Looking at Liu Mei who still had her eyes closed as she absorbed the moonlight inside her body, Shun Long watched her silently with a serious expression on his face.

An incense stick of time later, Liu Mei stopped circulating the ’Moonlight Sigil ’ and opened her eyes.

She was stunned for a moment when she saw Shun Long sitting on the meditative cushion opposite to her, but a mesmerizing smile soon appeared on her face.

Seeing that Shun Long still had that serious expression on his face, Liu Mei couldn ’t help taking a deep breath as she asked curiously

’ ’Long-ge, is everything alright? ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long gazed at Liu Mei ’s beautiful black eyes before he finally spoke

’ ’Mei ’er, I ’ve thought seriously over this matter, and in the end, I have decided to tell you everything and let you make the final decision.

Little Black has a cultivation technique that is much stronger than your ’Moonlight Sigil ’, but it is also considered an evil technique.

It will help you get stronger much faster in the future, but there are also many dangers involved.

I think it ’s better if you continue to cultivate the ’Moonlight SIgil ’, but I know that in the future it may not be enough for you. ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s eyes widened when she heard Shun Long ’s words, before she nodded her head in response.

Just as Shun Long was about to speak, Little Black ’s voice suddenly sounded inside his head

’ ’Master, let me come out as well.
I can also explain better the advantages and disadvantages of the ’Blood Absorption ’, before she makes her decision! ’ ’

Since Little Black knew that Shun Long had decided to tackle this matter from the very beginning, he decided to explain everything personally.

As for what decision Liu Mei chose, Little Black didn ’t particularly care.

Although Liu Mei was important to Shun Long, Little Black didn ’t care much about anyone else other than Shun Long himself.

After thinking about it for a while, Shun Long agreed.

It was indeed better for Little Black to breakdown the pros and cons of the technique since Shun Long himself only knew a rough description of how it worked.

As Shun Long waved his hand, Little Black ’s gigantic body appeared behind him, as the entire building trembled for a moment.
It was like a small earthquake had suddenly hit the second floor of the shop.

The room was spacious enough however for the black dragon to fit inside.

Looking at Liu Mei, Little Black had a serious deep look in his blue eyes as he said

’ ’There is a cultivation technique that is suitable for you, and would also not leave you far behind master in the future.
As long as you cultivate in this technique, you will probably be able to stay next to master as well. ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s eyes lit up when she heard Little Black ’s words.

She had already thought of this matter as well in the last 2 months.

Even though she had absorbed so many middle-grade spirit stones that had helped her enhance her cultivation speed, she was still at the same rank as Shun Long, and this was only after Shun Long had spent so many months in seclusion in order to advance from the peak of rank 9 to the Spirit realm.

Seeing the look deep inside Liu Mei ’s eyes that had instantly turned determined, the stern expression in the black dragon ’s face softened somewhat, before his voice continued resounding throughout the room

’ ’However, this technique is not only considered an evil cultivation technique, but it can also have some serious side effects in the future.
Whether or not you wish to accept it, is up to you.

Its name is the ’Blood Absorption art ’, and it allows you to absorb part of the qi from the cultivators that your undead creatures or you by yourself directly kill, before advancing your own cultivation.

Of course this cultivation technique has an increased chance of causing you to fall into qi deviation and die, and even if you manage to avoid this in the future, every time that you breakthrough to a major realm, you will feel indescribable pain coursing through your body.

Think carefully before you decide. ’ ’

Little Black ’s blue eyes stared at Liu Mei who only hesitated for a single breath of time before she determinedly said

’ ’I will do it. ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t interfere with Liu Mei ’s decision.
This was something that she had to decide for herself, since Shun Long already understood the consequences that each choice could lead to.

Accepting to cultivate this technique, would be like walking on a tight rope, but not cultivating it was the same, as Liu Mei accepting that she would be unable to help Shun Long in the future.

Even if she followed him, she would only be tagging along.

Little Black nodded when he saw the serious expression on Liu Mei ’s face, before his azure eyes suddenly turned a darker shade of blue.

All of a sudden, a stream of information filled Liu Mei ’s mind, as the details of a cultivation technique appeared in her head.

’Blood Absorption art ’

Shun Long watched Liu Mei who closed her eyes as she continued to stand on the meditative cushion, before Little Black returned back inside the foggy space.

He had already transmitted the cultivation technique to Liu Mei, and all she needed to do was spend a few minutes to absorb the knowledge and figure out the circulation method.

Shun Long then walked down to the first floor, and after he had the black panther come out from the foggy space of the ’Stone of Time ’ and stay at the inner part of the shop, he then placed the ’Spiritual wind jade pills ’ behind the glass cases, before he set their price along with the effects of the pills.

Seeing that the skeletons were still standing guard behind the glass cases, Shun Long had a light smile on his face as he walked towards the entrance of the shop before he mumbled to himself

’ ’Let the second day officially begin then! ’ ’

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