’ ’There are 4 different ways to get sect points.

The first and ’safest ’ way would be to become a miner for the sect.
There are many outer disciples who decide to work at the spirit stone mines of our sect.
The sect will pay you 50 sect points a month for you to help us mine spirit stones.
Of course, there is a quota you need to meet when mining, so those who work harder than others can also obtain more sect points at the end of the month. ’ ’

Shun Long wondered for a second, whether his triangular-shaped stone was some kind of spirit stone, but he quickly discarded the idea.

’ ’This stone has a special space inside it that I can enter to cultivate the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ and it has also integrated itself in my spiritual space.
I doubt it is anything even remotely similar to a spirit stone. ’ ’ Shun Long thought

’ ’Administrator Feng we have never heard of spirit stones before. ’ ’ Said a disciple with a shining bald head and a burly physique. ’ ’

’ ’Right, I forgot that there are almost no spirit stones on the island where you all came from. ’ ’

Administrator Feng said, and then he took out a glistening white stone in the shape of a rhombus as he showed it to these disciples and said

’ ’Spirit stones are stones that are full of pure qi which cultivators at the heaven grade and above can absorb to aid their cultivation.

So what do you think children? Do you want to work in the spirit stone mines? You can get up to 100 sect points in a month if you work really hard. ’ ’

When Administrator Feng finished his sentence, he looked like an old man trying to tempt a child with candy, but the look on his face only served to frighten these disciples.

The young girl with the ponytail then asked him nervously ’ ’Ad..Adm..Administrator, iii..isn ’t there any other way for us to get s-sect points? ’ ’

Only then did Administrator Feng notice that most of these kids were already frightened by him.

’ ’Tsk cowards.. ’ ’ he then clicked his tongue disdainfully as he said

’ ’There are 3 other ways to get sect points but they are not as profitable for you as the spirit stone mines. ’ ’ Administrator Feng tried to throw his bait once more before saying

’ ’The second way would be to help an alchemist or to be one yourself.
But that would probably not work for any of you.

Alchemists are rich and they could always use some help to finish their pill refinement a bit faster.
There are even some rank 3 bronze alchemists that were looking for helpers the other day, but their requirements are of course for you to be an alchemist yourself.

For a rank 1 alchemist, they would pay 20 sect points a month, for a rank 2 it would be 50 while for a rank 3 alchemist to help them the price could go as high as 200 sect points for a month. ’ ’

When Shun Long heard this, his eyes shone brightly.
Not because he wanted to help other alchemists, but because he was already planning to become one even before entering the ’floating cloud sect ’.
Otherwise wouldn ’t all the information he had gotten from the golden book and all the pain he had suffered from it be all in vain?

Shun Long then thought

’ ’So far alchemists really do seem to be the most profitable path to follow if I want to gather sect points, but I should still probably listen to the rest of what this old man says. ’ ’

Administrator Feng continued

’ ’Aside from alchemists or the spirit stone mines, you can accept sect missions.

Some of these missions are outside the sect and they require you to hunt some strong magic beasts or find specific herbs that alchemists may need, while the missions that can be completed inside the sect are usually requests for alchemists to refine specific pills that the ’Treasure Pavillion ’ doesn ’t have.

These are only some examples, as anyone inside the sect can put a request for a sect mission, but the rule is to first deposit the amount of sect points that you are willing to pay for your request to be completed in the administration building before your mission can be officially listed.

However, I suggest that you don ’t visit the mission section just yet, as no one of you should be strong enough to undertake any missions right now.

’ ’Lastly, you can apply to work in places like my ’Administration Building ’, the ’Treasure Pavillion ’, and others.

Now, those of you that are interested in working at the spirit stone mines can stay behind.
The rest of you leave. ’ ’

In the end, 11 out of the 24 people stayed behind to apply to work as miners in the sect.

Shun Long had decided to check the mission section that was on the first floor.
What Administrator Feng had said earlier was correct, most of the missions were related to alchemists.

After having a look at the listed missions, Shun Long rented a somewhat decent courtyard on an inn that was a few hundred meters away from the ’Administration Building ’ before he decided to take a look around the ’floating cloud city ’.

On the way, he saw a lot of street stalls but instead of selling food like the street vendors in the ’mortal world ’ would, this time it was the outer disciples of the sect and they were selling everything a person could imagine.

Shun Long saw swords, sabers, and spears for sale, and almost all of them had been engraved by runes from high-level formation masters, most of whom were at least of rank 3 in the bronze level.

He even saw a saber from a rank 1 silver grade formation master for sale.
The seller was a middle-aged looking man, probably around 45 years old, with arms as big as a person ’s thighs.
The price he was asking for this saber was more than 1000 sect points.

Other stalls were selling medicinal ingredients while some even directly sold medicinal pills.

However, the cheapest item that Shun Long had spotted today was still above 50 sect points.

Only now did he understand, that the 30 sect points that the sect had given to him was truly a minuscule amount.

Unknowingly after walking for a long time, Shun Long saw that he had arrived in front of a huge building that was on par with the ’Administration Building ’ in size.

It had 2 gigantic doors that even carriages could fit inside and 2 huge cauldrons placed on either side of the doors.
There were 2 eye-catching words plated in gold at the top of the building that everyone inside the ’floating cloud sect ’ respected.

’Alchemists ’ Guild ’

Shun Long hesitated for a second before walking towards those gigantic doors.

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