A powerful aura erupted from Liu Mei ’s body as soon as she opened her eyes.

Her cultivation which was at the peak of rank 1 in the Spirit realm a few hours ago, had already sky-rocketed, advancing all the way to the peak of rank 3 in the Spirit realm in one single night.

This was the result of absorbing part of the qi from an early rank 6 Spirit realm cultivator, as well as 4 rank 2 Spirit realm ones.

Liu Mei had not only reached the peak of rank 3 in the Spirit realm, but she was just a step away from breaking through to the early rank 4.

However, even though her cultivation had advanced extremely quickly in just one night, her spiritual strength wasn ’t up to par, and this was something that Liu Mei already knew.

The Spirit realm was the realm in preparation before the Nascent Soul stage.

Increasing the spiritual strength and spirit sense were the most important parts alongside the cultivation increase.

Almost as if he had sensed something, Shun Long turned his head to look towards the depths of the shop.

Of course, neither Liu Mei nor the black panther were visible, unless someone headed deeper inside the shop.

Suppressing his curiosity, Shun Long decided to check Liu Mei ’s condition later, when Little Black ’s voice sounded in his head, saying

’ ’Master, that little girl is very lucky!

After absorbing the qi from the early rank 6 Spirit realm cultivator, her cultivation actually managed to rise all the way to the peak of rank 3 in the Spirit realm!

As long as she can absorb enough blood qi in the future, she will probably not fall too far behind master ’s cultivation.

At the very least, she will be able to protect herself! ’ ’

Shun Long felt shocked for a moment when he heard Little Black ’s words.

Peak rank 3 in the Spirit realm?

But after thinking about it for a moment, it made sense.

’ ’Of course! How many rank 1 Spirit realm cultivators will have the chance to kill an early rank 6 Spirit realm expert, while they cultivate in a technique like the ’Blood Absorption art ’ at the same time? ’ ’

As this thought flashed through his mind, Shun Long realized how amazing a technique the ’Blood Absorption art ’ really was.

Of course, it also came with its own disadvantages as well.

The day continued, and although the crowd was shocked when they saw Shun Long fighting with the members of the ’Violent guardian gang ’, the interest that people had in these new pills of his didn ’t diminish in the slightest.

Soon, night fell, before Shun Long decided to close the shop for today.

By the end of the day, Liu Mei ’s skeletons had gathered almost 3 million low-grade spirit stones.

Even for Shun Long who wasn ’t lacking in spirit stones at the moment, getting 5 million low-grade in 2 days was an enormous amount.

Wouldn ’t that mean that within a month the shop would make approximately 75 million low-grade spirit stones?

This was more than the current amount of spirit stones that Shun Long had inside the ’Stone of Time ’ at this point.

If this was converted into middle-grade spirit stones, it would be 750.000 middle-grade spirit stones.

Of course, Shun Long also understood that this was a slightly unrealistic amount to expect.

The reason was, because this matter involved more factors than just the price of his pills.

It also involved the current population of the ’City of Sin ’, as well as the amount of spirit stones that were being circulated in the pill market at the northern part of the city.

After all, Shun Long ’s shop wasn ’t the only shop that sold pills, while special pills like the ’Spiritual wind jade pill ’ would only be purchased once by each person.

Thinking about it for a bit, Shun Long estimated that he should be able to make well over 600.000 middle-grade spirit stones by the end of the month however.

This was equivalent to 60 million low-grade spirit stones.

After the 4 skeletons replaced the destroyed door, Shun Long walked at the depths of the first floor, where Liu Mei was still sitting cross-legged next to the black panther.

Although her cultivation had already advanced, she still had to consume the ’Spirit enhancing pills ’ in order to bring her spiritual strength and spirit sense at the same level as her cultivation.

Seeing Liu Mei opening her eyes as soon as he approached her, Shun Long looked at her shining black eyes that were full of vigor and asked curiously

’ ’Mei ’er, how are you feeling? ’ ’

Even though Shun Long knew that there shouldn ’t be any issues nor any extreme pain before Liu Mei attempted to breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage, at the end of the day, the ’Blood Absorption art ’ wasn ’t a common cultivation technique.

If Liu Mei had started to feel that something was wrong, then it was better for her to give up on it while it was still early.

Liu Mei however, had an enchanting smile on her face as she stared at Shun Long, before she answered gently

’ ’Long-ge, don ’t worry! Everything is okay! Although there was some pain at first, I am sure that it was due to the concentrated amount of qi that I absorbed. ’ ’

At the same time, inside the ’Stone of Time ’, Little Black nodded his head as his voice then sounded in Shun Long ’s mind

’ ’Master, there is nothing to worry about regarding that little girl.
It is normal to have felt pain in that situation.
Absorbing the qi from an early rank 6 Spirit realm cultivator when she is only at the peak of rank 1 is normal to bring pain after all. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head in response after hearing Little Black ’s words, before he and Liu Mei went up to the second floor and dual cultivated for the next 3 hours.

Looking at Liu Mei ’s n.a.k.e.d body that was lying on top of him, Shun Long caressed her long black hair before he said

’ ’Mei ’er, can you take care of the shop? Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_51218855468516181 for visiting.

I am planning to enter seclusion for the next few days, and advance my strength.
Of course, if something truly happens, Little Black will let me know so I can return. ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s eyes lit up, and without any hesitation she nodded her head as she agreed.

This was one of the few times that Shun Long had asked her for something.

Seeing the excited expression on Liu Mei ’s face, Shun Long smiled as his hands continued to caress her black hair.

A few moments later, after putting on his robes, Shun Long closed his eyes as he once again returned back inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’.

After sitting cross-legged on the ground, he waved his hand, taking out more than 10.000 middle-grade spirit stones as well as 10 bottles filled with top-grade ’Spirit enhancing pills ’.

This time, Shun Long was planning to advance all the way to the peak of rank 3 in the Spirit realm.

This was also the requirement that he needed to reach, to be able to refine rank 5 pills.

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