The old man ’s eyes widened as he stared intently at the spot where the space tear had appeared a few moments ago.

With a shocked expression on his face, he mumbled to himself in disbelief

’ ’The Dao of Space?! ’ ’

The middle-aged man didn ’t seem to have heard the old man ’s words however, as he kept scanning the area around the ’Golden pig inn ’ with his soul sense.

A radius of 50 miles around the inn was completely covered by his soul sense, but surprisingly, the man didn ’t seem to have found what he was looking for.

Although he detected plenty of rank 1 Spirit realm cultivators, none of them seemed to have an early rank 6 magic beast with them.

Gritting his teeth, the middle-aged man didn ’t give up, and ignoring the old man in black robes that was standing a few hundred meters away from him, he shot to the sky before he flew towards a certain direction.

At the same time, Shun Long and Liu Mei had appeared more than a mile away, in an empty courtyard of the ’Golden pig inn ’.

As soon as they appeared in the courtyard, the 2 of them could feel numerous powerful auras approaching the inn, all of them heading in the same direction…
their own courtyard where the black panther ’s aura had originated from.

The 10 Dao Kings had not only alarmed the residents of the ’Golden pig inn ’, but the entire western part of the Heaven ’s Dome city as well.

Feeling the powerful auras that had completely surrounded the inn, Liu Mei looked at Shun Long as she then said in an anxious tone

’ ’Long-ge, maybe we should leave this inn! There are many other inns in the city as well. ’ ’

Shaking his head Shun Long looked at Liu Mei before he said with a serious look in his eyes

’ ’Not just the inn, we will leave the ’Heaven ’s Dome city ’ for now! ’ ’

Looking at the shocked expression on Liu Mei ’s face, Shun Long continued

’ ’Right now, our cultivation is too low to participate in the battles of the House of Rankings, and staying in seclusion won ’t help.

Additionally, we have no idea how things will end up between that Demon Emperor palace and the peak powers of the Heaven ’s Dome city.

If they really are enemies, then the entire city may become a battlefield.

We have neither the power, nor any reason to participate in this struggle.

What we should do, is become stronger by ourselves. ’ ’

Liu Mei was stunned for a moment, before she fell silent, as she started to ponder over Shun Long ’s words.

Indeed, the 2 of them had no real reason to stay in the Heaven ’s Dome city right now.
Although Shun Long was being ’backed ’ by the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’, the disadvantages far exceeded the advantages.

The situation of the city itself was uncertain, and their own cultivation was too low to compete with the peak geniuses of the continent just yet.

In addition, Shun Long already had enough middle-grade spirit stones to last them for quite a while, and Liu Mei needed to absorb death aura in order to advance her comprehension in the Dao of Death.

If she stayed in the Heaven ’s Dome city, it was impossible for her to advance her Dao, unless she killed an immeasurable amount of people.

And putting aside whether or not the current Liu Mei could do that, she would definitely end up attracting the attention of countless experts and be labeled as a mass murderer in that case.

Seeing that Liu Mei had understood his words, Shun Long smiled as he held her hand and walked outside of the ’Golden pig inn ’.

Shun Long could feel more than 10 soul senses covering the entire inn, like a spiderweb that wouldn ’t allow even a fly to go unnoticed.

With 10 Dao Kings near his courtyard, Shun Long also knew, that if he opened another space tear, he would definitely be spotted by one of them.

By then, he wouldn ’t even have a chance to escape, unless he summoned Little Black.

Additionally, since everyone ’s attention was on his and Liu Mei ’s previous courtyard, this was the best chance for the 2 of them to leave the inn unnoticed.

Indeed, everyone in the ’Golden pig inn ’ right now, including the inn manager, had their attention focused on the 10 Dao Kings in the sky above Shun Long ’s courtyard.

Their powerful auras had terrified every single resident of the inn, who started to slowly exit their rooms one by one.

At the same time that the inn manager, an early rank 8 Nascent Soul stage expert shot to the sky to meet the Dao Kings with his hands clasped, Shun Long and Liu Mei walked out of the inn, along with many other residents who didn ’t want to stay close to the terrifying Dao Kings any longer.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-decision_50949088287450164 for visiting.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Shun Long held Liu Mei ’s hand as they headed towards the east of the city.

Since Liu Mei wasn ’t wearing her white veil, her stunning face attracted quite a lot of attention.

Shun Long however ignored the people around them, and 2 hours later, the 2 of them arrived inside a shop at the eastern part of the city.

With the fervor caused by Duan Zhu ’s recruitment, countless cultivators had flocked towards the dark elf race ’s palace, making the east of the Heaven ’s Dome city, a place even more bustling than the western part, where both the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’ and the ’Golden Exchange firm ’ were located in.

After spending 6000 low-grade spirit stones to purchase a more detailed map of the Night star continent than the one that Xie Rong had given to him, Shun Long and Liu Mei walked through the eastern city gates, as they left the Heaven ’s Dome city.

Half an hour later, the 2 of them had arrived more than 50 miles away from the Heaven ’s Dome city, as Liu Mei turned her head to look at Shun Long, and asked curiously

’ ’Long-ge, where should we go now? ’ ’

Shun Long had a smile on his face as he looked at Liu Mei and said

’ ’Since we are so close to it…
let ’s have a look at this ’Dragon Lord ’s villa ’! ’ ’

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