After returning back inside the room, Shun Long looked at the large bed where Liu Mei was still sitting there with her eyes closed.

It was obvious that she hadn ’t finished absorbing the energy from the peak rank 6 Spirit realm expert just yet, but her aura was rising with every passing moment.

Shun Long was certain that in a few hours at most, Liu Mei would be able to breakthrough to the rank 4 of the Spirit realm.

And yet, Shun Long also felt somewhat regretful after seeing that she hadn ’t broken through just yet.

He had hoped that Liu Mei would have finished her breakthrough by now, and would have been able to take care of the shop today, so that Shun Long would be able to have a look around the ’City of Sin ’.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'-heaven_51359867818014352 for visiting.

In the end, a smile appeared on Shun Long ’s face as he looked at the beautiful woman on the bed, and without disturbing her, he went down the stairs and arrived on the first floor.

After petting the black panther ’s head and giving him a few stalks of ’Dragonblood grass ’ to eat, Shun Long opened the door of the shop and welcomed the new customers for today.

Just like the previous days, the fervor that people had for the new pills on the shop wasn ’t any lesser this time.

Despite the pills ’ high prices, Liu Mei ’s skeletons still made almost 2 million low-grade spirit stones within the first 5 hours.

Although Shun Long should have kept the shop open for 5 more hours, in the end, he decided to close it early for today, ignoring the crowd ’s protesting.

After all, this was important for his future plans too, and wasn ’t something he could delay.

After closing the shop, Shun Long took a shower and changed into a set of clean robes, before he decided to take a stroll around the northern part of the ’City of Sin ’, searching for shops that sold medicinal ingredients.

Although Shun Long had a pill shop, he didn ’t know anyone in the ’City of Sin ’ who could provide him with medicinal herbs, so he could only search by himself.

As soon as he left the shop however, Little Black ’s voice sounded in his head, as the black dragon said with hints of anger in his voice

’ ’Master, there are 2 small fries following master in the dark, ever since we left the shop! ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long had already expected that the people from the group that he suspected to belong to the ’Violent Guardian gang ’, would be keeping an eye on him once he left the shop.

Of course, he didn ’t turn his head around to verify their locations, since Little Black ’s soul sense had already done that for him, and instead, he continued strolling forward.

Although he already had a rough idea of the city ’s layout, even after searching for 3 hours, he only found 3 large shops that sold medicinal ingredients in the northern part of the city.

Unfortunately, none of them seemed to have what Shun Long was looking for, as he then continued towards the western part of the ’City of Sin ’.

As he walked around, Shun Long ’s eyes suddenly lit up as he mumbled to himself

’ ’I remember that there was a big shop near the northwestern part of the ’City of Sin ’ named the ’Alchemists ’ Heaven ’ or something. ’ ’

Without any detours, Shun Long headed directly towards the northwest of the city.

After walking for almost an incense stick of time, he arrived in front of a huge 3-story building, with the words ’Alchemists ’ Heaven ’ plated in gold at the very top.

2 guards in crimson armor with hints of gold in it were each holding a long halberd in their hands as they stood guard in front of the building.

Surprisingly, there were waves of people heading entering inside this place, making this the busiest building that Shun Long had seen in the ’City of Sin ’ so far.

After taking a brief look at the first floor, Shun Long noticed that this place really was a heaven for the alchemists in the ’City of Sin ’.

Not only were there medicinal herbs and medicinal pills for sale, but the precious parts of magic beasts, such as their bones, their hearts, their beast cores, or other important parts were also sold in this place.

Of course, the quality of the pills, the magic beasts, and the medicinal herbs on the first floor, didn ’t exceed that of rank 2 medicinal ingredients.

The items for sale on the second floor were of a higher quality than the first floor, but aside from a single rank 4 medicinal herb, none of them caught Shun Long ’s eye who directly moved up to the third floor.

As soon as he stepped foot on the third floor, Shun Long ’s eyes finally lit up.

’ ’Although the items here can ’t be compared to the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ in the Heaven ’s Dome city, this is probably one of the best shops in the ’City of Sin ’, for alchemists to find medicinal ingredients. ’ ’

As this thought flashed through Shun Long ’s mind, his eyes looked around, at the medicinal herbs for sale, as well as the corpses of the various magic beasts.

Although there were no rank 5 magic beasts, Shun Long still looked around to see if any of the rank 4 ones could be used for his alchemy.

The corpse of a single middle rank 4 magic beast was priced at 100.000 low-grade spirit stones, which was almost double the price compared to the Heaven ’s Dome city.

Unfortunately, there were less than 10 rank 4 magic beasts for sale, and despite their high prices, Shun Long noticed that none of their remaining parts could be used for alchemy aside from their beast cores.

As he walked around the third floor, Shun Long ’s eyes suddenly lit up, as his gaze suddenly focused on a single purple-colored medicinal herb with black lines all over it that was placed inside a transparent jade case.

Shun Long lips curved up into a smile that sent chills to everyone around him, as he mumbled to himself

’ ’ ’Soul poisoning hell grass ’! ’ ’

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