The entire Heaven ’s Dome city had fallen silent after this terrifying pressure had descended upon it.

No matter whether it was earth grade cultivators or Dao Kings, everyone could feel the suppressive aura that was now covering their bodies.

Shun Long could feel the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ that had started to circulate by itself, as soon as that aura had covered his body, quickly getting rid of this suppressive feeling around him, when Little Black ’s serious voice sounded in his head

’ ’Master! A person has arrived in the sky above the Heaven ’s Dome city, and he is stronger than the average peak rank 9 Dao King.
Although he hasn ’t reached the Dao Emperor realm yet, he is just a step away from it! ’ ’

At the same time that Little Black had explained to Shun Long what he had sensed, 10 people rushed out from 5 different locations of the city, like pillars of light that shot to the sky.

From the northern part of the city, inside the Shengtian dynasty ’s palace, the old king of the Shengtian dynasty, Sheng Jun, along with his wife Qiao Lifen, rushed out from the palace.

From the east, 2 stunning women of the dark elf race also took to the sky to see who had arrived to the city and dared to cover it all with his peak rank 9 Dao King realm aura.

From the western part of the city, a middle-aged man and an elderly woman flew out from the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’ headquarters, along with 2 old men from the ’Golden Exchange firm ’.

From the south, inside the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ headquarters, the rank 3 gold grade alchemist Zhao Lan and another old man dressed in golden robes both looked at each other for a moment, with a deep look inside their eyes, before they also took to the sky. 

The 10 peak experts of the Heaven ’s Dome city were now standing in the sky above the Heaven ’s Dome city, as they all turned their eyes to look at the person who had arrived.

It was a handsome middle-aged man who seemed to be in his middle 40s, with bright red hair that had the color of blood.

His eyes were a bright crimson color that gave him a devilish charm, while his purple robes that were fluttering in the wind, had the words ’Demon Emperor palace ’ on their back.

The man had an unperturbed smile on his face, as he stared at Sheng Jun and the others who had arrived to ’greet him ’.

A solemn expression had appeared on Sheng Jun ’s face as soon as he saw the middle-aged man, while traces of fear were hidden in the other experts ’ eyes.

Seeing that no one else was willing to speak right now, Sheng Jun took a step forward, before his aura of a peak rank 9 Dao King exploded from his body.

Cupping his hands, he looked at the middle-aged man in front of him as he said

’ ’Hall master Duan Zhu! Is there a reason for your sudden visit to our Heaven ’s Dome city? I am sure that hall master Duan Zhu knows, that there are still 3 more years until your Demon Emperor palace is allowed to step foot to the Eastern region. ’ ’

Although the other experts from the peak powers of the Heaven ’s Dome city didn ’t speak, they nodded their heads, indicating that they all agreed to Sheng Jun ’s words.

After all, the old king of the Shentian dynasty, was definitely among the 3 strongest experts in the entire Night star continent, and he was the only one strong enough to speak to the man in front of them.

The purple-robed Duan Zhu smiled when he heard Sheng Jun ’s words, before he said in a calm voice.

’ ’Sheng Jun, you are wrong.
As you all see, it is just me who have come here, and not my Demon Emperor palace.
I don ’t recall there being a rule, that members of our palace are not allowed to come to the Eastern region.

As long as the Emperor realm experts don ’t come to your Night star continent, then this so-called rule of yours isn ’t broken.

even if I had broken this so-called rule, what could you do? Which of you is strong enough to fight me? ’ ’

Although Duan Zhu ’s voice was calm, there was an unmistakable authority and arrogance in his voice, as if he didn ’t even put the old king of the Shengtian dynast in his eyes.

Sheng Jun however didn ’t back down after hearing Duan Zhu ’s words, and with a serious look in his eyes, he looked at the red-haired man in front of him as he said

’ ’Hall master Duan Zhu, are you sure you are confident in fighting 10 peak rank 9 Dao Kings by yourself?

No matter what, none of us here will allow you to step foot inside the Heaven ’s Dome city! ’ ’

Sheng Jun ’s wife, Qiao Lifen nodded her head, before she added

’ ’Of course, if hall master Duan Zhu wants to test us, we can certainly fight with you in the end.
But you should be aware that during a fight, accidents are bound to happen. ’ ’

’ ’HAHAHAHA! ’ ’

Uncontrollable laughter left Duan Zhu ’s mouth when he heard Qiao Lifen ’s words, and narrowing his eyes he looked at her, as he asked in a mocking tone

’ ’Qiao Lifen, are you threatening me? ’ ’

Seeing that the old queen of the Shengtian dynasty didn ’t respond, but simply looked at him seriously, Duan Zhu smiled, as his eyes swept over the other experts of the peak powers of the Heaven ’s Dome city around him, before his gaze landed on Zhao Lan and the other old man in golden robes from the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ as he said

’ ’10 peak rank 9 Dao Kings? I really wonder if the vassals of the Feng family are even allowed to fight against our Demon Emperor palace.
Will the Feng family let you go unpunished if they find out about this? ’ ’

When they heard Duan Zhu ’s words, everyone else around them turned their eyes to look at Zhao Lan and the other old man from the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’.

Zhao Lan was the first one to respond however, and under everyone ’s shocked gazes, he lowered his head and took a step back, before he cupped his hands at Duan Zhu and said in a solemn tone

’ ’Hall master Duan Zhu must be joking.
Our ’Alchemists Guild ’ wouldn ’t dare fight against you. ’ ’

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