After closing his eyes for a few moments to bring himself back in peak condition, Shun Long waved his hand, as his alchemy cauldron appeared in front of him.

Shun Long sighed slightly the moment that he noticed the cauldron ’s condition.

Although it was a good rank 2 silver grade cauldron, since Shun Long wasn ’t a formation master, he was unable to repair the damages in the formations and the core runes inside the cauldron, causing it to slowly deteriorate over time.

Additionally, now that he was planning to refine a rank 5 medicinal herb like the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’, doing so with a rank 2 silver grade cauldron that wasn ’t in its optimal condition was going to be even tougher.

And yet, even though Shun Long knew that he needed a rank 1 gold grade cauldron, he would only get a chance to purchase something like that in the ’Heaven ’s Dome city ’ or in another one of the huge cities in the ’Night star continent ’.

As for the so-called ’Alchemists ’ Heaven ’, the highest grade cauldron that they seemed to be selling, was just a rank 3 silver grade cauldron.

It wasn ’t even a pinnacle rank 3 cauldron, and yet its price was at 550.000 low-grade spirit stones.

Even Shun Long who was willing to spend spirit stones if something was worth it, wasn ’t interested in paying more than half a million spirit stones for such a cauldron, that would be useless to him as soon as he found a gold grade one.

However, the issue with his current cauldron still existed.

This was the same cauldron that he had gotten a few months ago from the Pale Moon guild in the Silver sword city.
It was very likely that it would slow down the process of his pill refinement from now on every time that Shun Long tried to refine rank 5 medicinal ingredients, until he managed to buy a gold grade one.

After warming up the cauldron with his qi flame for half an incense stick of time, Shun Long then took out 3 stalks of ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’, 8 different rank 4 medicinal herbs, as well as a few more rank 3 herbs and placed them all in front of him.

The rank 3 and the rank 4 herbs were the supplementary ingredients that he was going to use in the refinement of the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’.
However, this time, Shun Long wasn ’t planning on concocting pills, but poison!

This was the first time that he was going to create poison, and it was an extremely strong one at that.

After all, Shun Long knew, that the effects of the rank 5 ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’ were so potent, that even rank 1 gold grade alchemists had the chance to die if it was not handled correctly.

Additionally, even with his early fourth stage ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’, he didn ’t have absolute confidence in blocking the poison if something really went wrong.

After taking a deep breath to calm himself down, Shun Long circulated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ and his eyes instantly turned golden.

Looking at the medicinal herbs in front of him, he first placed the rank 4 medicinal herbs that had the ice element inside the cauldron, following with the rank 3 ones, before he turned them all into a pool of medicinal essence.

After adding in the rest of the rank 4 herbs as well, Shun Long closed his eyes for a few moments, before his hands touched a stalk of the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’ in front of him.

Gritting his teeth, Shun Long held the stalk of the purple-colored grass with both hands as he tore it in half.
Surprisingly, as soon as the grass was torn in half, a white-colored liquid trickled through it, all the way to Shun Long ’s fingers.


Shun Long sucked in a cold breath, as a wave of immense pain suddenly attacked his soul the moment that the white-colored fluid touched his fingers.

It was like a corrosive liquid that was trying to pierce through his mental defenses and destroy his mind.

Without any hesitation, Shun Long placed both of his hands, as well as the stalk of the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’ inside the pool of medicinal essence in the alchemy cauldron.

The pain that he was feeling quickly eased up as soon as his hands touched the green-colored liquid inside the cauldron, while a warm feeling appeared in his heart.

However, the moment that the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’ touched the liquid inside the cauldron, from the original vibrant green color, the medicinal essence in the cauldron started to turn a dark shade of purple.

’ ’ ’Monarch ’s Domain ’! ’ ’

As soon as he saw the dark purple liquid inside the cauldron, Shun Long didn ’t dare to touch it with his hand as he activated the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, instantly freezing the flow of time around him. 

Taking his hands out of the cauldron, Shun Long then closed the cauldron ’s lid before he exhaled a sigh of relief.

’ ’Thankfully I was prepared and didn ’t touch the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’ essence after it entered the cauldron, otherwise, I ’m not sure if I could survive. ’ ’

Little Black who was munching on a stalk of ’Dragonblood grass ’, had a serious look in his eyes as he nodded his head and said affirmingly

’ ’Master, you are right! That poison can probably kill any Nascent Soul stage cultivator who has yet to advance to the rank 9! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head at Little Black ’s words, while his attention was still focused on his alchemy cauldron as he mumbled to himself

’ ’Even though there is a high chance for the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ pavilion master to be a gold grade alchemist as well, the chances of him having an antidote for the poison from the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’ are practically zero.
After all, outside of rank 6 ’anti-toxin pills ’, only the white-colored liquid inside the grass can act as an antidote and expel this poison!

Although the path of a poison master is dangerous, each of their creations can definitely kill people above their own level.
Hehe, after losing all of the spirit stones inside their treasury, I wonder how long it will take for the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ to make their move! ’ ’

Little Black had a big smile on his face when he saw the excited expression on Shun Long ’s face.

Although Shun Long would usually choose to avoid trouble, this time he had obviously planned on eradicating the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ with this new poison.
If it wasn ’t for the attention that he would attract, Little Black would have already flown over and razed that building to the ground.

Almost 2 hours later, Shun Long opened the lid of the cauldron, where a dark purple liquid that had almost turned completely black by now, was inside it.

Taking out 3 small bottles where he usually stored his pills, Shun Long then poured carefully the blackish purple liquid inside them.

After spending 5 more hours creating another 6 bottles of this poison, Shun Long placed 2 of the pill bottles inside his robes and left the rest inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’.

Shun Long then closed his eyes, and with a smile on his face, he simulated himself leaving the ’Stone of Time ’, as he appeared back inside the room.

At the same time, the 11 peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts inside the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’, had serious looks on their faces, as they all stared at the old man, Xue Qiu.

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