Almost a mile away from the shop, in an isolated small alley of the Silver cross street, Shun Long and Liu Mei suddenly appeared as the space tear behind them closed.

Liu Mei wasn ’t wearing her white veil this time, and as her beautiful black eyes were staring at Shun Long she couldn ’t hold herself from asking

’ ’Long-ge, where are we going? ’ ’

Shun Long smiled even wider when he heard Liu Mei ’s question, before he answered in a seemingly joking tone

’ ’To have some fun. ’ ’

With a confused expression on her face, Liu Mei still followed Shun Long who stealthily ran through the alleys of the Silver cross street, until he arrived behind a large building less than a mile away from the shop.

On top of the building, 3 people dressed in black were silently staring towards the pill shop ’s entrance, completely unaware of Shun Long ’s and Liu Mei ’s arrival behind them.

Liu Mei ’s eyes widened when she saw that these people seemed to be staring at their shop, when Shun Long suddenly mumbled

’ ’Monarch ’s Domain! ’ ’

The invisible figure of an hourglass expanded from Shun Long ’s body and completely covered Liu Mei as well as the 3 people on the rooftop, forcing time around him to come to a halt.

However, unlike the 3 black-robed people on the rooftop, Liu Mei ’s actions didn ’t seem to be affected by the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’.

In the past, Shun Long was unable to fully control the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, but as his comprehension of the Dao of Time advanced, he could now stop the flow of time around the 3 black-robed people, while allowing Liu Mei to stay completely unaffected.

Seeing that the 3 people on the rooftop were suddenly placed in a half-dead state, Liu Mei stared at them with shining eyes, before she turned her gaze towards Shun Long and asked in a hesitant tone

’ ’Long-ge, should we…
? ’ ’

Shun Long immediately understood what Liu Mei was asking, and with a serious look on his face, he nodded his head, before he pointed at the 3 black-robed people and said

’ ’Of course! If they didn ’t intend to harm us, then we could have let them live, but this is definitely not the case.

If we had tried to leave the city, the first thing these people would have done would be to call whoever sent them here, who would in turn attack us to rob us of everything we have.

It looks like the only reason that they haven ’t attacked us yet, is because they still have some misgivings or they are waiting for something, but as soon as we try to leave they will definitely do everything they can to kill us!

Judging from the robes they are wearing, they also seem to be members of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’…

This is perfect! ’ ’

Liu Mei didn ’t understand why Shun Long seemed to be excited when he noticed that these people are members of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’, but she still nodded her head, agreeing with his words.

Indeed, it was very likely for Shun Long ’s words to be true!

After all, regardless of whether it was the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ or some other power in the ’City of Sin ’, it was impossible for them to have any good intentions towards them.

Especially after considering how many spirit stones their shop had made in the last week, Liu Mei stopped hesitating, while a single thought flashed through her mind

’ ’Long-ge is right.
Since you wanted to harm us, then you should pay the price! ’ ’

The look inside Liu Mei ’s eyes quickly turned cold as she stared at the 3 people on the rooftop, while a ball of black qi appeared in her hands before she let it fall on the ground.

3 black-armored undead knights appeared from the ground, kneeling in front of Liu Mei on one knee.

After receiving Liu Mei ’s order, the 3 undead knights quickly shot to the rooftop, towards the 3 people from the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ who were still in a frozen-like state.

Whether it was the peak rank 3, the early rank 4, or even the peak rank 4 Spirit realm cultivator, under the effects of Shun Long ’s ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ they were completely immobilized.

The 3 undead knights easily cut their necks, beheading the 3 cultivators of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ in an instant, before they returned back to Liu Mei.

At the same time, Shun Long saw Liu Mei closing her eyes, as almost invisible threads of blood qi started to flow towards her.

It only took half an hour for Liu Mei to fully absorb the energy from the 3 cultivators of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’, while her cultivation now was just a step away from reaching the early rank 4 of the Spirit realm.

With a light smile on his face, Shun Long floated towards the rooftop where the 3 bodies were lying on.

After removing their robes as well as their spatial rings, Shun Long burned the 3 bodies with his qi flames, before he jumped down from the rooftop, and handed one of the black robes to Liu Mei.

Then, under Liu Mei ’s stunned eyes, Shun Long covered himself with a black robe, completely hiding his azure robes underneath it.

Seeing Liu Mei staring at him with a speechless look, Shun Long said with that same smile on his face

’ ’Mei ’er, quickly put on the black robes as well, otherwise, we will definitely be found out! ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s eyes suddenly widened as she understood what Shun Long intended to do.

Seeing Liu Mei covering her white robes with the black ones from the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ fully concealing her face as well at the same time, Shun Long almost laughed, and after wrapping his right arm around Liu Mei ’s waist, he shot to the sky as the 2 of them ’toured ’ through the northern part of the ’City of Sin ’!

Less than an hour later, Shun Long ’s eyes lit up, as he saw a red-colored building in the distance.

It was a huge building, more than 4 stories high, and even during the night, large numbers of people could be seen entering and leaving at the same time.

Seeing the sign of the crimson pill cauldron above the building, Shun Long immediately understood that this was the headquarters of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’!

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