The young man hurriedly bowed as soon as his eyes met Zhou Ning, before he greeted in a respectful tone

’ ’Master! ’ ’

Zhou Ning ’s face darkened, and slamming his hand on the large table in front of him, he looked at the young man who was now kneeling on one knee and asked in a furious tone

’ ’Liang Rong, what are you doing here? Is this a place you can barge in whenever you want? ’ ’

The other peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts were about to berate the young man as well, but seeing that Zhou Ning had spoken first, they reigned in their dissatisfaction and simply stared at him with cold looks in their eyes

Liang Rong raised his head slightly, and looking at Zhou Ning, he answered in a respectful tone

’ ’Master, I kept observing that new shop just like you ordered me, and there are some unexpected news. 

Apparently, the boss of that shop is only an early rank 1 Spirit realm cultivator, but he is also an early fourth stage body refiner.

I paid a rank 3 Spirit realm expert to cause trouble to that shop, which was how I found out about this.

That boss however is very strong! He killed that man in one punch! ’ ’

Shocked looks appeared on the 10 peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts faces, who all turned her head to look at Zhou Ning.

Zhou Ning however had an equally astonished expression on his own face as he mumbled to himself

’ ’I was fooled? ’ ’

Finally, a short old man with a white beard and few hair on his head who was sitting opposite to Zhou Ning, looked at him and mocked loudly without restraint 

’ ’Zhou Ning, not only did you summon all of us here in order to take care of a rank 1 Spirit realm brat, but you even wanted to summon the pavilion master himself?

Fool! You are lucky that the pavilion master is in seclusion and didn ’t respond to you, otherwise you would definitely be punished for wasting his time.

As for that rank 1 Spirit realm brat, don ’t worry. 

It ’s understandable that you were too afraid to take care of him yesterday.

I will send a few rank 5 Spirit realm cultivators to help you with this issue. ’ ’

’ ’HAHAHAHA! ’ ’

The other peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts all exploded in laughter when they heard the old man ’s mocking words.

Indeed, it sounded like a peak rank 9 Spirit realm expert like Zhou Ning actually needed help from a few middle-stage Spirit realm cultivators.

Even Zhou Ning himself felt his face turning hot, and with nowhere else to vent his anger, he angrily kicked Liang Rong before he shouted in a furious voice

’ ’Call He Zhenkang! ’ ’

The other peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts laughed even louder, while Liang Rong hurriedly scurried away from the room.

On the second floor of Shun Long ’s pill shop, Liu Mei finally opened her eyes.

It took her 2 hours to completely understand the circulation technique after absorbing the knowledge that Little Black had sent into her mind.

At the same time, on the first floor of the shop, Shun Long was still sitting on the chair and watched as more and more people entered the shop.

Although less than 1 out of 10 people would end up purchasing a pill, Shun Long was still satisfied.

In the past one hour, Liu Mei ’s hard-working skeletons had already made more than a million low-grade spirit stones, from selling a single top-grade ’Spirit enhancing pill ’ for 400.000 low-grade spirit stones, a top-grade ’Blood ignition pill ’ for 90.000 low-grade spirit stones, and a high-grade ’Spiritual wind jade pill ’ for 500.000 low-grade spirit stones, along with a few top-grade rank 4 ’Qi replenishing pills ’.

Just the high-grade ’Spiritual wind jade pill ’ itself, was worth half a million low-grade spirit stones.

Of course, that was because of the pill ’s extraordinary effects.

This was the most valuable pill that Shun Long had created so far, aside from the rank 4 ’internal reconstruction pill ’.

After all, Shun Long knew, that if an early-stage Spirit realm cultivator consumed a high-grade ’Spiritual wind jade pill ’, they would be able to instantly breakthrough to the next rank without any issues.

If a middle-stage Spirit realm cultivator consumed it, they had an 80 percent chance of breaking through to the next rank, while late-stage Spirit realm experts consumed it, they had a 50 percent chance of breaking through to the next rank.

Since every person could only consume this pill once, the value of the ’Spirit wind jade pill ’ exceeded even that of the ’Spirit enhancing pill ’s ’.

Although people were skeptical of the effects of the pill at first, but once they got a whiff of its fragrance more than half of their doubts were instantly dispelled.

As for the busty woman who had purchased the pill, as soon as she got her hands on it she hurriedly left the shop.

Liu Mei had a bewitching smile behind her white veil as she sat in her chair next to Shun Long.

Time soon passed, and as night finally fell, Shun Long decided to close the shop for today.

Liu Mei ’s skeletons had already gathered more than 1.500.000 low-grade spirit stones from the pills ’ sales.

At the same time, the shop ’s name had already spread throughout the Silver cross street.

By now, people had already heard of the greedy boss with the amazing pills, and the 4 creepy skeletons that managed the shop.

Since some of Shun Long ’s pills didn ’t exist anywhere else in the ’City of Sin ’, the shop had started to attract even more attention.

Just as he was about to close the shop ’s entrance, Little Black ’s voice sounded inside Shun Long ’s head, as the black dragon said

’ ’Master, be careful.

There are more than 10 people coming from the south, and all of them are filled with killing intent!

As for their cultivation, some of them may actually pose quite some trouble to master. ’ ’

Of course, the moment that anyone exhibited killing intent while they were close to the shop, they would be unable to hide from Little Black.

Shun Long nodded his head inwardly at Little Black, while he did his best to control his facial expression from changing as he closed the door of the shop.

After all, he had already expected for this to happen, so it wasn ’t that surprising.
It was just faster than he had estimated.

’ ’This is still good ’ ’ Shun Long mumbled to himself, before he turned his eyes to look at Liu Mei.

’ ’If Little Black said that these people will pose trouble to me, then they are certainly rank 5 Spirit realm cultivators at least.
Mei ’er ’s skeletons won ’t be able to delay them for more than a few breaths of time. ’ ’

At the same time that this thought flashed through Shun Long ’s mind, a dozen men dressed in blood-red robes were stealthily approaching the shop from the south.

Their auras were completely retracted as they stepped on the roofs of the nearby shops, while their eyes were focused on the two-story wooden shop in the distance.

As for the bald man in the lead of the group, he was the expert who was entrusted by Zhou Ning to lead the team, and completely raze Shun Long ’s shop to the ground.

An early rank 6 Spirit realm expert, He Zhenkang!

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