Liu Mei had just entered the room on the second floor, when she saw Shun Long suddenly appearing on top of the meditative cushion in the middle of the room.

’ ’Long-ge! ’ ’ 

Liu Mei ’s excited voice entered Shun Long ’s ears as soon as he appeared back in the room.

Turning his head to look at his stunning young wife who was dressed in white robes, Shun Long had a smile on his face as he asked

’ ’Mei ’er, are you alright? ’ ’

Shun Long had no idea how these last 7 days were for Liu Mei who had to act as the shopkeeper by herself.

He had originally expected to be able to cultivate in seclusion for 3 days at most before someone came to cause trouble in the shop.

After all, this was the ’City of Sin ’, and Shun Long already had a bad relationship with the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ and the ’Violent guardian gang ’.

However, since Little Black hadn ’t mentioned anything, Shun Long decided to continue cultivating in seclusion this time, spending a month and a half more inside the ’Stone of Time ’, in order to breakthrough to the early rank 4 in the Spirit realm.

Nodding her head, Liu Mei had a smile on her face as she then answered 

’ ’Long-ge, I am alright.
Surprisingly, nothing happened in the past week.

As for the store itself…
we made more than 20 million low-grade spirit stones during this time! ’ ’

Shun Long had a surprised expression on his face when he heard Liu Mei ’s words. 

Additionally, he also noticed that there was an unconcealed hint of pride and joy in Liu Mei ’s tone when she mentioned the 20 million low-grade spirit stones.

The look in Shun Long face however soon turned serious, as he thought to himself

’ ’Then, this is even more suspicious! There is no way that anyone wouldn ’t be tempted to rob a shop that makes 20 million low-grade spirit stones within a week, especially inside the ’City of Sin ’. ’ ’

As this thought flashed through Shun Long ’s mind, his mind quickly spun as he started to think of the possible reasons that had allowed the shop to keep its peace for the past week.

Seeing the serious look on Shun Long ’s face, Liu Mei seemed to have understood what he was thinking about.
After all, she too had the same concerns when she saw how many spirit stones the shop earned within the week without any issues.

Just as Shun Long had fallen into deep thought, Little Black ’s voice once again sounded in his mind, completely waking him up from his reverie

’ ’Master, for the past week, there have been 2 different groups that have been keeping an eye on the shop at all times.
It seems that they are just waiting for master to leave the shop before they make any moves. ’ ’

The moment that Shun Long heard Little Black ’s words, it was like the final piece of the puzzle had finally found its place, leaving a complete image in his mind.

’ ’Of course!

The reason that no Nascent Soul stage expert has come to find trouble just yet, is because they probably don ’t know about the shop, since it is still new and unknown in the ’City of Sin ’!

Additionally, it ’s in the northern part of the city, and more precisely, in the area where the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ and the ’Violent guardian gang ’ seem to be in charge of.
As long as those 2 powers suppress the news of the shop appearing, other powers would have a hard time finding out about our shop ’s existence in just a week, let alone make any moves.

Sooner or later however, the shop ’s name will spread throughout the city.

After all, no matter how hard the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ and the ’Violent guardian gang ’ try to suppress the news, they cannot control every single person who enters the Silver cross street.

Based on the power and influence that the ’Violent guardian gang ’ and the ’Blood pill pavilion ’ have over the Silver cross street, there is also a very high chance that there are Nascent Souls stage experts behind them.

But then, why haven ’t they attacked the shop just yet, and simply sent a few Spirit realm cultivators from the ’Blood pill pavilion ’?

Could it be that they are actually waiting for something, which is why they have each sent a group to keep track of us?

Right! After all, as long as we don ’t leave, the spirit stones won ’t leave either! ’ ’

Sorting out his thoughts and deductions, Shun Long guessed that he had probably understood almost everything by now.
There were a few small pieces of information that he still couldn ’t wrap his head around, like the reason why they hadn ’t attacked the shop just yet.

Of course, it was also possible that there was no Nascent Soul stage expert behind these 2 powers, but then that wouldn ’t justify the control and influence that the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ and the ’Violent guardian gang ’ had in the northern part of the ’City of Sin ’.
After all, Shun Long had already heard that the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ was one of the 3 biggest pill shops in the northern part of the city as well.

Once these thoughts flashed through Shun Long ’s mind, and after noticing that it was still the start of the night and there were more than 8 hours until the sun rose, Shun Long suddenly put on a bright smile on his face as he looked at Liu Mei, before he said in a seemingly casual tone

’ ’Mei ’er, let ’s go! ’ ’

Liu Mei was stunned for a moment, but she still nodded her head as she followed Shun Long who walked to the first floor, passed through the black panther who opened his eyes as soon as he saw its master, before he stopped in front of the shop ’s entrance.

Without opening the door of the shop, Shun Long asked Little Black for the exact location, as well as the strength of the 2 groups who were keeping an eye on the shop.

With a somewhat evil smile on his face, Little Black seemed to have guessed Shun Long ’s intentions, as the black dragon then said in an excited voice

’ ’Master, one group only has an early rank 4, as well as a pair of peak rank 3 Spirit realm cultivators, while the other one has an early and a middle rank 4 Spirit realm cultivators, as well as one who is at the peak of rank 3. ’ ’

With that same smile on his face, Shun Long raised his left hand, before he slashed the air in front of him, opening a nearly 2m(6.6ft) long space tear.
Holding Liu Mei ’s hand, Shun Long then entered the space tear, as he and Liu Mei instantly disappeared from the shop.

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