Nodding his head, the second guard agreed with the main guard ’s words, before they all returned back to the entrance.

Indeed, very few people in the entire Heaven ’s Dome city could find trouble with their young master.

At the same time, Shun Long and Liu Mei were riding on the black panther ’s back, who continued flying towards the House of Rankings.

A few minutes later, Shun Long had once again arrived outside of the huge building that seemed to have been made from wood.

Although Shun Long had only taken a brief look at the ranking board outside of the House the last time that he and Liu Mei had come here, he still remembered the names at the top 50.

And yet, he noticed that there had already been many changes in those rankings.

Many of the names that he had seen the last time, had fallen below the top 50, while other people had already replaced them.

The most noticeable ones were those in the top 20.

More than 10 people had already lost their rankings, while even Long Hong, the person who was previously ranked 5th, was now in 6th place, replaced by Bai Longtian.

Shun Long had already heard from the crowd surrounding the House of Rankings, that Bai Longtian was the young white lord, the son of a peak expert in the Night star continent called the white lord.

Most people seemed to have been talking about the powerful Bai Longtian, but Shun Long also noticed that the top 4 spots had stayed untouched.

Since the last time that he had visited the House of Rankings, the names in the top 4 places had all stayed the same.

With an apathetic look, his cold eyes were focused on Hu Liu ’s name that was still in 3rd place, before he and Liu Mei got off from the black panther and entered inside the House of Rankings.

The moment that they stepped through the entrance, Shun Long and Liu Mei were slightly stunned seeing the amount of people that were inside the building.

There were far more people compared to the last time that they had come, and even with the spacious interior of the House of Rankings, it was still crowded inside.

A huge crowd had gathered around the giant screens of light in the air, that were showing the ongoing battles behind the gates.

Only a small crowd was paying attention to the battle behind the Challenge Gate, while everyone else was staring at the screens of light that showed the battles behind the Survival Gate.

Even the atmosphere inside the House was more heated, as people cheered and shouted loudly.

With all the new geniuses that were coming towards the Heaven ’s Dome city, the House of Rankings was the best place to visit.

After taking a look at the enormous screens of light in the air that were broadcasting the ongoing survival challenge, Shun Long and Liu Mei walked through the crowd, as they headed towards one of the huge gates at the back.

Shun Long had already learned of the procedure to participate in the challenges of the house from the 2 women at the information counter, and without any hesitation, he followed some other people as he and Liu Mei entered through the half-opened Survival Gate.

After entering inside the Survival Gate, Shun Long and Liu Mei walked through a long corridor that was decorated with countless rare jewels, before they arrived inside a vast hall.

Shun Long saw more than 3.000 people who were gathered inside the hall, while a giant circle that covered more than 2000 square meters, was shining with countless runes in the middle of the hall. 

Around the circle were more than 12 counters, operated by employees of the House of Rankings ’.

Once Shun Long and Liu Mei entered the room, quite a few people ’s eyes turned to look at the peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’ that was following behind them, before they turned their eyes to examine Shun Long and Liu Mei.

However, unlike Liu Mei ’s early rank 1 Spirit realm aura, Shun Long ’s aura was completely hidden, and even powerful Dao Kings were unable to detect it, let alone the people inside the hall whose cultivation was much weaker.

Surprisingly, every few minutes, the circle in the middle of the hall would light up with sudden flash of lights, as people would appear on top of it one by one.

Almost everyone who appeared on the huge circle had haggard expressions on their faces, while their bodies would be filled with countless injuries.

With lowered heads, these people would usually choose to leave the Survival Gate ’s hall, but there were some of them who chose to pay 3000 low-grade spirit stones to the employees of the House of Rankings, before they joined the rest of the crowd as they waited for the next survival gate challenge to start.

After taking a look around him, Shun Long noticed that the cultivation of most people here was at the rank 2 and rank 3 of the Spirit realm, while a small number of them had even reached the early rank 4 of the Spirit realm.
Turning his head to look at Liu Mei, Shun Long then asked seriously

’ ’Mei ’er, are you sure that you want to enter as well? ’ ’

Liu Mei nodded her head with a determined expression behind her white veil as she looked at Shun Long and simply said

’ ’Mhm! ’ ’

Shun Long nodded, and didn ’t question her decision, as he walked up to one of the counters where a young man dressed in the robes of the House of Rankings was standing behind.

Seeing Shun Long and Liu Mei approaching the counter, the young man then asked

’ ’Can I help you? ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long took out 6000 low-grade spirit stones from the ’Stone of Time ’, as well as his and Liu Mei ’s golden medallions that they had received from the women at the information counter and handed them to the young man, before he explained that he wanted to join the next Survival Gate ’s challenge.

The young man nodded his head, but then his eyes widened when he realized that the young woman next to Shun Long would join as well.

With Liu Mei ’s early rank 1 Spirit realm cultivation, she would be the weakest person who was signed up for this challenge so far.
Before her, the weakest people who had signed up were at the peak of rank 1 in the Spirit realm after all.

However, it wasn ’t the young man ’s job to stop the people who wanted to participate.

With a kind look on his face, he looked at the white-veiled Liu Mei, before his eyes turned to Shun Long and said seriously

’ ’In case you are entering the challenge for the first time, let me remind you that, as long as you are in a difficult situation and want to exit immediately during your challenge, all you have to do is inject your qi inside the golden medallions, and you will immediately be transported back to the hall. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head, and thanked the young man for the information, before a sense of relief filled his heart.

After all, Shun Long already knew that killing wasn ’t forbidden inside the Survival Gate, in order to temper the people who participate even further.
But at the same time, with Liu Mei ’s weak cultivation, she would be in danger if she met someone who was far stronger than her.

Of course, the ’Golden Exchange firm ’ was aware of this issue as well, and as long as someone didn ’t die in a single strike, they would be able to return back to the Survival hall after they injected their qi inside their medallions.

The young man also explained to Shun Long and Liu Mei, that the participants here would be called to enter the giant circle in the middle of the hall as soon as the ongoing survival challenge ends, but the black panther behind them could not enter with them.

Seeing Shun Long nod his head, the young man then took a deep breath, as he started to explain the rules of the Survival Gate.

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