As soon as Shun Long entered the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ his nose was assaulted by the fragrance of freshly made pills.
His body slightly twitched and his pores opened as if they were trying to breathe the medicinal essence in the air.

A young girl around 18 years old approached Shun Long, her aura was at the early rank 8 of qi circulation.
Her face wasn ’t that pretty but her big b.o.o.b.s and curvy buttocks made every young man who saw her feel a heat on his crotch.
Her yellow robes were tightly wrapped around her body, accentuating her curves even further.

As she bowed at Shun Long her cleavage was partly exposed which made Shun Long ’s body to start heating up as she said

’ ’Welcome junior brother, do you need a cauldron or medicinal ingredients? My name is Jing Fei and I am here to help you.
Our ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ has everything you will need. ’ ’

In every important building, there were some cultivators responsible for receiving and guiding guests, and obviously this girl was one of them.

Shun Long then said

’ ’I ’m here to take the rank 1 alchemist examination. ’ ’

When he finished his sentence the woman ’s expression changed into one of disdain as she said with a mocking look on her face

’ ’Hey kid, do you know how many people take the rank 1 examination every day? More than 300 people.
From those 300 people, less than 1 percent pass.
Have you ever studied alchemy before? Ahh, I can ’t be bothered with you just scram to the reception over there if you want to apply for the examination. ’ ’

Her tone had changed all of a sudden from the friendly senior sister to an annoyed shrew as if Shun Long was wasting part of her precious time.

Shun Long said in an annoyed tone

’ ’It ’s your job to guide guests and yet you are this rude and irritable.
Your face is unpleasing to the eye, to say the least, and your only redeeming quality is your body.
Then again I ’m sure that I entered the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ not a brothel so I ’m not exactly sure what you are doing here showing your b.o.o.b.s to your guests.

Sadly I don ’t sleep with s.l.u.ts, who knows how many people have already used you down there.
I wouldn ’t touch your filthy body even if you begged me. ’ ’

Then without taking a second look at this annoying woman who had already ruined his mood, Shun Long walked towards the reception to register himself.

Just then the woman behind him screamed as she said

’ ’Wait.
You are not allowed to take part in the examination anymore. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyebrows were raised as he looked at her and his gaze suddenly turned cold and piercing as he was about to speak but an authoritative voice was heard from behind him that said

’ ’If she said you are not allowed to take the exam then you won ’t take the exam.
Scram out of the Guild. ’ ’

An obese man around his fifties with a belly so big that he resembled a rugby ball appeared behind Shun Long and Jing Fei.
His clothes were white, exclusive only to alchemists inside the sect.
The man wasn ’t exactly short, but because of how big his belly was, he truly resembled a rugby ball.

’ ’Alchemist Bu ’ ’ the woman exclaimed in an overjoyed tone as she rushed towards the man and linked her arms with his.

Then she looked at Shun Long as she said in an impatient tone

’ ’Didn ’t you hear Alchemist Bu? He told you to scram kid! ’ ’

Shun Long was extremely angry at this point.

First, he comes to the ’Alchemists ’ Guild to take a test, then he gets verbally attacked by an aggressive shrew, and then a fat rugby ball had come to abuse him.

Shun Long ’s eyes turned red as he unleashed his aura of a peak rank 6 qi condensation.
This time he had truly unleashed his aura, unlike the time he fought with Xiao Shitou where he had only unleashed an aura in the middle of rank 6 in qi condensation.

Jing Fei was happy that Shun Long was only at the peak of rank 6 as she hadn ’t used her spiritual strength earlier to probe him.

Although she could feel a suppressive effect from Shun Long ’s aura, she didn ’t pay much attention to it as she was already more than a full minor realm stronger than Shun Long.

She then walked forward as she said

’ ’Elder Bu watch as I teach this kid a lesson. ’ ’

’ ’What do you mean by ’elder bu ’? FeiFei, how many times have I told you to simply call me Duyi?

Don ’t worry, just let me take care of this brat for you. ’ ’ Alchemist Bu said in an endearing tone, as the fat on his face jiggled every time he opened his mouth.

However, Jing Fei didn ’t listen to Alchemist Bu as she rushed to attack Shun Long.

She already knew what Bu Duyi wanted if he were to help her, and she wasn ’t willing to pay that price just to handle a small rank 6 qi condensation rookie.

However, Jing Fei had really underestimated Shun Long.

His aura had exploded and Jing Fei was stopped on her tracks, but that wasn ’t the end of it.

Shun Long then unleashed his ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ as well, but he didn ’t target Alchemist Bu as he knew that their difference in cultivation was at far too big of a level to cover.

Alchemist Bu had an aura at the late stages of the earth grade, the difference in both their quality and their quantity of their qi couldn ’t even be mentioned together.

But Jing Fei was a different matter altogether.

In front of the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, with less than 2 minor levels of difference between them, she was incapable of even opening her mouth in front of Shun Long.

Shun Long appeared in front of a terrified Jing Fei who couldn ’t move a single muscle, and his left hand slapped down on her face with so much force, that as it fell on her cheek, bones were heard breaking from the impact.

Alchemist Bu ’s aura then completely exploded as he recovered himself from his stupor.

He couldn ’t understand how could Jing Fei be beaten so badly by Shun Long, but he knew that it was now his chance to get revenge for her as well as having her owe him at the same time.

Bu Duyi had arrived in front of Shun Long in the blink of an eye, as he clenched his hand tightly before punching Shun Long straight on his chest.

Shun Long ’s body flew backwards as it collided with the wall behind him, before vomiting a mouthful of blood.

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