Nodding her head, Liu Mei took a few steps back, allowing Shun Long to face off against the Netherspirit corpse of the two-headed dog.

Circulating the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’, Shun Long activated his second ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, as a blue-colored light covered his body.

At the same time, his eyes had once again turned golden as he stared at the Netherspirit corpse of the magic beast in front of him.


The two-headed dog roared loudly and destroyed everything in its way as it headed towards Shun Long.

Shun Long ’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the magic beast in front of him, as he mumbled to himself

’ ’Time Prison! ’ ’

A blue light appeared in his golden eyes, and Shun Long could feel more than 40 percent of his qi being sapped almost instantly, as time around the two-headed dog forcibly came to a halt.

However, the effect of the ’Time Prison ’ didn ’t even last for a single breath of time, before the peak rank 5 Spirit realm Netherspirit corpse broke free from the time constraints.

’ ’It looks like the difference in cultivation is too big even for my ’Time Prison ’! ’ ’ Shun Long thought to himself as he looked at the beast in front of him.

However, he didn ’t feel dejected after seeing that the ’Time Prison ’ had failed, since he had already expected for his early rank 1 Spirit realm cultivation to be ineffective against the peak rank 5 Spirit realm two-headed dog.

After all, the Netherspirit corpse of the two-headed dog was only slightly weaker than a middle rank 4 magic beast.

Activating the Gale steps, Shun Long ’s body turned into a gust of wind as he shot towards the two-headed dog.

Surprisingly, although its body was huge, the two-headed dog was extremely agile, as it seemed to have predicted Shun Long ’s trajectory and waved its bony claw towards him.

Seeing that the dog had raised its bony claw and was sending it towards him, Shun Long ’s golden eyes lit up, as another scene flashed through his eyes.

The bony black claw tore through the air and was about to collide with Shun Long ’s chest, when Shun Long suddenly mumbled to himself

’Blink ’

A bright purple light had appeared around Shun Long ’s body, as it abruptly disappeared and reappeared above the dog ’s left head. 

The two-headed dog ’s black claw hit nothing but thin air, but a powerful shockwave traveled towards Liu Mei ’s direction.

The 12 undead knights immediately moved forward, taking a defensive stance as they all tried to block the powerful shockwave.

At the same time, Liu Mei took out the ’Four seasons azure sword ’ from her spatial ring, and sent a flying slash forward.

This was just the aftershock from a swipe of the two-headed dog, and yet, 10 undead knights were obliterated in an instant, before the shockwave met with Liu Mei ’s slash and the other 2 undead knights who were standing in front of her.

The 2 last undead knights barely managed to remain standing, as their greatswords managed to disperse the remaining power of the two-headed dog ’s shockwave.

At the same time, Shun Long had taken out the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ from the ’Stone of Time ’, and holding it with both hands, he swung it down at full-force, towards the back of the two-headed dog ’s left head.

The ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’s ’ full force was gathered in Shun Long ’s hands, as the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ landed on the dog ’s head.


As soon as it met the ’Purple Blossom staff ’s attack, the remaining flesh on the dog ’s head exploded, along with a bunch of its black bones.

Surprisingly, its defense couldn ’t hold out against Shun Long ’s full-powered blow, as almost half of its left head exploded on the spot.

The two-headed dog didn ’t seem to feel any pain however, and as its right head looked at Shun Long, the dog opened its mouth as it tried to bite Shun Long ’s body with its jaws.

Even with the early fourth stage of the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’, Shun Long knew that he would probably suffer serious injuries if he took the dog ’s attack head-on.

Although its defense wasn ’t great, judging from the aftershock of the bony claw, the dog ’s offense was nothing to scoff at.

Looking at the dog ’s right head that was coming towards him, Shun Long didn ’t dodge this time, and instead.
he gripped the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ tightly with both hands.
as he also shot forward.

With the increased speed from the second ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, Shun Long ’s speed was actually slightly faster than the two-headed dog ’s.

Looking at the half-rotten head of the Netherspirit corpse that was charging towards him, Shun Long waved the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ as it collided with the dog ’s jaws.


As soon as the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ met the dog ’s jaws, both Shun Long and the two-headed dog were sent flying backwards.

Shun Long ’s body was sent flying for more than 30 meters, until it collided with a large tree and it finally stopped.

There were no visible injuries on his body, but the force from the two-headed dog ’s attack had actually brought pain to his internal organs.

The two-headed dog however was in an even more miserable condition.

Shun Long ’s attack had sent it flying for more than 100 meters until it finally crashed on the ground.

Its lower jaw had been sent flying from its mouth, leaving its rotten insides completely exposed.

Without hesitating, Shun Long charged at the two-headed dog once again.

Gathering the power of the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ in his arms, Shun Long brought down the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ at full-force, as he aimed at the Netherspirit corpse ’s head once again.

The two-headed dog raised its right head as it tried to bite Shun Long for the second time, but it didn ’t seem to have realized that its lower jaw was missing.


A horrifying explosion sounded for the second time, as the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ hit the two-headed dog ’s right head directly.

The head immediately exploded into a pile of rotten flesh and bones that fell on the ground.

Without its second head as support, the rest of the two-headed dog collapsed on the ground as well, before it started to turn into a pile of black smoke.

Although Liu Mei wasn ’t a soft person, the moment that she saw the gruesome sight of rotten flesh piling on the ground, she couldn ’t help taking a step back in disgust.

This sight was completely different from her undead creatures after all.

Looking at the beast in front of him that was finally defeated, Shun Long nodded his head before he flew next to Liu Mei.

After Liu Mei used her qi to resurrect 4 of her 10 destroyed undead knights, the 2 of them continued to walk deeper inside the Netherspirit forest.

However, the deeper inside the forest that they went, the stronger the Netherspirit corpses became.

Looking at a Netherspirit corpse that was at the late stage of the Spirit realm and was approaching Shun Long and Liu Mei threateningly, Shun Long shook his head and looked at Liu Mei who barely had 30 percent of her qi left, before he said

’ ’I suppose that this is our limit.
With so many Netherspirit corpses, forget about us, even a late stage Spirit realm cultivator would be in trouble. ’ ’

Liu Mei watched Shun Long who then waved his right hand, as a 6m(20ft) tall black panther with shining silver wings and yellow eyes appeared in front of them.

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