The expression of the surrounding alchemists of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ had also changed as they stared at the kneeling young man.

Taking a deep breath, Liang Rong looked at his master Zhou Ning and nodded his head, before he continued

’ ’I am sure master! I personally checked the shop just now, and not only is it not damaged in the slightest, but He Zhenkang and the others are nowhere to be found! ’ ’

The room immediately descended into silence as soon as Liang Ron ’s words ended.

It wasn ’t just Zhou Ning who was shocked, but the other peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts as well.

They clearly remembered that less than 8 hours ago, He Zhenkang had already taken his squad from the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’, before he headed towards the unknown pill shop.

Then where was he now?

A middle-aged man who stood right next to Zhou Ning, who had a shaved head and big distinct eyebrows, looked at the peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts around him and asked in a voice filled with disbelief

’ ’Do you think that He Zhenkang has actually died? ’ ’

His words were like a bomb that exploded inside the secret room, instantly attracting everyone ’s attention, including the kneeling Liang Rong ’s who looked at him with eyes filled with shock.

The old man who had mocked Zhou Ning the last time, was once again the first to speak, as he looked at the middle-aged man and asked in a mocking but also furious voice

’ ’Guan Hong, are you an idiot?

Let ’s say that He Zhenkang did indeed fail his mission, how would he die against a target who is just an early fourth stage body refiner?

Putting aside He Zhenkang ’s own cultivation level, he also had 4 middle and late-stage rank 2 Spirit realm cultivators with him, three early and middle stage rank 3, an early and a peak rank 4 Spirit realm cultivators, as well as 2 middle rank 5 ones.

Is it even possible for them to fail an assassination against a mere early fourth stage body refiner?

And even if we assume that they failed, and even if the worst thing happened and He Zhenkang has really died, what happened to the rest of his squad? 

Don ’t tell me that you believe that they have died as well! ’ ’

The bald middle-aged man, Guan Hong wanted to retort, but his words were stuck in his throat.

Indeed, it had only been a wild guess by him that He Zhenkang had died, and that was only because He Zhenkang hadn ’t returned to the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ just yet.

No matter whether a mission was a success or a failure, everyone had to report about the results once it was over.

Looking at the dead silent room, Zhou Ning took a deep breath, before he was actually the first one to break the silence, as he looked at the people around him and said in a stern voice

’ ’No…
Guan Hong may actually be right… ’ ’

Everyone turned to look at Zhou Ning with shocked gazes, but he didn ’t seem to mind as he continued

’ ’When I berated that brat and told him to close down his shop, there wasn ’t an ounce of fear on his face.

The look in his eyes when he stared at me, was like he was looking at a fool.

Since I didn ’t know his cultivation realm back then, I didn ’t act rashly, since I assumed that he was also a late-stage Spirit realm cultivator. 

But since his cultivation was proven to be at the early stages of the Spirit realm He Zhenkang alone should have been sufficient in order to flatten his shop.

However, seeing that our entire team of 12 people has disappeared tonight, there can only be one conclusion… ’ ’

The old man ’s eyes shone as he stared at Zhou Ning, before he asked in a low voice

’ ’Zhou Ning, do you mean…? ’ ’

Nodding his head, Zhou Ning continued

’ ’There is certainly another person inside that shop, and it ’s one who is at least at the late-stages of the Spirit realm!

Additionally, I doubt that he is just a normal late-stage Spirit realm cultivator.

He is probably an expert at the peak of rank 9, who is exceptionally suited in stealth.
Otherwise, I shouldn ’t have been unable to detect his presence when I was inside their shop! ’ ’

For once, the old man didn ’t berate Zhou Ning, while the look in his eyes was abnormally serious as he slowly nodded his head.

Although Zhou Ning ’s words sounded a bit far-fetched, they were actually very logical.

This also explained how there were top-grade rank 4 pills for sale, when the boss of the shop was what an early rank 1 Spirit realm brat.

After taking a deep breath, the old man looked at the people around him, before he said in a solemn voice

’ ’In that case, it is actually for the best that you didn ’t fight with them, Zhou Ning.
For this matter, we will have to inform the pavilion master!

Although a peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert is someone that we can take care of by ourselves as well, the situation has already exceeded our control. 

After all, we don ’t truly know the depths of the enemies ’ forces, and in case that the person in that shop is actually a Nascent Soul stage expert… ’ ’

Shivers suddenly passed through the old man ’s and the rest spines, as they all agreed to inform the pavilion master!

This wasn ’t something that they should risk, taking on by themselves.

At the same time, inside the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long closed his eyes before he simulated himself leaving the foggy space, as he once again returned back inside the first floor of the shop.

Looking at Liu Mei who still hadn ’t woken up and was cultivating next to the black panther, Shun Long smiled lightly before he walked towards the entrance of the shop.

Just as he put his hand on the wooden door and was about to open it however, the door was suddenly sent flying inside the shop by a powerful kick, before it crashed on the ground next to Shun Long, breaking into smithereens.

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