After feeling the fresh blood on his fingers, a horrifying thought flashed through Long Hong ’s mind

’ ’If his sword had cut just a little bit deeper, then wouldn ’t I…? ’ ’

Shivers run through the peak rank 1 Nascent soul stage expert ’s mind, as he looked at Bai Longtian ’s calm smile, before he sighed and nodded his head.

Bai Longtian had that same smile on his face, as he slightly bowed and cupped his hands at Long Hong, before he said

’ ’Thank you for the fight senior Long. ’ ’

Long Hong snorted, but he didn ’t reply to the man in front of him.

After all, as a peak rank 1 Nascent soul stage expert, he had lost when fighting against an early rank 1 Nascent soul stage cultivator, who hadn ’t even used a single martial skill during their fight.

The crowd inside the House of Rankings immediately exploded in excitement.

’ ’The young white lord won in a single move! ’ ’

’ ’Of course he did! Even against the person ranked 5th in the Heaven ’s Dome city, the young white lord wouldn ’t lose.
With all those strong people entering the city, I don ’t even think that Long Hong will manage to stay in the top 20, let alone the top 10! ’ ’

The moment that people heard these discussions, a large crowd turned to look towards the man who had said that the young white lord would lose for sure.

However, the man seemed to have already fled the scene, not waiting to find out the crowd ’s reaction.

After the battle ended, Long Hong was the first one to come out from the Ranking gate.

Although no one mocked him, and people even looked at him with respect, he still had a determined look in his eyes as he walked forward.

Although he hadn ’t expected to lose against Bai Longtian today, he knew, that with so many geniuses entering the Heaven ’s Dome city, keeping his place in the top 10 would be nearly a dream for him soon, but this was also the best place for him to become stronger as well!

With so many geniuses to fight against, he was certain that his saber arts would rise, and once he was stronger, he could challenge Bai Longtian again, and perhaps…
even the people who were even higher in the rankings.

Seeing the brown-robed man who was holding his crimson saber leaving the House of Rankings, nobody made a sound.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-dome-city-heating-up_50639405056058953 for visiting.

However, the moment that Long Hong left and Bai Longtian appeared from the Ranking gate, the crowd no longer held back its excitement.

People were quickly leaving the House of Rankings at the same time in droves, as the news of the young white lord becoming the 5th ranked person in the rankings started to spread throughout the Heaven ’s Dome city like wildfire.

Inside a majestic golden building, at the headquarters of the ’Golden Exchange firm ’, a young man with blue hair was sitting on a white couch, holding 2 enchanting women in his arms, fondling their b.r.e.a.s.ts and kissing them at the same time.

The 2 women were almost n.a.k.e.d, with only a cloth of undergarment half-covering their already exposed lower bodies, while their m.o.a.ns had filled the room.

Suddenly, knocks appeared on the door as a hurried voice sounded outside

’ ’Young master! I have important news! ’ ’

The blue-haired man nodded his head, and without a change in his expression he said

’ ’Come in! ’ ’

The 2 women next to him felt embarrassed with their chests exposed out in the open, but the young man didn ’t seem to mind, as he continued his actions, even when he had called for the person outside to come in.

The door of the luxurious room then opened, as a young man with short hair and a large forehead entered the room.

The moment that he raised his head to look at the blue-haired young man however, the young man ’s eyes were suddenly focused on the 2 pairs of pink pearls on the 2 women ’s chests.

The man ’s feet trembled for a second, and he even swallowed audibly, when the blue-haired man ’s voice once again sounded in his ears

’ ’Xiao Tong, what did you interrupt me for? ’ ’

The young man quickly came back to his senses when he heard the blue-haired man ’s words, and with a serious look on his face he said

’ ’Right! Young master, the young white lord has defeated Long Hong in the House of Rankings.
This news has started to spread throughout the Heaven ’s Dome city already.
The young white lord has become the 5th ranked person in the House ’s rankings! ’ ’

The blue-haired man nodded his head and smiled when he heard this.
To him, it wasn ’t actually surprising to hear that the young white lord had defeated Long Hong. 

