from the bed, he descended the stairs and arrived back on the first floor.

With a smile on her face, Liu Mei was petting the black panther who was still joyously eating the stalks of ’Dragonblood grass ’ in front of it.

Both Liu Mei and the black panther, turned their heads to look at Shun Long who had a smile on his face as he walked towards them.

After sensing the aura coming from Liu Mei ’s body, although Shun Long had expected this, he was still surprised in the end.

’ ’Middle rank 4 in the Spirit realm ’ ’

Of course, after absorbing part of the aura from a peak rank 6 Spirit realm cultivator, Liu Mei had not only managed to step into the middle of rank 4 in the Spirit realm, but she was now just a step away from reaching the peak of rank 4.

Liu Mei had an enchanting smile on her face as she then called out

’ ’Long-ge! ’ ’

Walking up to Liu Mei, Shun Long nodded his head, and after placing his arms around Liu Mei ’s waist he said with a smile on his face

’ ’Mei ’er, you are now even more powerful than your father. ’ ’

Liu Mei froze for a moment, before her eyes started to turn red.
Emotions welled up inside her the moment that she remembered her cruel father in the ’Floating cloud sect ’, and her mother whom she had yet to go and take away.

Turning her head around, Liu Mei had a pleading look in her eyes as she looked at Shun Long and said

’ ’Long-ge…
I know that Long-ge wants to stay in this city and cultivate.

Is it okay if I take Little Silver and return back to the Desolate east for a few days? ’ ’

Not wanting for Shun Long to misunderstand, Liu Mei then added in

’ ’I will only take a few days at most! ’ ’

Shun Long had a surprised expression on his face when he heard the name ’Little Silver ’, before his eyes involuntarily fell on the ’Silver-winged panther king ’s ’ bright silver wings.

His lips twitched for a moment after hearing Liu Mei ’s amazing naming sense, before his eyes fell on her beautiful black eyes.

This was the first ’selfish ’ request that Liu Mei had asked of him.

Of course, Shun Long already knew the reason why Liu Mei wanted to return back to the Desolate East.

She had already told Shun Long long ago, that her mother was still in the ’Floating cloud sect ’ all by herself.

Of course, even if Liu Mei hadn ’t left the ’Floating cloud sect ’ to go to the ’Night star continent ’, she would still be married off to someone under her brother ’s, Liu Changpun ’s pressure and wouldn ’t be able to change her mother ’s life anyway.

Nodding his head, Shun Long looked at the kingdom-toppling young woman in front of him, before he smiled and said

’ ’Let ’s return together then.
You can also meet my mother and father once we return back to the Desolate East. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-request_51408237219605304 for visiting.

In a few days from now, no matter whether the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ or the ’Violent guardian gang ’ chooses to attack us or not, we can take a short trip back to the Desolate East for a few days, before we return back to deal with them.

Nodding her head, Liu Mei ’s eyes turned even redder than before, while glistening teardrops started to involuntarily flow from her eyes.

Shun Long wrapped his arms around her without saying a word, allowing Liu Mei to place her head on his chest.

3 hours soon passed, and it was now time for Shun Long to open the shop.

The 4 jade-white skeletons were still behind the glass cases, but their cultivation had risen to the early rank 4 of the Spirit realm, while the 2 undead knights at the shop ’s entrance were at the middle of rank 4.

At the same time that Shun Long opened the wooden door of the shop and let the crowd that had already formed a huge line outside to enter inside, a squad of 4 late-stage Spirit realm cultivators dressed in black robes had already surrounded Shun Long ’s shop.

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