Blood immediately spurt like a fountain from He Zhenkang ’s body, dying the black armor of the undead knight a crimson red color, as the early rank 6 Spirit realm expert ’s head rolled on the dead-silent ’Silver cross street ’.

Ashen expressions had appeared on the faces of the rank 3 Spirit realm cultivators who stood rooted on the spot as they watched He Zhenkang ’s headless corpse, while a single question had appeared in their minds

’ ’How is this possible? ’ ’

How could He Zhenkang lose?

He was the leader of this assassination mission personally appointed by alchemist Zhou himself!

They already knew that they were dealing with a rank 1 Spirit realm cultivator who was just an early fourth stage body refiner, and yet…
He Zhenkang and the others still died.

When realization finally struck their minds, the trio of rank 3 Spirit realm cultivators started to slowly step back, as they backed away from the shop.

As for the undead knight who had beheaded He Zhenkang…
the 3 of them didn ’t care one bit about it.

They had already seen the hole on He Zhenkang ’s chest the moment that he had landed in front of the shop, and understood, that even without the black-armored knight ’s help, He Zhenkang would have died no matter what, unless he had a miraculous pill in his spatial ring that could heal such injuries.

Inside the shop, at the depths of the first floor, Liu Mei was sitting next to the black panther with her eyes closed, while massive amounts of qi traveled through the air to enter her body.

An expression of pain appeared on her face, but Liu Mei bit her red lips, withstanding the pain, as she circulated the ’Blood Absorption art ’ according to Little Black ’s method.

At the same time, Shun Long watched the rank 3 Spirit realm cultivators who were trying to escape with narrowed eyes. 

As for the water tiger that he was fighting with earlier, without the support from He Zhenkang ’s qi, it had already turned into a pool of water.

Seeing that Shun Long had noticed them as they tried to stealthily back away, the 3 of them didn ’t choose to beg for mercy, but instead, they made a frenzied run towards the edge of the Silver cross street.

All 3 of them knew very clearly that this was the ’City of Sin ’…
there was no room for mercy here.

Since they had followed He Zhenkang, they knew that there was no way for them to be spared.

They could only try and escape now, and return back to the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’!

Raising his right hand, sparks of thunder appeared on Shun Long ’s forefinger, before the sound of thunder booming resounded through the air.


A bolt of lightning left Shun Long ’s finger, and headed towards the back of the rank 3 Spirit realm cultivator who was in the lead.

Terror had filled the man ’s eyes when he felt the bolt of lightning approaching him, as he knew that there was no way for him to defend against it.
Without any suspense, as the ’thunderbolt finger ’ hit him, a hole was pierced through the early rank 3 Spirit realm cultivator ’s back, before his body collapsed on the ground.

Without any delay, more sparks of lightning appeared once again on Shun Long ’s finger, as a second and a third bolt of lightning left his hand one after the other.

The 2 remaining middle rank 3 Spirit realm cultivators soon met the same fate, as their charred bodies collapsed lifelessly in the middle of the Silver cross street.

After removing their spatial rings, Shun Long conjured his qi flame in his hand and burned He Zhenkang ’s and his subordinates ’ bodies, before he walked back inside the shop.

In the depths of the first floor, after noticing that Liu Mei had her eyes closed and was cultivating next to the black panther, Shun Long didn ’t disturb her, before he closed his eyes and entered inside the ’Stone of Time ’, in the place surrounded by fog.

’ ’Since Mei ’er ’s undead knight beheaded the early rank 6 Spirit realm cultivator, her cultivation will definitely advance by a lot now that she has the ’Blood Absorption art ’. ’ ’

As this thought flashed through his mind, Shun Long slightly relaxed his body, as he sat cross-legged on the ground with Little Black next to him.

He could feel his body being extremely tired after the battle with He Zhenkang and his subordinates.

It was only after consuming a single rank 5 ’Dragonblood grass ’ that Shun Long could feel his body being rapidly filled with energy once again.

Opening his eyes, Shun Long then took a look at the spatial rings of He Zhenkang and his subordinates.

However, aside from 5 million low-grade spirit stones, as well as their silver grade weapons, he didn ’t find anything else of value inside them.

Although 5 million low-grade spirit stones wasn ’t a lot to Shun Long, it still wasn ’t a small amount.

After placing everything inside the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long then took out a large amount of middle-grade spirit stones and fed them to the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’.

The vine once again started to fill the air around him with large amounts of pure qi as it consumed the middle-grade spirit stones.

Shun Long could feel the endless qi in the air around him, and without any hesitation, he closed his eyes and circulated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ as he started to absorb it inside his body.

3 days soon passed inside the foggy space, while 12 balls of qi had now appeared in the space above Shun Long ’s head.

Knowing that his cultivation had reached the early rank 2 in the Spirit realm, Shun Long opened his eyes with a satisfied smile on his face.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'blood-pill-pavilion's'-assassins_51188304275631735 for visiting.

At the same time, back inside the red-colored building where the headquarters of the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’ were located at, Zhou Ning had a furious expression on his face as he stared at his disciple Liang Rong, who was kneeling in front of him.

His tone was filled with disbelief and killing intent, while the aura of a peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert exploded from his body, as he asked

’ ’Liang Rong, are you sure about this? ’ ’

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