WARNING: There may or may not be a small scene filled with s.e.x.u.a.l content during the chapter.

After thinking about it seriously for a while, in the end, Shun Long could only come to the conclusion, that this had something to do with the Golden book.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-decision_50705544314404996 for visiting.

After all, ever since he had absorbed the knowledge inside the Golden Book, the book had merged with his soul, becoming one with him.

Shun Long didn ’t know if there would be any changes when he broke through to the Nascent soul stage, but he could only speculate that his spirit sense was now like this thanks to the golden book.

Additionally, his soul had also been forcefully expanded while he was still in the Qi condensation stage, so it wasn ’t unnatural to assume that this had something to do with the golden book as well.

After he sorted out his thoughts, Shun Long took a deep breath, before he closed his eyes and imagined himself leaving the foggy place in the ’Stone of Time ’.

Soon, he found himself back inside the room of the inn.

Taking a look around the room, Shun Long noticed that it was completely empty, while a thick aura of death was coming from the courtyard.

Opening the door of the room, Shun Long saw Liu Mei who had her back turned on him, while she looked at the army of undead creatures that was standing in a line in front of her.

More than 100 skeletons were being led by 6 undead knights, as they all faced Liu Mei like they were looking at their general.

Shun Long ’s eyes lit up when he noticed that the cultivation of the skeletons was at the peak of rank 9 in Heaven grade, while the undead knights had already reached the early rank 1 in the Spirit realm!

This meant that Liu Mei had also broken through to the Spirit realm during this time.

The moment that the door of the room open, almost as if she had sensed something, Liu Mei turned her head around, only to see Shun Long smiling at her.

’ ’Long-ge! ’ ’

An excited expression appeared on her face, as Liu Mei quickly walked towards him.

Seeing the worried expression in her eyes as she hugged him, Shun Long hugged Liu Mei back with a gentle expression on his face.

For Liu Mei, it had been 2 months since the last time that she had seen Shun Long, but Shun Long had felt the passing of almost 2 years during this time.

Even if the foggy place in the ’Stone of Time ’ followed different laws, and his body didn ’t end up aging, his mind had definitely experienced 2 years of secluded cultivation, during the time that he increased his spiritual strength and comprehended the Dao of Time!

After hugging Liu Mei, Shun Long then pushed her back slightly, as he said

’ ’Mei ’er, I need to take a shower first. ’ ’

Then, with a smile on his face he continued

’ ’Do you want to join me? ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s face immediately turned red at Shun Long ’s question.

Although they would frequently dual cultivate together, and being intimate wasn ’t something that was unfamiliar to the 2 of them, blatantly asking her to join him in the shower was still a first for Liu Mei, and it made her heart beat faster.

She looked at Shun Long with her face flushed red, but in the end, she still nodded her head as she agreed to his request.

Shun Long then smiled as he held her hand and returned back to the room.

Every room in the ’Golden pig inn ’ had a large bathtub, as well as a shower, and this one was no different.

After he took out his blue robes, Shun Long then unrobed Liu Mei, seeing her flawless body once again in front of him.

Opening the shower, Shun Long allowed the cold water to splash on his back, while his hands roved all over Liu Mei ’s body.

Soft m.o.a.ns escaped her mouth as Shun Long hands lightly pinched her n.i.p.p.l.es, before he moved his hand towards her lower body.

At the same time, Liu Mei could feel Shun Long ’s hard erect rod on her back.

After 2 months of not feeling each other, sounds of pleasure filled their room, as Shun Long and Liu Mei underwent more than one round of arduous dual cultivation.

3 hours later, Liu Mei ’s body was entangled with Shun Long ’s inside the bathtub, as she laid on top of him, while her head was rested on his chest.

Shun Long explained to Liu Mei that he had spent this time comprehending the Dao, as well as advancing his own spiritual strength.

He also explained to her his own understanding in the Dao of Time, but Shun Long didn ’t mention anything regarding the ’Stone of Time ’, and the crimson or the white palace.

It wasn ’t because he didn ’t trust Liu Mei, but instead, because he knew that this would only worry her even more.

After all, even Little Black who had lived for thousands of years, felt worried for his master and powerless to help him with this matter. 

Although the ’Stone of Time ’ was a peerless treasure, it was also a source of worry for Shun Long.

Liu Mei also narrated her cultivation experience of the last 2 months to Shun Long.

Shun Long also told her what he had learned from Little Black.
That as long as she absorbed death aura inside her body, her comprehension of the Dao of Death would rise by itself.

When he finished his words, Shun Long saw Liu Mei falling silent, almost as if she was pondering over his words.

Aside from killing people, how else could someone absorb death aura?

Liu Mei had to choose, if she wanted to stay as a necromancer, or continue comprehending the Dao of Ice alone.

Shun Long didn ’t interrupt her after seeing that she had fallen in deep thought, but a few moments later, he noticed that the look in her eyes had changed.

A determined glint flashed inside her beautiful black eyes, as Shun Long saw her staring back at him.

’ ’If I am a necromancer..
then I can help to protect Long-ge! So what if I have to kill? Cultivators kill each other every day! ’ ’

With these words in her heart, Liu Mei suddenly flashed Shun Long a dazzling smile, that left him stunned for a second.

After spending some more time with each other inside the bath, Shun Long and Liu Mei put on some fresh clothes, before they left their room.

After patting the black panther ’s head who seemed excited to see him once again, Shun Long and Liu Mei both got on the panther ’s back, as they left the inn.

With her arms wrapped around Shun Long ’s waist, Liu Mei then asked

’ ’Long-ge, where are we going this time? ’ ’

Shun Long smiled lightly, and turning his head to the side to look at Liu Mei he said

’ ’To the ’Golden Exchange firm ’! ’ ’

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