Liu Mei was stunned when she saw that the black panther had grown to almost 3 times its previous size, while the terrifying aura coming from its body was many times stronger than before.

After sensing the panther ’s aura, Liu Mei ’s eyes widened slightly, before she turned her head to look at Shun Long and asked in a shocked tone

’ ’Long-ge, did it really breakthrough to the rank 6? ’ ’

It wasn ’t that Liu Mei was unwilling to believe that the black panther had broken through to the rank 6 this time, but this was just too shocking to her.

In comparison to Little Black ’s breakthrough 2 months ago, who had just broken through from the peak of rank 5 to the early rank 6, Liu Mei knew the black panther ever since she and Shun Long had left Cui Guoliang ’s palace half a year ago.

When they had left the palace, the black panther was just an early rank 5 magic beast, but just half a year later, it had already broken through to the early rank 6.

Even for Liu Mei who had seen Shun Long do countless impossible things, this was still something unbelievable.

In the past, back when she was still an inner disciple of the ’floating cloud sect ’, Liu Mei had also felt confident that she could reach the Spirit realm by herself as well.
But in the past half a year, her view of the world had expanded, and she had seen things and places that she had never even heard of before.

When she thought back to her father who was just a rank 3 Spirit realm expert for so many years, complicated emotions filled Liu Mei ’s heart.

When she thought of her mother however, who was still stuck inside the ’floating cloud sect ’, married to a person who doesn ’t seem to have any feelings for her, a feeling of sadness suddenly overcame her.

Shun Long seemed to have sensed Liu Mei ’s agitated emotions, but he simply smiled at her in response.

Seeing the hazy look in her black eyes, Shun Long understood that Liu Mei was in a state of reminiscence. 

He had also seen this look in Little Black ’s eyes every time that he spoke about the past.

The difference was, that the gaze inside Little Black ’s eyes was always filled with pride and excitement, for his and Shun Long ’s past experiences, as well as a feeling of familial love when the black dragon looked at Shun Long.

After all, Little Black truly regarded Shun Long as his only family and the most important person in his life.

In comparison, a feeling of sadness had filled Liu Mei ’s eyes right now as she thought of her past.

It was sadness that she felt for her mother, and it was also something that she wanted to change.

She had vowed to take her mother from the ’floating cloud sect ’ and give her a better life once she became stronger.

However, the feeling of sadness had only appeared in Liu Mei ’s eyes for a brief while, before she quickly shook her head and looked back at Shun Long.

Although her life had been bleak in the past, the last half a year had been the best part of her entire life.

After a horrible past, where her brother tried to marry her off to anyone who fancied her and had a high status, while her father didn ’t care for anyone else but her own brother, Liu Mei had not only finally felt love in her life, but she also felt a feeling of protection every time that she was standing next to Shun Long.

Deep in her heart, Shun Long ’s figure was standing proudly above everyone else.

Seeing that Liu Mei had returned to her senses, Shun Long wrapped his arm around her waist, before he jumped on top of the black panther ’s back.

The panther roared in excitement, while the powerful aura of an early rank 6 magic beast exploded from its body.

Its stunning silver wings lit up, as it charged forward in excitement.

The Netherspirit corpses in front of the ’Silver-winged panther king ’ were like a group of mantises trying to stop a chariot as they stood in its path.

The black panther easily destroyed every single Netherspirit corpse that appeared in front of it, including the late-stage Spirit realm corpse in the distance, before it continued flying forward.

More and more Netherspirit corpses appeared on the way, and an hour later, the black panther had traveled so deep inside the forest that even some powerful Nascent Soul stage corpses appeared, but in front of the black panther ’s rank 6 strength, none of them lasted for a single breath of time before they were cut down by its bright silver wings or they were destroyed by its powerful jaws.

One more hour passed, and the black panther had just torn to shreds a pair of peak rank 6 Nascent Soul stage Netherspirit corpses, before it appeared in front of a large lake.

Shun Long was stunned when he saw the lake in front of him, while an eerie feeling had appeared in his heart.

The lake seemed to span for more than 2000 miles, while its dark waters were blacker than ink.

Powerful death qi swirled around the lake, and even if one tried, they wouldn ’t be able to see anything past the water ’s surface.

The black panther however didn ’t stop, and its bright silver wings tore through the air as it flew above the lake.

It only took a few minutes for the silver-winged panther to cross the distance of 1000 miles and appear close to the lake ’s center, when suddenly, a purple-colored Netherspirit corpse that looked like a 3m(10ft) long fish without eyes shot out from the lake ’s depths, as it headed for the panther ’s tail.

A mocking look appeared in the panther ’s yellow eyes when it saw that the fish ’s strength was still at the middle of rank 9 in the Spirit realm.

The panther ’s speed almost doubled as its silver wings shone with a bright silver light, and in practically an instant, the purple-colored fish had already been beheaded.

Shun Long had already expected the scene in front of him, as Little Black had already scanned the lake, and had already confirmed that from the presences lurking inside, even the strongest one was only at the peak rank 9 in the Spirit realm.

After beheading the purple-colored Netherspirit corpse the panther continued to fly forward, and a few minutes later, like a bolt of silver lightning, it had already reached the end of the Netherspirit forest.

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