This time, it was Shun Long ’s turn to get shocked.

Although 2 million low-grade spirit stones wasn ’t too high a price for him, it was obvious that the shop in front of him wasn ’t worth even half of that.

Even the door was destroyed while the walls were filled with holes.

The floor itself was creaking when someone stepped on it, and even the windows near the entrance were already broken.

Looking at the old man in front of him, Shun Long shook his head before he said with a serious look on his face

’ ’Old man, there is no way that I will pay 2 million low-grade spirit stones for this run-down shop.
At most I can give you 200.000. ’ ’

The old man ’s eyes bulged instantly when he heard Shun Long ’s words, and looking like a cat that had its tail stepped, he hurriedly responded

’ ’Are you crazy? The store is in one of the 5 best streets of the northern part of the ’City of Sin ’! Don ’t tell me that you haven ’t noticed how bustling this street is! Although 2 million may have been a lot, it is certainly worth it! ’ ’

Shaking his head, Shun Long pointed at the half-destroyed door and the broken windows at the entrance of the shop as he said

’ ’It is worth it? Not only are the walls filled with holes, but the door is about to fall off as well, while the windows are also destroyed. 

Although the street is indeed busy, there is no one who will choose to come to this shop unless everything is fixed. ’ ’

The old man ’s eyes suddenly looked at the walls of the shop, before he gulped his saliva audibly.

He couldn ’t argue that the shop was in a half-destroyed state.

Nodding his head, the old man looked at Shun Long and raised his forefinger as he responded

’ ’One million! Although you will have to pay some spirit stones to repair the shop, it is still a beneficial deal for you! Besides, the shop has a second floor where you can soundly rest as well! ’ ’

Shun Long looked at the old man and shook his head before he added

’ ’A beneficial deal? Old man, don ’t forget that you are a peak rank 2 Spirit realm cultivator, and yet you were still forced to pay protection money weren ’t you?

Otherwise, your shop wouldn ’t have ended like this in the ’City of Sin ’!

If someone had a grudge with you they would have come and kill you directly instead of simply breaking down your shop.

Doesn ’t that mean that I will have to deal with those people once I buy the shop? ’ ’

Although Shun Long wasn ’t afraid of dealing with people who would ask for protection money, he wasn ’t willing to purchase this shop for an exorbitant price.

Even though he had enough money to spare, spending 1 million low-grade spirit stones for a single run-down shop and having to deal with the aftermath of the troubles that would follow, simply wasn ’t worth it.

The old man gritted his teeth and raised 5 fingers as he said determinedly

’ ’500.000 low-grade spirit stones! This is my bottom line!

I am not willing to sell if it ’s any lower than this! ’ ’

Shun Long thought seriously for a bit before he eventually nodded his head.

The old man smiled brightly when he saw Shun Long ’s response, and taking out a small white scroll, he passed it over to him in a hurry, as he eagerly waited to get his money.

This scroll was the title deed that proved that the old man was the owner of this shop.

Despite knowing that someone could kill you and steal your title deed at any time in this city, most of the shops in the ’City of Sin ’ still owned the land that they occupied as this was a matter of pride for them.

Shun Long didn ’t pay much attention to the title deed itself, and waving his hand, he took out 500.000 low-grade spirit stones from the ’Stone of Time ’.

Seeing the mountain of spirit stones that had filled the shop, the old man quickly gathered them all inside his spatial ring, before he stormed out of the shop, almost as if someone was chasing him out.

Although he had hoped that he could sell the shop for a higher price, 500.000 low-grade spirit stones wasn ’t a small amount to a rank 2 Spirit realm cultivator.

But the most important thing was…
that he could finally get rid of that cursed shop.

He had been trying to sell it to someone for so many years, but aside from the thugs who came over to gather protection money and occasionally destroyed it as well, no one else would ever set foot inside it.

Even the weapons that he had created in the past had all been stolen away by those thugs, in order for him to ’pay back ’ the protection money that he ’owed ’ them.

For the past 2 years, even those thugs had stopped coming to the shop, since there was nothing left for them to take.

When Liu Mei saw the old man running away from the shop with so much fervor, she turned her head to look at Shun Long and asked curiously

’ ’Long-ge, wasn ’t it a bad deal to pay so many spirit stones for this shop? ’ ’

Shaking his head, Shun Long stared at Liu Mei with a smile on his face, before he then said

’ ’If it was just for the shop itself, then it could be considered a slightly bad deal for us.
But that ’s not why we came to this city in the first place.

Besides, I am certain that we will make back those spirit stones very soon. ’ ’

After checking the first floor of the shop, Shun Long and Liu Mei walked deeper inside, before they walked up the stairs and entered the second floor.

The second floor was completely empty, without a single piece of furniture in sight, looking like it had been abandoned since the shop itself was built.

In fact, it was so dusty, that Liu Mei summoned 10 of her skeletons to completely clean this place up.

In the next few days, Shun Long and Liu Mei didn ’t leave the shop, but news had already spread that ownership of the building had already changed.

After all, as the only ’abandoned ’ shop in the Silver-cross street, it was only natural that the other shop owners would pay attention to it.

And yet, no one moved to welcome Shun Long and Liu Mei, but instead, they rejoiced in the misfortune that would befall them in the next few days.

In the last few days, Liu Mei had already summoned her skeletons in order to completely repair the shop.

Using a rare wood that Shun Long had given to her, Liu Mei ’s skeletons fixed almost everything in the blink of an eye.

The walls that were riddled with holes had been completely repaired along with the broken windows, while a brand new wooden door had appeared in the place of the old one.

Looking at the proud smile on Liu Mei ’s face, Shun Long also smiled at her in response before he lightly patted her head.

Then, walking towards the back of the shop, he took out a huge sign that could barely fit through the new door that Liu Mei ’s skeletons had created, and hung it at the shop ’s entrance.

The eye-catching words on Shun Long ’s new sign, instantly drew the attention of all the pedestrians who were walking on this street.

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