’ ’Xiao Yu!!! ’ ’

He Zhenkang and the other middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert shouted at the same time, while their eyes instantly turned red as they saw the headless corpse fall to the ground.

Meanwhile, the other rank 2 and rank 3 Spirit realm experts started to slowly back away towards the shop, as they widened the distance between themselves and Shun Long.

Taking a deep breath, He Zhenkang took out a pair of silver-colored gloves from his spatial ring, and looking at Shun Long he said in a tone oozing with killing intent

’ ’Trading your left shoulder to kill Xiao Yu? This was the biggest mistake of your life kid! 

Let ’s see how long you can last with Xiao Yu ’s poison in your body. ’ ’

As he finished his words, He Zhenkang slowly walked towards Shun Long one step at a time.
He was in no hurry to attack him, and was actually waiting for the poison to take effect.

It looks like the mission that Zhou Ning had given them this time was far from easy.

Although He Zhenkang didn ’t know why, but he could feel a sense of lethal danger as he stared at the purple-colored blade on Shun Long ’s hand.

Nodding his head, the other middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert quickly circled around Shun Long, not giving him a single chance to escape.

Shun Long narrowed his eyes when he noticed He Zhenkang ’s slow steps.

It was obvious that He Zhenkang was simply waiting until the poison started to take effect inside his body.

Indeed, after sending his spirit sense in his body, Shun Long noticed a blue-colored fluid that had entered from the wound on his shoulder, and was slowly expanding towards the rest of his body.

Without any hesitation, Shun Long waved his hand and took out a bottle filled with top-grade rank 4 ’anti-toxin ’ pills, before he consumed one of them on the spot.

He Zhenkang however, didn ’t seem to have any inclination to stop Shun Long, and instead he started laughing in a mocking tone as he said

’ ’Hahaha! Fool, that poison was concocted by senior Zhou himself.
Do you really think that your own pills will have any effect against the poison of a pinnacle rank 3 silver grade alchemist? ’ ’

Shun Long however didn ’t respond to He Zhenkang, as his spirit sense kept observing the poison inside his body.

The moment that the poison had started to spread towards his heart, the ’anti-toxin pill ’ didn ’t even have time to take effect as the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ instantly started to circulate by itself, completely suppressing the blue-colored poison.

The poison inside the dagger was actually much more potent than Shun Long had originally estimated it to be.

It was actually strong enough to knock out even an early rank 7 Spirit realm expert if it was injected inside their body, let alone an early fourth stage body refiner.

If the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ hadn ’t advanced to the fourth stage, Shun Long guessed that it would have been unable to suppress the lethal poison by itself.

Of course, if Shun Long wanted to consume an ’anti-toxin pill ’ during a fight, even He Zhenkang wouldn ’t be able to stop him with the huge distance between them.

Looking at the purple-colored blade in his hand, Shun Long frowned slightly.

This was the move that he had managed to create after breaking through to the fourth stage of the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’, as his understanding of the Dao of Space had also deepened at the same time.

’ ’Although its power is astonishing, it is indeed too taxing for me to keep it active for so long. ’ ’

As this thought flashed through Shun Long ’s mind, he didn ’t waste any more time, before he turned around and attacked the middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert behind him.

Shun Long covered the distance between them and arrived in front of the man in practically an instant, as he slashed his purple-colored blade towards the man ’s head.

The rank 5 Spirit realm expert quickly raised his black saber and hurriedly defended against Shun Long ’s slash.

However, even with his rank 3 silver grade saber, the man quickly found himself on the backfoot, as the moment that his black saber met the illusionary purple blade, the man was pushed backwards for a few tens of meters while the saber had almost left his hand.

Shun Long ’s barrage of attacks was simply too strong, while the purple blade itself was extremely weird.

Its strength didn ’t seem to lose out in the slightest against his saber.

Turning to look at He Zhenkang in the distance, the middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert couldn ’t help shouting

’ ’Brother, quickly help me! ’ ’

Nodding his head, He Zhenkang quickly put on his silver-colored gloves before he placed his 2 palms together.

The aura of an early rank 6 Spirit realm cultivator exploded from his body, while a large water wave more than 8m(26ft) tall appeared behind him.

The water wave quickly took the shape of a large tiger that had a water-like blue-colored fur and lifelike dark blue eyes.

The tiger ’s eyes were immediately locked on Shun Long who was still fighting with the middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert with the black saber, before it jumped in the air and flew towards them.

Even He Zhenkang had been shocked when he noticed the situation that the middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert had ended up in.

Barely a few moments had passed since the man ’s fight with Shun Long had started, but slashing wounds had already filled his body.

An expression of joy appeared on the man ’s face when he saw the water tiger flying towards him, as he took an even more defensive posture than before.

The middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert had no reason to try and kill Shun Long by himself any longer.

He was certain that as soon as He Zhenkang ’s water tiger joined hands with him, Shun Long would be unable to deal with their combined power.

At the same time, Shun Long seemed to have completely ignored the water tiger that was coming from behind him, and as his focus reached its peak, his golden eyes shone with a bright blue light as he slashed the illusionary purple blade horizontally aiming for the man ’s throat.

The middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert raised his black saber in reflex, but a scene that made his heart constrict in horror unfolded in front of his eyes.

Shun Long watched as his illusionary purple blade passed through the man ’s black saber almost as if it didn ’t exist, before it continued to slash at his throat.

Blood immediately started to spurt from the man ’s throat, while a horrified expression had filled his eyes.

’ ’NOOO! ’ ’

At the same time, He Zhenkang shouted loudly in a voice filled with unwillingness and killing intent, when he saw the purple-colored blade piercing through the man ’s throat.

As if that wasn ’t enough however, He Zhenkang didn ’t even have enough time to digest the scene that had just happened, when the sounds of swords slashing through the air were suddenly heard from behind him, coming from the direction of the pill shop.

Turning around, He Zhenkang felt dizzy for a moment when he saw 4 heads rolling on the ground until they stopped in front of his feet.

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