Shun Long could feel his insides shaking as he crashed on the wall and fragments flew around it collapsed.

His sternum had nearly caved in from that punch as he spat another mouthful of blood before exerting all the power he had left in his body to stand up from inside the debris.

Shun Long could feel inside him a power that was rapidly healing his injuries, however at the same time, his qi was being depleted at an astonishing rate.

Bu Duyi was startled.

’ ’How are you still alive ’ ’ he asked, the astonishment evident in his voice.

Bu Duyi ’s aura made it obvious that he had already reached the early rank 9 of the earth grade.
Shun Long surviving a punch from him and still being able to stand after that was already nothing short of a miracle.

’ ’Kill him ’ ’ a shrill voice was suddenly heard from behind Bu Duyi.

Jing Fei had appeared behind him, the entire right side of her face had now turned similar to a pig ’s, red and swollen from Shun Long ’s slap.

’ ’I can ’t kill him inside the ’floating cloud city ’ or the punishment I will receive will be too big of a price to pay ’ ’ Bu Duyi said ’regretfully ’.

’ ’I…I will give you what you want, so kill him! ’ ’ Jing Fei said venomously as she grinded her teeth.

’ ’Ah, if you insist my little FeiFei then I will take care of this kid for you. ’ ’ Bu Duyi said as he looked at Shun Long and said

’ ’Kid, blame your own bad luck for meeting me today and offending my little FeiFei. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s mind was filled with endless anger as well as a feeling of powerlessness.

He had left the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’ to become stronger so that he can protect his own life, but in the end, he was just a few steps away from death after just one day in the ’floating cloud sect ’.

His mind suddenly shook, as both the triangular-shaped stone and the golden book buzzed simultaneously.

Out of nowhere, a silver-white page had appeared in his spiritual space.

This page ’s appearance was just like the one that had sucked him inside the golden book, but the aura it was exuding was millions of times greater than that of Bu Duyi ’s.

If Bu Duyi was a tiny ant crawling on the ground, then this silver-white page was a divine dragon soaring the skies.

Shun Long could instantly feel that his mind was connected with this silver-white page and he was sure that if he were to take it out of his spiritual space, he could definitely kill Bu Duyi in one-shot.

The triangular-shaped stone however was still buzzing inside his spiritual space, the pressure coming from it even overshadowed the golden book and the silver-white page that had just appeared.

Bu Duyi was slowly walking towards Shun Long, trying to torture him with anxiety.
What Bu Duyi most wanted to see, was the expression of despair on Shun Long ’s face before he killed him.

Shun Long understood what Bu Duyi was trying to do and he thought inside

’ ’What a shameless old man, he first wants me to feel despair before killing me.
Well if you want to be that vicious then you better watch how I play you to death today.
Even if I have to flee from the ’floating cloud sect ’ I can ’t just sit and die like this. ’ ’

Shun Long then put on an expression full of fear on his face, as Bu Duyi came closer and closer.

As long as he was close enough to him, Shun Long was sure that he could slash him with the silver-white page, even if Bu Duyi was a rank 9 earth grade cultivator.

’ ’What is going on here? ’ ’

An old man with a white long beard had arrived at the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ doors and asked in an authoritative voice full of displeasure.

This old man was dressed in silver robes, and there was a silver badge of a tiny cauldron on his chest with 1 star embedded on it.

Bu Duyi ’s face instantly changed as he walked fawningly over to the old man ’s side and said respectfully

’ ’Senior Li, what a pleasant surpr.. ’ ’

’ ’Stop the bootlicking Bu Duyi, I asked you what happened here. ’ ’

Bu Duyi ’s face twitched and while his expression didn ’t change, his eyes turned cold inside.
However, he instantly suppressed that feeling as he answered

’ ’Senior Li, it was all this kid ’s fault.
This kid has disrupted the peace and quiet inside the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ so I asked him to leave but he refused, thus I had no choice but to teach him a lesson, I hope that you will forgive me. ’ ’

The old man snorted as he looked around, his eyes instantly falling on the female receptionist.
He walked over as he asked her what had happened, with a stern expression on his face.

Bu Duyi tried to give a threatening glare to the receptionist but as soon as ’Senior Li ’ turned to look at him, he instantly felt his heart turning cold.

’ ’F.u.c.k if this bitch doesn ’t keep her mouth shut, I ’ll be in trouble later. ’ ’

The receptionist didn ’t dare to lie in front of ’Senior Li ’.
After all, there were plenty of other people here that had seen what happened earlier, and if any of them were to step forth and tell the truth, even her life could be in trouble then.

When ’Senior Li ’ heard from the receptionist what had happened, he turned his head to look at Bu Duyi and Jing Fei threateningly.


Bu Duyi rushed over at the receptionist but before his palm could strike her, Bu Duyi felt a heavy feeling on his waist.
’Senior Li ’s ’ foot had already landed on him from the side, and Bu Duyi ’s fat body was sent flying as he destroyed a very thick wall.

’Senior Li ’ didn ’t even turn to look at Bu Duyi, whose eyes were closed as his body was twitching, while his white robes had turned grey from the dust.
Instead, he turned his head to look at Jing Fei who abruptly started trembling as she heard ’Senior Li ’s ’ next words

’ ’I ’ll deal with you too later. ’ ’

Then he turned his head to look at Shun Long as he said in a cold voice

’ ’As for you, although you were partially the victim here, you are too cruel and your mouth is too poisonous.
You spat curses at an employee of our ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’.
Although I won ’t ask you for any compensation about the broken walls or the trouble you have caused, you are hereby forbidden from entering the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ in the ’floating cloud city ’ ever again.

Shun Long ’s eyes instantly turned frosty as he looked at this disgusting old man, who was trying to cover his subordinates ’ wrongdoings even at this time.

’ ’Hahahaha ’ ’

However, just then, sudden melodious laughter was heard from a corner of the room, drawing everyone ’s attention.

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