As for the ’Golden Exchange firm ’, since they had their own intelligence network and owned a large part of the House of Rankings, he was actually among the first people to get this news.

The news continued to spread like fire throughout the Heaven ’s Dome city, and less than 20 minutes later, it had already reached the Shengtian dynasty and the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’.

Inside the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’s; headquarters, Su Shanyuan was sparring with another middle rank 1 realm expert in the center of a large arena, while a young man in white robes seemed to be observing their fight without much interest in his eyes.

The young man had a chubby face and long silver hair, while the muscles on his arms and legs couldn ’t be hidden by his loose white robes.

The young man was still staring at Su Shanyuan ’s fight, when suddenly, an old man appeared in front of him like a gust of wind, kneeling on one knee on the floor as he greeted

’ ’Young master! ’ ’

The old man had a black-colored badge on his chest with the letters ’SS ’ on it, indicating that he was an SS-rank mercenary. 

Even as an SS-rank mercenary, someone who had reached the late stages of the Nascent soul stage, was actually kneeling in front of this young man.

The chubby-faced young man looked calmly at the old man in front of him, before he asked in a voice that didn ’t hold the tiniest bit of interest

’ ’Elder Pan, what is it? ’ ’

The old man smiled when he heard this question, as he reported the news of Bai Longtian taking the 5th rank in the House of Rankings.

A smile appeared on the silver-haired young man ’s face as soon as he heard this report, before he stood up and walked towards the exit of the room, completely ignoring the ongoing fight as he left the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’.

At the northern part of the Heaven ’s Dome city ’ inside the majestic palace of the Shengtian dynasty, a peak rank 9 Nascent soul stage expert had also appeared outside of a secluded courtyard.

The courtyard was filled with countless formations, from Qi gathering formations that increased the purity of the qi inside it, to defensive formations that could destroy any Nascent soul stage expert that tried to trespass.
Even Dao Kings would be repelled if they tried to enter inside this courtyard by force.

The moment that the gates of the courtyard opened, a wave of pure qi assaulted the peak rank 9 Nascent Soul expert ’s senses, who cautiously raised his head to look inside.

A half-n.a.k.e.d young man appeared from the courtyard, staring at the peak rank 9 Nascent Soul expert with a profound look in his eyes.

The young man had short, spiky black hair and a pair of sharp emerald eyes.
His looks were actually on par with the young white lord ’s, while the upper part of his body, seemed as if it had been sculpted by the gods.

This young man ’s body wouldn ’t even be considered inferior in front of Shun Long ’s, whose body had been tempered by the rank 2 ’internal destruction pill ’ in the past, and who had already reached the middle of the third stage in the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’.

Looking at the young man in front of him, the peak rank 9 Nascent soul stage expert knelt down as he greeted hurriedly

’ ’Young lord! ’ ’

The spiky-haired man nodded his head at the middle-aged man in front of him, as he then heard the report.

After hearing that the young white lord had defeated Long Hong, the young man nodded his head as he said with a deep look in his eyes

’ ’Uncle Qiang, this was expected.
Although I haven ’t fought with him yet, I have heard about Bai Longtian ’s prowess long ago.

It ’s not just him, but the descendants of countless experts are rushing into our ’Heaven ’s Dome city ’ as we speak.

The supreme geniuses of the entire continent will all gather here to fight against each other.

Only people at Bai Longtian ’s level can help me challenge myself and become even stronger, before the test of the Holy sect starts! ’ ’

The middle-aged man was silent, simply nodding his head in response to the young man ’s words as if they were the most natural thing in the world.

At the same time, inside the foggy place in the ’Stone of Time ’, time continued to pass as a bright blue light was now coming from Shun Long ’s body.

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