As he pushed open the door ’s entrance, an unexpected scene appeared in Shun Long ’s eyes.

More than 6 people had already queued up and waited for the shop to open.

Seeing the curious looks in these people ’s faces, Shun Long immediately understood that the name of the shop had already started to spread.

The people who were queueing up also scrutinized Shun Long with their eyes, trying to see if there was anything special about him.

Shun Long didn ’t seem to mind the crowd ’s inquiring gazes, as he walked back inside and sat on his chair.

Seeing that the owner had completely disregarded them instead of inviting them inside the shop, a middle-aged man with black hair, brown eyes and sharp facial features, angrily took a step forward and entered inside, before he looked at Shun Long and shouted loudly

’ ’Brat, is this how you welcome your customers? We have been queueing up for almost an hour and you don ’t even come to personally welcome us inside? ’ ’

Shun Long narrowed his eyes as he looked at the middle-aged man who seemed to have come to cause trouble.

The middle-aged man ’s aura was also the strongest among the crowd, at the early rank 3 of the Spirit realm.

Without waiting for an answer, the man ’s left hand lit up with a crimson light, before he punched the air forward, as sparks of red flames appeared in his hand.

The sparks of flames left the man ’s hand, as they transformed into a huge fireball that flew directly towards Shun Long.

A chilling look flashed through Shun Long ’s eyes when he saw the man ’s ruthless attack.

Even if Shun Long defended himself from the attack, it was certain that the glass cases that hadn ’t been infused with any kind of defensive formations would crumble under the heat, destroying all of the pills inside the pill bottles in the process.

Seeing the faint smile on the middle-aged man ’s face, Shun Long ’s eyes turned golden as he instantly circulated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’.

As the invisible figure of an hourglass expanded from his body, the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ slowed down the flow of time around the middle-aged man, as the fireball continued to fly towards Shun Long.

Shun Long stared at the bright-red fireball with his eyes completely focused, as he mumbled silently

’ ’Disappear.. ’ ’

He could now feel his qi being sapped at an alarming rate, even faster than when he used the ’Time Prison ’ in the past, as a blue light completely covered his body.

More than 60 percent of his qi was sapped in an instant, while under the middle-aged man ’s terrified eyes, the fireball suddenly vanished into thin air.

The middle-aged man was horrified!

He, as an early rank 3 Spirit realm expert, didn ’t even understand what had happened to his own attack.

It had suddenly vanished before it managed to hit that brat.

Shun Long ’s eyes lit up brightly when he saw the fireball disappearing in front of his eyes.

He knew that this was all thanks to his understanding of the Dao of Time that had increased even further after he had broken through to the Spirit realm, allowing him to create this move.

And yet, this was the first time that he was actually using it in combat.

’ ’Since this move banishes someone from the world, I will call it ’Eternal Banishment ’! ’ ’

However, just to ’banish ’ the early rank 3 Spirit realm expert ’s attack, Shun Long had to use more than half of his qi at once.

Seeing that the middle-aged man still had a confused expression on his face, Shun Long activated the ’Gale steps ’ before he kicked the ground once, appearing in front of the man almost instantly.

The middle-aged man quickly realized that things were turning bad, and a pair of flame wings suddenly appeared on his back as he turned around and shot to the sky.

However, the man ’s speed couldn ’t be compared to even half of Shun Long ’s, especially when he was still inside the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’s ’ effect.

After all, although Shun Long couldn ’t completely stop someone who was 2 ranks higher than him with the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, he could still slow down the flow of time around him.

As Shun Long appeared in the air above the man, he clenched his right fist tightly, before he sent a full-powered punch at the man ’s back.

The early rank 3 Spirit realm expert had barely managed to leave the shop ’s entrance, before Shun Long ’s punch connected soundly with his back, in the space between his flame wings.


The early rank 3 Spirit realm was sent flying from the sky like a meteor, before he landed next to the shop ’s entrance.

