The moment that the young man heard the words ’young white lord ’, his eyes widened even further, as he stared at the white-robed man with a look of reverence, astonishment and awe.

Looking at the man next to him, the young man couldn ’t help stammering as he asked in a disbelieving expression

’ ’Th-is…
is the young white lord? ’ ’

There was almost no one in the Night star continent who hadn ’t heard of the name young white lord.

Not only was he the son of a peak expert in the continent, but he was also a supreme genius, as well as an extremely handsome young man.

His father, the white lord, who was respected and feared by countless Dao Kings, had admitted that his son had even more potential than himself.

Ever since his son was young, the white lord had noticed his talent for cultivation, and had offered him the best resources for cultivation.

Middle-grade spirit stones, gold-grade weapons and armor, and even Dao King level protectors to follow him when he left the White city. 

People in the Night star continent didn ’t have a doubt, that in the future, the young white lord would certainly become a peak level Dao King.

The man in his mid-twenties nodded his head when he heard the question of the young man next to him, while a look of respect had appeared in his eyes as he stared at the 2 men on the screen of light.

Then, with a serious tone, he said

’ ’Although the young white lord is a genius, he is doomed to lose against senior Long Hong today. ’ ’

The woman next to the young man immediately turned her head from the light screen when she heard this, and looking at the man who had approached her brother, she asked in a dissatisfied tone

’ ’How do you know that the young white lord will lose? ’ ’

The woman hadn ’t kept her voice down, drawing the attention of the people around them, as all of them now stared at the young man in his mid-twenties.

The crowd immediately started throwing insults and mocking comments at the man in his mid twenties, the moment that they heard the young woman ’s words.

The man however didn ’t seem to cower in front of the crowd, and with a proud voice, he stared at the light screen as he said

’ ’I am not saying that the young white lord will lose because I dislike him.
Although many of you don ’t know it, senior Long Hong has already reached the peak of rank 1 in the Nascent soul stage!

Meanwhile, I observed the young white lord ’s battles yesterday, and the truth is, that although he is a supreme genius with the sword, he has only reached the early rank 1 in the Nascent soul stage.

Do you people really think that he can beat senior Long Hong? Senior Long Hong is one of the strongest saber users in our entire Heaven ’s Dome city! If they were on the same level, then perhaps the young white lord could win, but now? ’ ’

As soon as the crowd around him heard the man ’s words, everyone closed their mouths, as they quickly turned their eyes to the screen of light.

Indeed, although many of them had heard that the young white lord had come to the House of Rankings yesterday, only the people who were inside the House of Rankings had seen that he had participated in some battles. 

Inside the screen of light, the brown-haired Long Hong looked at the young man in front of him, and with a smile on his face he said

’ ’The famous young white lord, Bai Longtian…
it ’s good to meet you here.
People are always saying how you are unrivaled with the sword within the same realm, but very few can defeat me within the same realm as well.

Although my cultivation is higher than yours, I hope that you won ’t actually use it as an excuse once you lose.

After all, you are the one who initiated this challenge in the first place. ’ ’

The black-haired Bai Longtian looked at Long Hong who had a confident smile on his face, and surprisingly, he nodded his head as he replied seriously

’ ’Don ’t worry senior Long, I am definitely not a person who makes excuses like that. 

As long as you can win, then of course I will accept it. ’ ’

Long Hong ’s expression turned ugly when he heard this.

Originally, he was planning to anger Bai Longtian before he defeated him, but now, he was the one who looked petty.

Without another word, the brown-haired man held his crimson saber with both hands, and infusing his qi inside it, wisps of fire started appearing in the air around him.

Suddenly, the crimson saber was set ablaze, as a scorching fire had appeared on its surface.

Long Hong kicked the ground, and he almost instantly disappeared from the place he was standing on, quickly appearing in front of Bai Longtian, as he swung his saber towards his chest.

The crowd frowned when they saw Long Hong ’s sneak attack, but Bai Longtian calmly swung his sword in response, meeting with the incoming saber head-on.

Long Hong ’s eyes were wide open when he saw that Bai Longtian was merely forced a step back, after parrying his full-powered saber slash while holding his white sword with just a single hand.

And yet, there was still a smirk on Long Hong ’s face when he saw his crimson saber colliding with Bai Longtian ’s white sword.

The scorching flames from the saber quickly engulfed the white saber in the blink of an eye, as they moved towards Bai Longtian ’s body.

However, a shocked look soon replaced Long Hong ’s smirk.

The moment that his flames were about to reach Bai Longtian ’s hand at the hilt of the sword, a powerful white light appeared from the young white lord ’s hand, as it quickly extinguished the flames.

The flames were quickly purified as soon as they met the white light, while Bai Longtian simply smiled as he saw Long Hong stepping backwards.

Before Long Hong could even stabilize his footing, he saw Bai Longtian in front of him suddenly turning into a beam of light, before he disappeared on the spot.

The crowd watching from the main lobby of the House of Rankings immediately exploded in excitement, as people instantly understood what was going on

’ ’The Dao of Light! ’ ’

’ ’The young white lord has comprehended the Dao of Light?! ’ ’

At the same time, inside the screen of light, Bai Longtian appeared behind Long Hong, as he swung his white sword towards the back of his neck.

Long Hong snorted as he turned around and parried Bai Longtian ’s attack, but surprisingly, Bai Longtian ’s moves were much faster than Long Hong ’s.

Using the Dao of Light, Bai Longtian ’s hand moved at extreme speed, as his sword left a cut on the back of Long Hong ’s neck.
The peak rank 1 Nascent Soul stage expert hurriedly parried the white sword near his neck with his crimson saber, as he looked at the young man in front of him with a horrified look in his eyes.

Everyone inside the House of Rankings were left speechless, while Bai Longtian looked at the brown-haired man in front of him, and with a calm smile on his face he said

’ ’Senior Long, I win. ’ ’

Long Hong wanted to object, but his hand involuntarily touched the back of his neck, where fresh blood was still dripping on the ground.

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