It only took a couple of minutes for the group of Spirit realm experts to arrive at the Silver cross street.

Looking at the wooden pill shop in the distance He Zhenkang made a hushing motion at the people behind him indicating for them to be quiet.

He wasn ’t afraid of his ambush failing, but he wanted to be certain that the person inside the shop had no hope of escaping.

Even though it was night and Shun Long had already closed the shop, the Silver cross street was far from being desolate.

For the next 2 hours, the rest of the shops continued working almost as if it was daytime.

Some of the shops even had more people visiting them during the night than they had in the day.

He Zhenkang and his group waited until fewer people were left on the street, before he ordered the rest of the experts in his group to surround the pill shop.

Aside from him, there were 2 middle rank 5 Spirit realm experts, a peak rank 4 and an early rank 4 Spirit realm cultivators, while the rest were at the rank 2 and rank 3.

Although He Zhenkang knew that the rank 2 Spirit realm cultivators would probably be useless against an early fourth stage body refiner, the reason that he brought them on this mission was to allow them to gain more experience.

As soon as the pedestrians had disappeared around the shop, He Zhenkang and the 2 middle rank 5 experts jumped in front of the pill shop ’s entrance.

One of the 2 middle rank 5 Spirit realm experts looked at He Zhenkang and raised his black saber in the air, ready to chop through the door before they barged inside.

He Zhenkang was about to nod his head in confirmation, when suddenly, a snapping sound was heard from behind him, attracting his attention.

The sound wasn ’t too loud, but in the dead-silent night, it was more than enough to attract the attention of the early rank 6 Spirit realm expert.

Turning his head around, He Zhenkang stared with wide eyes at the scene in front of him.

The peak rank 4 expert from his group had his head severed, before he had the chance to utter a single word.

A blue-robed young man was standing behind the peak rank 4 Spirit realm expert with a smile on his face, while his right hand was dripping with his teammate ’s blood.

An illusionary purple blade was extending from his hand, but surprisingly, not a single drop of blood touched the blade itself, as they all fell on the ground.

Under the moonlight, this scene looked especially creepy, but an experienced Spirit realm expert like He Zhenkang quickly came back to his senses.

Looking at the blue-robed young man, He Zhenkang had a serious look on his face as he asked in a solemn tone

’ ’Who are you? ’ ’

Shun Long smiled lightly when he heard this question, while the illusionary purple blade on his right hand trembled for a moment, and after throwing the severed head that he was holding in his left hand towards He Zhenkang ’s feet, he answered in a voice that was completely devoid of emotion

’ ’Since you came to ambush me late at night, shouldn ’t you know who I am? ’ ’

He Zhenkang ’s eyes, as well as his group members ’ immediately widened in response.

’ ’You- You are the boss of this shop? ’ ’ He Zhenkang asked incredulously.

He couldn ’t understand how a rank 1 Spirit realm cultivator who was just an early fourth stage body refiner at the same time, could detect the ambush from his group and manage to assassinate one of them instead.

’ ’How could I have failed to notice him? ’ ’

As this thought flashed through He Zhenkang ’s mind, Shun Long ’s eyes stared at the early rank 4 Spirit realm expert who was just a few tens of meters away from him and was trying to stealthily escape.

Kicking the ground once, Shun Long activated the gale steps and covered the distance of 40 meters almost instantly, as he appeared next to the rank 4 Spirit realm cultivator.

The man was horrified, and didn ’t even attempt to fight against Shun Long, as he tried to escape towards He ZhenKang ’s direction.


He Zhenkang shouted loudly when he saw the apathetic look on Shun Long ’s face as he slashed the illusionary purple blade downwards, towards the early rank 4 Spirit realm cultivator ’s head.

At the same time, the 2 middle rank 5 Spirit realm experts rushed to flank Shun Long from the sides.

One of them was holding a small blue dagger, while the other one was still holding his black saber as they both shouted at the same time

’ ’Die! ’ ’

Without any hesitation, Shun Long slashed down with his right hand, causing the purple blade in his hand to immediately beheaded the early rank 4 Spirit realm expert.

The purple blade cut the man ’s head without any obstruction, causing a fountain of blood to spurt through the air under He Zhenkang ’s and his group ’s shocked gazes.

Furious looks appeared in the 2 middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert ’s faces, but they didn ’t stop their attacks.

Instead, a layer of ice had appeared on the middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert ’s saber, while a gust of wind had appeared on the other man ’s feet.

Shun Long ’s golden eyes lit up, but surprisingly, the 2 middle rank 5 Spirit realm experts seemed to have covered every possible path of escape.

No matter which way he tried to dodge, he would definitely be hit by one of their attacks…
unless he used blink of course.

However, blink would consume too much of his qi, and it would probably leave him completely helpless against the early rank 6 Spirit realm expert who was still standing in front of the shop.

Taking 2 steps to the side, Shun Long completely dodged the black saber ’s attack, falling right into the blue dagger ’s range of attack.

The middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert felt joy as he slashed the dagger towards Shun Long ’s chest.

Twisting his waist slightly, Shun Long dodged as the dagger embedded itself on his shoulder, reaching all the way to his bone.

A wave of pain assaulted Shun Long ’s senses, but thankfully, he had avoided the fatal attack.

However, the rank 2 silver grade dagger had still managed to pierce through his ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’, creating a large wound on his left shoulder.

At the same time that the man with the black saber raised it in the air and prepared for his second attack, Shun Long looked at the middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert in front of him who tried to take the blue-colored dagger from his shoulder.

However, a wave of blue light instantly covered Shun Long ’s body as he activated both of the ’Monarch ’s Domains ’, before he swung his right arm sideways towards the man ’s head.

The middle rank 5 Spirit realm expert immediately understood what was happening and decisively abandoned his dagger as he stepped back, but surprisingly, Shun Long had already seen through his path of retreat.

The illusionary purple-colored blade cut through the man ’s throat in an instant, causing another fountain of blood to spurt through the air under He Zhenkang ’s shocked eyes.

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