Suddenly, the peak rank 6 Spirit realm expert ’s actions were halted, as Shun Long forcefully placed him in a temporary time prison.

Shun Long could feel his qi being sapped at an alarming rate, and nearly half of it was gone in a single instant.

However, the peak rank 6 Spirit realm guard ’s sword that was just a hair ’s breadth away from Liu Mei ’s waist, ready to cleave her in half, was instantly stopped in place.

Holding the pinnacle rank 1 gold grade ’Four seasons azure sword ’ in her hand, Liu Mei stared at the guard in front of her who still had that evil smile on his face, before she slashed her sword horizontally towards the guard ’s neck.

Shun Long could maintain his ’Time Prison ’ for a single breath of time before it was broken, but a single breath of time was actually enough.

Blood immediately spurted from the guard ’s neck at the same time that Shun Long ’s time prison was broken, as the guard ’s throat was instantly slashed open.

At the same time, stepping slightly to the left, Liu Mei barely had enough time to dodge the yellow-colored sword that was aiming to split her body in two.

The peak rank 6 Spirit realm expert, stared at the woman in front of him with his eyes wide-open, not understanding what had just happened.

He was clearly faster than her, so how could his sword have missed, while Liu Mei ’s attack landed first?!

The other guard was staring at the scene with eyes filled with horror and incredulity.

He clearly saw that the woman was about to die, but the guard suddenly stopped almost as if he was intentionally allowing her to slash his throat.

At the same time that the guard ’s throat was slashed open, and his body had started to slump on the ground, an illusionary purple blade appeared on Shun Long ’s right hand.

’ ’Blink ’ ’

Shun Long mumbled to himself as his body suddenly vanished, before it reappeared in front of the guard on the left.

As Shun Long slashed the illusionary purple blade towards the guard ’s chest however, the peak rank 6 Spirit realm expert took a deep breath, before he shouted in a loud voice that shook the entire ’Blood Pill pavilion ’


Shun Long ’s spatial blade instantly pierced through the peak rank 6 Spirit realm guard ’s heart, destroying it in an instant.

And yet, a solemn expression had now appeared on Shun Long ’s face as he stared at the guard in front of him.

He was certain that everyone inside the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’, including the peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts, had already heard the guard ’s shout, and wouldn ’t take long until they arrived at the treasury.

Turning his head to look at Liu Mei, Shun Long saw that she seemed to have already absorbed the energy from the peak rank 6 Spirit realm guard in front of her, but she didn ’t try to refine it right away.

Instead, she forcibly kept it inside her body, until she and Shun Long had left the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’.

Shun Long then turned his eyes towards the large black door of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ treasury.

The door was filled with countless runes, that merged themselves together to create a powerful protective formation.

Although Shun Long wasn ’t a formation master, just from the energy that was coming from the formation that was protecting the treasury in front of him, he understood that this was certainly a pinnacle rank 3 silver grade formation.

Even if a few peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts tried to break through it, they would definitely be unable to do so.

In fact, even an early-stage Nascent Soul expert may be unable to break through it in a short amount of time.

Seeing the serious look on Shun Long ’s face, Liu Mei asked in a somewhat nervous tone

’ ’Long-ge, perhaps we should just leave for now? ’ ’

Although Liu Mei knew that Little Black was always somewhere around Shun Long and could actually destroy the entire ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ if he wanted to, she also knew that unless absolutely necessary, Shun Long wasn ’t willing to reveal Little Black ’s existence, and if he did, he would certainly make sure that anyone who knew about the black dragon would die!

Shaking his head, Shun Long ’s lips curved up into a small smile, as he looked at Liu Mei and said

’ ’Although I can ’t break through their protective formation, that doesn ’t mean that we can ’t enter inside. ’ ’

Raising his right hand in the air, Shun Long then slashed the space in front of him open, creating a large space tear more than 2m(6.6ft) long.

Without waiting for Liu Mei ’s reaction, Shun Long wrapped his right arm around her waist, before he entered inside the space tear.

At the same time, in the room at the center of the fourth floor, Zhou Ning and the other 10 peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts who were chatting with each other, abruptly stood up when they heard the guard ’s shout about an enemy attack.

The bald middle-aged man who stood next to Zhou Ning, Guan Hong looked at the direction of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ treasury before he asked in a voice that was filled with disbelief

’ ’Don ’t tell me that someone has infiltrated our pavilion and is actually attacking our treasury! ’ ’

The other peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts, including the old man who seemed to be the one in charge, as well as Zhou Ning, all looked at each other with ugly expressions on their faces, before they headed towards the treasury without another word.

If someone had really dared to attack the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’s ’ treasury, they had to die no matter what!

After all, to a large pill shop or a sect, their treasury was their lifeline.
All of their important items, as well as the spirit stones they used to pay their alchemists every month, were all stored inside the treasury!

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