As soon as the black panther passed through the exit of the Netherspirit forest, a new scene appeared in front of Shun Long and Liu Mei ’s eyes.

As the toxic death qi around them disappeared, in the distance a few hundred miles ahead of them, a majestic villa could be seen standing tall.

The word villa wasn ’t correct to describe this building that seemed to be even larger than an entire city.

Even from a few hundred miles away, Shun Long could estimate, that the colossal building in front of him was probably almost as large as the ’Heaven ’s Dome city ’.

As he looked at the enormous building in the distance, a name instantly appeared in Shun Long ’s mind…
the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’.

This was the most dangerous place in the entire Night star continent where even Dao Kings could die inside, as well as the place where Cui Guoliang and his wife were trapped in.

Since he didn ’t know if there would be any people outside the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, Shun Long had the black panther return inside the ’Stone of Time ’, before he and Liu Mei continued flying towards the villa by themselves.

A little more than an hour later, a massive crowd had appeared in front of Shun Long and Liu Mei, as they arrived at the villa ’s entrance.

The crowd had not only spread themselves around the entrance, but they had even set up tents everywhere around the villa.

Shun Long was shocked to find out that even the person with the weakest cultivation in the crowd, was at the late stages of the Spirit realm.

As for the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ itself, Shun Long noticed, that everything outside of its gigantic gates was enshrouded by a golden barrier of light that prevented anyone from approaching any closer.

A few people snorted when they saw Shun Long and the white-veiled Liu Mei approaching the villa, but none of them took any further actions.

Although some of them were stunned when they saw the direction that Shun Long and Liu Mei were coming from, nobody believed that a pair of rank 1 Spirit realm experts had managed to pass through the Netherspirit forest to intentionally come to the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’.

Even if they wanted to come here, the villa ’s location wasn ’t something that was commonly known to any random Spirit realm cultivator.

They had probably stumbled here randomly from one other path leading to the villa.

After all, although passing through the Netherspirit forest was the fastest way for someone to come to the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, there were also other paths that people could take to arrive here, if they didn ’t come from the Heaven ’s Dome city.

Just as he was heading towards the villa, Little Black ’s excited voice sounded in Shun Long ’s mind

’ ’Master! There is definitely a dragonstone inside this place! ’ ’

Shun Long slowed down his speed when he heard Little Black ’s words, as he then asked curiously

’ ’Dragonstone? ’ ’

Nodding his head, Little Black then explained

’ ’Indeed master! We are actually very lucky!

The dragonstone is a stone that can only be found in the immortal dimension and the dragon realm! It ’s not something that should appear in this tiny mortal plane!

Although dragonstones are nothing too rare in the immortal dimension, they can still be considered a priceless treasure to dragons.

Even the energy inside the most common dragonstone is enough to help me advance directly to rank 7! ’ ’

Shun Long was stunned when he heard Little Black ’s words while his speed involuntarily came down to a halt.

Didn ’t this mean that Little Black could become an existence that surpassed the Dao King realm as long as he could absorb the energy inside this dragonstone? 

After all, a rank 7 magic beast should be as strong as a so-called Dao Emperor!

Seeing that Shun Long had suddenly stopped, Liu Mei also lowered her speed as she looked at him curiously.

At the same time, inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Little Black closed his eyes, and ignoring the Spirit realm and the Nascent Souls stage cultivators that were stationed around the villa, he tried to send his soul sense directly inside the villa.

However, the moment that his soul sense met with the golden sphere of light that had completely enshrouded the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’, the sphere of light barely rippled once before it repelled back the black dragon ’s powerful soul sense.

Little Black wasn ’t surprised that he had failed, and instead, he continued to attack the golden sphere of light with his soul sense for a few more minutes, but in the end, he was unable to succeed.

However, with a tone that was still filled with eagerness, Little Black ’s then said to Shun Long

’ ’Master, although my soul sense is unable to penetrate the barrier of light, I can still sense the dragonstone inside it.

Even if it ’s just for this dragonstone, it is definitely worth making the trip to enter inside. 

Besides, there have to be other useful things in there as well, otherwise, this place wouldn ’t be regarded so highly by the Dao Kings of this continent! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as he pondered over Little Black ’s words.

Indeed, there was no way that all the Dao Kings in the ’Night star continent ’ would try to enter the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’ for nothing.
Even Cui Guoliang had said to Shun Long, that the villa was filled with both danger and fortune, and that this was the reason why Dao Kings chose to enter inside.

Additionally, Shun Long also knew, that dragons could naturally sense things that are related to the dragon dimension or other dragons, and that this was the reason why Little Black could still sense the dragonstone inside the villa, even when his soul sense couldn ’t penetrate through the sphere of light.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-villa_51028249903422334 for visiting.

Shun Long ’s eyes once again grew clear, and looking at the villa in front of him he then thought to himself

’ ’If Little Black ’s soul sense is unable to pass through the barrier of light, then even peak rank 9 Dao Kings are probably unable to do it as well.

And yet, despite the unknown dangers, Dao Kings still choose to venture inside and explore this place, even though it is called the most dangerous place in the ’Night star continent ’! ’ ’

However, even though Shun Long had heard of how dangerous the ’Dragon Lord ’s villa was ’, since there was something inside the villa that could help Little Black advance his strength to rank 7, Shun Long would definitely enter without hesitation.

Seeing that Shun Long had fallen silent for a few minutes, as he absentmindedly stared at the giant villa in the distance, Liu Mei couldn ’t help asking him

’ ’Long-ge, are you alright? ’ ’

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