The ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ pavilion master looked at the 2 men in front of him who were leisurely drinking their wine with an ugly expression on his face.

One of them was about 1.8m(5.10ft) tall, with long blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and a face that resembled that of a woman ’s.
This was one of the 2 bosses of the Violent guardian gang, Shi Ru.

The other one however was more than 2m(6.6ft) tall, with short black hair and a body that resembled that of a titan.

He had a chiseled jawline and deep black eyes, making someone feel that they were staring at a magic beast in human ’s clothing.

The muscles in his arms bulged visibly, as he held the bowl of wine in his hands.

This was the other terrifying boss of the ’Violent guardian gang ’, Shi Hui.

Seeing the expression in the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ pavilion master ’s face turning even uglier, a burst of feminine laughter escaped from the blonde-haired Shi Ru ’s mouth, as he looked at the man in front of him and said

’ ’Hahaha! Chao Xieren, you are so pitiful.
This elder brother really pities you.
Losing all the spirit stones inside your ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ treasury is probably going to make your life really hard.

Tell me, do you need this elder brother to lend you some spirit stones? All you have to do is ask~ ’ ’

Seeing Shi Ru winking at him, the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ pavilion master, Chao Xieren, felt shivers running down his spine, before he furiously slammed his left hand on the table in front of him and shouted

’ ’Shut up! Will you fools join hands with me or not? You should know that I may not necessarily need you this time, and I am only allowing you to help me because that shop is also in your own area.
Don ’t waste my time any longer! ’ ’

The muscular Shi Hui frowned as he stared at Chao Xieren, but the long blonde-haired Shi Ru laughed instead as he continued

’ ’Chao Xieren, you are not cute when you are angry.
Do you think that you can fool this elder brother?

Would you really be here today if you didn ’t care about our help?

do you even know how strong the person inside it really is? What if he is a late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator?

Can you even swallow that small shop on your own then? Be careful not to choke~ ’ ’



Both Shi Hui and Chao Xieren coughed violently when they heard Shi Ru ’s words.

As for the shop that they were talking about…
it was of course Shun Long ’s pill shop.
It was obvious that the reason why Chao Xieren had visited the ’Violent guardian gang ’s ’ bosses today, was to partner up and destroy Shun Long ’s shop together.

Before Chao Xieren could speak, the 2m(6.6ft) tall Shi Hui looked at the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ pavilion master, before he spoke for the first time

’ ’Chao Xieren, we can actually partner with you this time.
However, our ’Violent guardian gang ’ will take two-thirds of that shop ’s spirit stones as well as their pills! You can take the rest. ’ ’

Chao Xieren ’s expression immediately turned even uglier than before, and turning his attention to the bulky Shi Hui, he instantly stood up as he shouted loudly

’ ’Shi Hui are you f.u.c.kin crazy? Are you trying to swallow the spirit stones that that person stole from my treasury?

Stop dreaming!

I will get 40 million low-grade spirit stones first, then we will split everything in half.
If you don ’t agree, I will do this by myself! ’ ’

The burly Shi Hui smiled, and looking at Chao Xieren with a mocking look in his eyes, he erupted in booming laughter as he said

’ ’HAHAHA! You want to get 40 million low-grade spirit stones before splitting everything in half?



What does the robbery in your ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ treasury have to do with us brothers? Besides, how are you even qualified to ask our ’Violent Guardian gang ’ to split everything in half with you?

Are you by yourself strong enough to contend against Shi Ru and me?

Besides, you dare threaten us that you will leave us out? Who told you that that shop suddenly belongs to you? ’ ’

Under Shi Hui ’s unceasing and furious barrage of questions, Chao Xieren found himself at a loss.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-negotiations_51386156507520769 for visiting.

Indeed, he wasn ’t as strong as the 2 brothers together.

He was slightly stronger than Shi Ru if they were to fight head-on, but Shi Hui was definitely stronger than him!

After taking a deep breath to calm himself down, Chao Xieren said with a deep and serious look in his eyes

’ ’I want half, and I also want the 40 million low-grade spirit stones! This isn ’t something I am willing to negotiate, otherwise there will be no profits for me! ’ ’

Seeing that Shi Hui frowned, and even Shi Ru narrowed his eyes, Chao Xieren smiled evily as he continued

’ ’In return, my ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ will scout out that shop, and will probe the strength of the person hidden inside.

No matter whether he is an early-stage, a middle-stage, or a late-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, we will know before we decide to take action!

I will take all of the risks, so it ’s only fair to split things this way. ’ ’

As soon as he finished his words, Chao Xieren smiled inwardly as well. 

This was precisely the reason that he ordered Zhou Ning, Xue Qiu and the plump woman, to personally confirm the strength of the expert inside Shun Long ’s shop.

Even if they died, it didn ’t matter to him.

This was the ’City of Sin ’, and he was willing to sacrifice as many peak rank 9 Spirit realm cultivators as he needed to.

Besides, by having Zhou Ning and the rest risk their lives, he would also have an extra chip to bargain with Shi Hui and Shi Ru this time.

He had already expected Shi Hui and Shi Ru to have an enormous appetite, and ask for things that he wouldn ’t be willing to agree to.

After staring at each other for a few moments, Shi Hui shook his head before he answered

’ ’You can take the 40 million low-grade spirit stones, and we can split the rest of the spirit stones in half, but me and Shi Ru will take two-thirds of the pills from that shop! ’ ’

Knowing that this was probably Shi Hui ’s bottom line, the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ pavilion master, Chao Xieren gritted his teeth before coming to a conclusion.


At the same time, inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, 3 days quickly passed as Shun Long was sitting cross-legged in his usual place.

This time, he didn ’t choose to cultivate, but instead, he had used his qi to enhance the flow of time inside his herb garden, hastening the growth of his medicinal herbs.

His single stalk of rank 5 ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’ had now turned into four.

With a serious look in his eyes, Shun Long prepared himself to start refining the ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’!

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