Shun Long and Liu Mei were stunned as they saw the scene in front of their eyes.

A handsome blue-haired man with sharp facial features and sword-like eyebrows was sitting on top of a yellow-colored magic beast.

The magic beast looked like a leopard, and was more than 1.7m(5.6ft) tall and 4m(13,1ft) long.

It seemed that its fur was standing up while sparks of lightning were cracking all over its body and its blue-colored tail, as it stared at the ’Silver-winged panther king ’ with hatred in its golden eyes, while its powerful aura had completely terrified the surrounding crowd.

Shun Long ’s eyes immediately recognized the magic beast that the blue-haired man was riding on as the rank 5 ’Blue-tailed thunder leopard ’, and immediately understood what was going on.

With his knowledge, how could Shun Long not know, that the ’Blue-tailed thunder leopards ’ and the ’Silver-winged panther kings ’ were natural enemies.

As long as one saw the other, a fight was practically inevitable.

The young man had been startled at his ’Blue-tailed thunder leopard ’s ’ outrage, but the moment that he saw the black panther who was staring at the leopard with eyes that were ready to rip it apart, a smile replaced his confused expression as he mumbled

’ ’A peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’? Interesting… ’ ’

Inside the ’Stone of Time ’, Little Black ’s eyes narrowed as his voice suddenly sounded inside Shun Long ’s head 

’ ’Careful, master!

The blue-haired man didn ’t seem to have given any commands to the ’Blue-tailed thunder leopard ’ when the leopard ’s feet blurred, as it quickly appeared in front of the black panther.

The blue-haired young man was still sitting on the leopard ’s back, staring at the scene in front of him in amus.e.m.e.nt, as the leopard tried to bite the black panther ’s neck.

Shun Long snorted as he sent a mental message to the black panther to fight freely.

An excited look flashed inside the panther ’s shining yellow eyes, as he completely released his aura at the peak of rank 5.

Bloodl.u.s.t instantly exploded from the panther ’s body, as he opened his mouth, while his powerful white fangs also headed for the leopard ’s neck.

The leopard didn ’t seem afraid however, as its own aura burst out in response, making it obvious that it was also at the peak of rank 5.

Lightning cracked all over the leopard ’s fangs, while its eyes had turned completely red, as its fangs entered inside the panther ’s neck.

The panther however didn ’t even flinch, as his powerful jaws bit the leopard ’s neck in response.

Almost at the same time, blood spurted from the 2 beasts ’ necks, when a sudden snort was heard from the blue-haired man.

At the same time, the 10 golden-armored Nascent soul stage guards who were watching everything from the entrance, rushed towards the black panther and the ’Blue-tailed thunder leopard ’.

The guards trembled slightly as they looked at the dissatisfied look on the blue-haired man ’s face, but one of them still gritted his teeth, and taking a step forward he said

’ ’Young master please don ’t do stir up too much trouble at the entrance.
You will make our job harder than it is. ’ ’

The blue-haired man looked at the guard who had spoken just now, and the guard couldn ’t help taking a step back in fear.

’ ’Tsk! ’ ’

The blue-haired man then clicked his tongue, before the leopard quickly retreated.

The look in the blue-haired man ’s eyes turned even more dissatisfied when he saw how much blood the leopard was losing compared to the ’Silver-winged panther king ’.

Shun Long however, also had a cold look in his eyes as he stared at the blue-haired man in front of him.

Even though the leopard was losing more blood, in reality, both Shun Long and the blue-haired man understood, that the 2 peak rank 5 magic beasts were actually evenly matched.

Although the black panther ’s jaws were much stronger than the leopard ’s, cracks of lightning were also attacking the panther ’s neck.

The young man completely ignored Shun Long ’s look, as he headed deeper inside the ’Golden Exchange firm ’ without uttering a word.

Seeing the blue-haired man going deeper inside, the 10 Nascent Soul stage guards actually heaved a sigh of relief, before the guard who had spoken before, walked in front of Shun Long and said as he cupped his hands

’ ’This young master, don ’t take this to heart.
Young master Hu Liu can be a bit eccentric sometimes, and we couldn ’t step in earlier. ’ ’

The guard had expected Shun Long to nod his head, agreeing with his words, but Shun Long had an expressionless, cold look on his face as he kept staring at the blue-haired man ’s back.

As for the guard ’s words, he couldn ’t care any less about their excuses.

In the end, just for his own amus.e.m.e.nt, the blue-haired man had told his leopard to attack the black panther.

The black panther wasn ’t just a random magic beast to Shun Long after all, nor was it a simple tool.

Under the guard ’s shocked eyes, Shun Long took out a peak rank 4 ’Sun-healing pill ’, and fed it to the black panther.

Thankfully, aside from the cracks of lightning that the black panther easily dispersed, the bite was a little more than a flesh wound, and under the effects of the top-grade ’Sun-healing pill ’, the wound started closing at a speed visible to the n.a.k.e.d eye.

’ ’He is wasting a top-grade rank 4 pill for a magic beast? Who is this person? ’ ’

At the same time, the crowd didn ’t dare to approach Shun Long and the black panther, as everyone started discussing with each other

’ ’Who is this young man? His black panther was actually fighting with young master Hu Liu ’s ’Blue-tailed thunder leopard ’?! ’ ’

’ ’Maybe he has come from another city? There aren ’t too many young people in our city with peak rank 5 magic beasts as mounts after all, so I should have been able to recognize him if he was from our Heaven ’s Dome city! ’ ’

’ ’Right! I heard a lot of geniuses are coming to our Heaven ’s Dome city lately! ’ ’

Shun Long ignored the crowd ’s discussions, as he thought to himself

’ ’Hu Liu? I will remember this! ’ ’

Shun Long hadn ’t expected that the person he had met today on the ’Blue-tailed thunder leopard ’ to be Hu Liu.

He remembered that this name belonged to the person who was ranked 3rd in the House of Rankings the last time he had visited.

However, even if it was Hu Liu so what?

With these thoughts in mind, Shun Long sent a mental command to the black panther who spread his majestic silver wings, before he flew out of the ’Golden Exchange firm ’s ’ building.

Seeing Shun Long flying away, one of the guards looked at the main guard who had spoken just now, and with a worried expression he asked

’ ’You don ’t think that young master Hu has actually invited trouble, right? After all, this man also had a peak rank 5 ’Silver-winged panther king ’. ’ ’

The main guard looked at the guard next to him, and with a scornful expression he said

’ ’Idiot.
Even people who are crazily powerful, with very strong backings like the young white lord, are still beneath young master Hu Liu in the rankings.
Very few people have the ability to find trouble with young master. ’ ’

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