’ ’Yes, that ’s it! It ’s not my fault that I am not progressing fast enough in my cultivation, it ’s just that I ’m not a genius. ’ ’

Shun Long and Lu Wen looked at the fatty and laughed before Shun Long responded to Lu Wen

’ ’Actually, I need some books to practice alchemy.
Although I have learned a few theories already I still need to expand my horizons, that ’s why I was at the Guild intending to take the examination to become a rank 1 alchemist. ’ ’

Lu Wen then said

’ ’I can give you my own books both for rank 1 and rank 2 alchemists.
I don ’t need them anymore and hopefully, I will soon become a rank 3 alchemist.
I have already learned all that I needed to from these books, therefore the only thing that is currently hindering me from becoming a rank 3 alchemist is my cultivation realm. ’ ’

This was the first time that Shun Long had heard something like that.

’ ’So one needs to advance their own cultivation to advance in ranks as an alchemist? ’ ’ Shun Long asked curiously

’ ’It ’s not that you have to advance realms necessarily, but it ’s more like, that you can ’t advance as an alchemist unless you advance in your own realm first. ’ ’

Lu Wen ’s answer was puzzling and didn ’t make a lot of sense, so he continued explaining

’ ’Alchemists rely on their spiritual strength to refine their pills.
But every higher rank pill also requires even more spiritual strength from the alchemist in order to succeed in the refinement of the pill. ’ ’

Shun Long seemed to understand where this conversation was headed to as Lu Wen continued

’ ’Theoretically one can become a rank 1 alchemist at the early rank 1 stage in qi condensation, however, that is realistically impossible.
There is no way for an early rank 1 qi condensation rookie to have enough spiritual strength to become a rank 1 alchemist. ’ ’

Shun Long understood what Lu Wen was trying to say and he was feeling extremely joyful inside, as his spiritual strength had already advanced by leaps and bounds after absorbing the heavenly aura from the golden book.
However, how far he had advanced right now could only be understood when he tried to refine pills himself.

’ ’I ’m certain that even if I can ’t refine rank 3 pills yet, I can definitely succeed in refining rank 2 pills.
Even Lu Wen is only a rank 2 bronze alchemist, so, wouldn ’t that put me at least on par with him if my guess is right? ’ ’

Lu Wen then continued

’ ’Usually, an alchemist advances one rank for every 6 ranks they advance in cultivation.

For example, a person usually needs to reach rank 6 in qi condensation before they have enough spiritual strength to become a rank 1 bronze grade alchemist.
That same person would then have to advance all the way to rank 3 in the earth grade before becoming a rank 2 bronze grade alchemist.
As for becoming a rank 3 bronze grade alchemist, then that would require this person to become a rank 9 earth grade expert. ’ ’

Right now I am still at the peak of rank 3 in earth grade, however, my father told me that if I reach the middle stages of the earth grade before 3 months have passed, he will give me a ’golden eagle spirit nourishing pill ’.

When fatty Fu heard this, he almost choked on his wine as he asked Lu Wen in disbelief

’ ’Is that the same ’golden eagle nourishing pill ’ that requires the core of a peak rank 3 golden eagle? That ’s a magic beast that even a peak heaven grade expert can ’t defeat in a 1 on 1 scenario.
It also needs at least a rank 2 silver grade alchemist to refine it, will your family really give something like this to you? Let alone giving it to you, where did you guys even find that? ’ ’

Shun Long was shocked when he learned the pill ’s origins, but fatty Fu was even more shocked because he knew how rare this pill is.
Even in the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ in the city, one wouldn ’t necessarily find such a pill even after 10 or 20 years.

’ ’This pill is actually in my grandfather ’s possession and since he said that only I can have it as I ’m the only alchemist in the family, none of my two brothers dared to object or my grandfather would give the position of the family head directly to the other.
After all, this is something that belonged to my grandfather to begin with, what right does anyone else in the family have to object if he wants to give it to me? It is also due to my grandfather ’s wishes that I returned back to the city from the ’Mortal world ’.

If I consume this ’golden eagle nourishing pill ’, then when I reach the middle stages of the earth grade, I would already be able to refine rank 3 bronze grade pills.
So brother Shun you don ’t have to refuse these books as they are already useless to me. ’ ’ Lu Wen then finished his sentence and waved his hand as 5 different books appeared from thin air.

Shun Long had already seen the use of a spatial ring back when Administrator Feng had first used his own.

’ ’Damn, how convenient ’ ’ Fatty Fu mumbled and Shun Long nodded his head in agreement.

Shun Long then accepted the books before asking

’ ’Brother Lu, where can I find medicinal ingredients in the city? Originally I was planning to buy some from the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ but there have to be other places as well in the ’floating cloud city ’, right? ’ ’

Lu Wen didn ’t answer Shun Long ’s question.
Instead Shun Long noticed that he had turned to look at fatty Fu, before the fatty stood up from his chair and puffed his chest out proudly.

Then fatty Fu put on a well-pleased smile as he looked at Shun Long and said in a satisfied tone

’ ’Actually, this brother here works for the biggest auction house in the ’floating cloud city ’ the ’Treasure Pavilion ’.
Our ’Treasure Pavilion ’ not only conducts auctions every month but it also has access to a huge supply of medicinal ingredients.

Just tell me what you need and this brother will definitely get it for you as long as it is within my abilities. ’ ’

Then Fatty Fu stopped talking for a bit before calculating something with his hands.
After that, he embarrassingly raised 3 fingers before saying to Shun Long

’ ’Right now I can only help you this much brother. ’ ’

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