A huge cloud of dust rose outside the shop, as the crowd hurriedly stepped back, before they turned their head to the sky and looked at the young man in blue robes with terror in their eyes.

Shun Long hadn ’t held back in the slightest when he punched the middle-aged man.

Since he had intended to ruin his shop, it would only be foolish for Shun Long to let him leave.

As the cloud of dust slowly dispersed, the middle-aged man ’s figure appeared in everyone ’s eyes.

He was buried deep into the ground, but not a single sound was coming from his body.

Silence permeated the crowd when they noticed that the man was no longer breathing.

People weren ’t astonished that the man was killed, after all this was the ’City of Sin ’.

They were shocked however that Shun Long had managed to kill him with one punch.

Once Shun Long ’s aura had exploded from his body, the crowd had noticed that his cultivation was only at the early rank 1 of the Spirit realm.

’ ’How? ’ ’

This was the single question that had appeared in everyone ’s head, when someone in the crowd exclaimed in a silent voice

’ ’He is also a body refiner! He has already reached the early fourth stage, that ’s how he killed Yang Quidao in one punch! ’ ’

Although the man ’s voice was quiet, it was clearly heard by everyone amidst the silent crowd.

Shun Long didn ’t seem to mind the man ’s words, and after removing Yang Quidao ’s spatial ring, he walked back inside the shop before sat on his chair once again.

Surprisingly, people started entering the shop one after the other after they saw Shun Long sitting down.

Once people saw the exorbitant prices of the pills, they were left dumbfounded, but since Yang Quidao ’s cultivation was the highest in the crowd outside the shop previously, no one dared to raise a fuss as they continued to silently observe Shun Long ’s pills.

’ ’This! ’ ’

A young woman was the first one to spot the ’Spirit enhancing pills ’ that were up for sale, when her voice was a mixture of shock and excitement.

’ ’Pills that can help increase your spirit sense? Is this real? ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t pay much attention to the crowd ’s discussions.

Of course, which Spirit realm cultivator wouldn ’t be excited after seeing his ’Spirit enhancing pills ’ and reading their description?

’ ’But…
it costs 400.000 low-grade spirit stones for a single pill! Owner, are you crazy? Why don ’t you go rob someone instead? ’ ’Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_51122432647421128 for visiting.

The young woman who had first spotted the pills, felt like someone had suddenly prickled her heart with a needle when she saw the pills ’ prices. 

She was ready to purchase the top-grade ’Spirit enhancing pills ’ at any price, but as an early rank 1 Spirit realm expert, she only had a little more than half a million low-grade spirit stones.

Seeing that everyone else had fallen silent, a young man at the peak of rank 2 in the Spirit realm gritted his teeth and said

’ ’I- I will buy one of them! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head, as he collected the payment from the young man, before one of Liu Mei ’s skeletons handed him a single top-grade ’Spirit enhancing pill ’.

This was Shun Long ’s first pill sale from his shop.

Everyone around the young man had their eyes wide open when they smelled the fragrance coming from the pill.

’ ’It is real! ’ ’ The young man exclaimed in joy, and under the hungry gazes of the crowd, he turned around and left the shop in a hurry, almost afraid that someone would rob him.

At the same time, in another street at the north of the ’City of Sin ’, a blood-red colored building with the sign of a pill cauldron was standing tall, with tens of people entering and leaving at the same time.

Although its scale couldn ’t be compared to the ’Golden Exchange inn ’ of the Heaven ’s Dome city, it was still many times larger than Xie Rong ’s ’Pale Moon guild ’ back in the Silver sword city.

This was the ’Blood Pill pavilion ’, one of the 3 largest pill shops at the north of the ’City of Sin ’.

Inside a room at the depths of the pavilion, the alchemist who had visited Shun Long ’s shop yesterday, Zhou Ning, was sitting on a table with 10 other peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts as he finished narrating yesterday ’s incident.

Suddenly, the door of the room swung open before a young man in white robes rushed inside.

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