Seeing the red-colored building in the distance, Shun Long didn ’t choose to fly towards it right away, but instead, he landed a little more than a mile away from it, inside a secluded alley, before he and Liu Mei continued towards it on foot.

After a few minutes of walking, he and Liu Mei had already arrived in front of the large pill shop, with the sign of the crimson cauldron above it.

With their black robes that indicated that they were members of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’, nobody stopped the 2 of them from entering inside.

Of course, even without these robes, Shun Long and Liu Mei could still casually walk inside it they wanted to, since this was a pill shop after all.

As soon as they entered inside, Shun Long noticed that the interior of the shop was much larger than his own shop, with the first floor of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ covering more than 4 times the space that the first floor of his own shop occupied.

Additionally, this was a 3-story pill shop, while the 4th floor was exclusively reserved for the high-ranking members of the pavilion.

Glass cases that sold pills could be seen as far as the eye could see, making the first floor an extremely bustling place.

And yet, Shun Long noticed that most pills here were low-level pills, even the highest of which was just a low-grade rank 3 pill.

Of course, as one of the 3 largest pill shops in the north of the ’City of Sin ’, the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ couldn ’t just sell rank 4 pills alone.

After all, unlike Shun Long ’s shop, there were many alchemists who were working for the pavilion, including bronze grade level alchemists, who could only refine rank 1 or rank 2 level pills.

At the same time, the ’City of Sin ’ didn ’t only have Spirit realm or Nascent Soul stage cultivators, but earth grade and Heaven grade cultivators as well.

Although these people would usually live a harsh life in the cruel ’City of Sin ’, they still wanted to purchase pills and advance their own cultivation as well, and large pill shops like the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ would be more than happy to receive their spirit stones.

The moment that they stepped through the building, Little Black ’s voice sounded in Shun Long ’s head, with obvious hints of surprise inside it

’ ’Master, there is actually not a single Nascent Soul stage cultivator inside this building! Aside from 11 peak rank 9 Spirit realm brats who are staying on the fourth floor, the next strongest person is an early rank 8 Spirit realm. ’ ’

Just as he and Liu Mei were walking through the first floor, Shun Long suddenly paused for a moment when he heard Little Black ’s words.

’ ’There are no Nascent Soul stage experts? Could it be that the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ doesn ’t actually have any Nascent Soul stage experts behind it? 

No this is unlikely! Then, does that mean that the person behind the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ isn ’t present right now? ’ ’

Seeing that Shun Long had stopped walking, as he fell into contemplation, Liu Mei hesitated for a moment before she asked curiously

’ ’Long-ge, where should we go now? ’ ’

After hearing Liu Mei ’s voice, a smile was formed on Shun Long ’s face as he looked at her and asked in response

’ ’Mei ’er, did the floating cloud sect have a treasury? ’ ’

Liu Mei was confused for a moment, not knowing why Shun Long had asked this question, but she still nodded her head in response as she answered seriously

’ ’It did.
All the martial skills and the cultivation techniques that were used in the sect, as well as the spirit stones that were mined from the spirit stone mines, would all enter the treasury for safekeeping.

Of course, the wealth of the big families or the personal wealth of the Elders of the Sect master would never be deposited into the treasury. ’ ’

As soon as she finished her words, Liu Mei ’s eyes widened as she seemed to have understood Shun Long ’s aim.

’ ’Long-ge wants to rob the Blood Pill pavilion ’s treasury?! ’ ’

Without confirming or denying Liu Mei ’s guesses, Shun Long didn ’t continue to stay on the first floor, and instead, he and Liu Mei walked towards the second floor of the pavilion.

However, even the highest grade pill on the second floor left Shun Long disappointed, since it was just a top-grade rank 3 ’Qi replenishing pill ’.

Without lingering on the second floor any longer, Shun Long and Liu Mei headed up to the third floor.

Unlike the previous 2 floors, the third floor wasn ’t as crowded, while only Spirit realm experts were present here.

Surprisingly, even the lowest grade pill on this floor was at the low-grade rank 4, while even some top-grade rank 4 ones were for sale.

Of course, the prices of the top-grade rank 4 pills weren ’t much lower than the prices of Shun Long ’s pills.

A single top-grade rank 4 ’Qi replenishing pill ’ was priced at 20.000 low-grade spirit stones, while a single top-grade rank 4 ’anti-toxin pill ’ was actually priced at 10.000 low-grade spirit stones!

As for extremely rare pills like Shun Long ’s ’Spiritual Wind Jade pill ’ or the ’Blood Ignition pill ’, there weren ’t even any low-grade ones, let alone high-grade or top-grade pills.

Of course, even if the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ had the recipe and the medicinal herbs to concoct this pill, it wasn ’t certain that they would have been able to succeed. 

After all, the requirements to concoct these pills, involved more than just following a simple recipe.
Knowledge of the medicinal herbs that were being used during the pill refinement was also necessary, and even then it was still very likely for the pill concoction to fail.

Besides, with how rare the medicinal herbs that were needed to concoct these pills were, even if the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ had managed to succeed in the pills ’ refinement, it was unknown whether they would put them up for sale or not.

After taking a good look at the pills on the third floor, Shun Long led Liu Mei towards the stairs of the fourth floor, where 2 black-robed guards at the early rank 4 of the Spirit realm were standing guard!

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