When he saw Shun Long returning back inside the foggy place, Little Black looked at his master with a serious look as he said

’ ’Master, although that little girl will have no issue advancing to the Spirit realm, based on the thick aura of death around her body, you must still be prepared for her to kill many people in the future.

After all, necromancers always walk near death, in order to comprehend the Dao of Death even further.

Which is why the Dao of Death is one of the most cruel, and yet, one of the most terrifying Daos at the same time. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head once he heard Little Black ’s words, since this was something that he had already understood by himself as well.

Although the thick aura of death around Liu Mei was only apparent when she cultivated or when she summoned her undead army, Shun Long had still noticed it growing thicker, every time that Liu Mei ’s skeletons or her undead knights killed someone.

Additionally, Shun Long also knew that this was still something that Liu Mei had to do if she wanted to be a necromancer in the future.

After sitting cross-legged on the ground, Shun Long consumed another top-grade ’Spirit enhancing pill ’, as he continued to increase the power of his soul and his spiritual strength.

Although the increase in his soul was the most minimal, Shun Long also knew, that the soul was something that couldn ’t actually be tempered through normal means.

Medicinal ingredients and pills that could temper the soul, were much harder to find than things like the ’Golden Jade spirit tree ’ after all.

Shun Long continued to consume the ’Spirit enhancing pills ’ during the day, while he would try to comprehend the Dao of Time every second day as well, as time continued to pass like this.

His rate of absorption also increased, from 5 pills a day to 6, and soon, Shun Long could already refine 8 ’Spirit enhancing pills ’ in one day.

1 month…

2 months…

3 months…

Soon, half a year had passed for Shun Long inside the ’Stone of Time ’, when a popping sound was suddenly heard from his spiritual space.

It seemed as if a small explosion had occurred, as Shun Long ’s spiritual space started to slowly expand.

1 hour later, Shun Long could clearly feel that his spiritual space was now even bigger than before.

During the past half a year that he was in seclusion, both his soul and his spiritual strength had reached the absolute limits of the Heaven grade, while even his spiritual space seemed to have expanded by more than one-third of its original size.

Shun Long had already consumed more than 1000 top-grade rank 4 ’Spirit enhancing pills ’ during this time.

And yet, although his spiritual strength and soul had reached their limits, and Shun Long was now just a step away from attempting his breakthrough to the Spirit realm, he still had a feeling of frustration in his heart.

After all, during this half year, no matter what he did, he was unable to further comprehend the Dao of Time.

It was almost like the further that he tried to tread down on this path, the further away from his grasp the essence of time seemed to go.

It seemed that no matter how hard he tried, he was just a step away from touching the Dao of Time, but in the end, it was still an ethereal feeling.

Sensing his master ’s emotions, Little Black looked at Shun Long who was still sitting cross-legged on the ground, as he said 

’ ’Master, you need to be patient.
No matter what, there are certain Daos that may take hundreds if not thousands of years to comprehend them.
Of course, there are also ways to hasten the comprehension of a Dao using some special treasures, but…
I have never even heard anything about such treasures regarding the Dao of Time itself!

It will all be up to master in the end. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head once he heard Little Black ’s words, before he finally cleared his mind and mumbled to himself

’ ’Indeed, so what if I spend a few months or even a few years to comprehend the Dao.
In the end, it is nothing but time… ’ ’

A few hours later, Little Black ’s eyes shone brightly as he looked at Shun Long, who seemed to have fallen into a state of enlightenment.

At the same time, in the House of Rankings in the Heaven ’s Dome city, a huge crowd of people seemed to have gathered inside it as they stared at a large screen of light.

This was the same screen of light that Shun Long and Liu Mei had seen the third princess of the Dark elf race, Yi Mingzhu, fight against the person who was ranked 147th in the rankings, Su Shanyuan.

In the screen of light, a handsome black-haired young man who was holding a snow-white sword on his hands and was dressed in white robes, stood opposite to a blue-robed man with brown hair and eyes, who was holding a large crimson saber with his right hand.

The black-haired man dressed in white had a pointy jaw and sharp eyebrows, while his deep blue eyes were staring at the brown-haired young man in front of him with a serious look.

His white robes fluttered with the wind, while the serious look on his face made the hearts of the young maidens in the House of Rankings skip a few beatings.

Instead, the brown-haired man in blue robes who was standing opposite to him had a relaxed look on his face, while he was resting his huge saber on his right shoulder.

The people in the crowd exploded in discussions when they looked at the 2 young men who were about to face each other, bringing more and more people to the scene.

A young man looking less than 16 years old, looked at a young woman next to him, whose eyes were glued on the white-robed man on the screen, and with a curious tone he asked

’ ’Big sis, who are these 2 people? Why is there such a huge crowd here today? ’ ’

A young man who looked to be in his mid-twenties overheard the question, and taking a step forward he patted the young man ’s shoulder as he said

’ ’Hey little brat, do you want to know who these 2 people are? Let me tell you then!

The blue-robed man with the crimson saber on his shoulder, is the person who is ranked 5th in our House of Rankings, senior Long Hong! ’ ’

The young man ’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he heard this, before he seriously stared at the brown-haired man in the light screen in front of him.

Then, his eyes involuntarily fell on the white-robed man who was standing opposite to him, and with an ashamed expression he turned his head to look at the man next to him as he asked

’ ’Then, who is that person who is his opponent? ’ ’

The man in his mid-twenties smiled when he heard this question, and looking at the white-robed young man on the screen, he answered in a serious tone

’ ’It ’s the young master of the White City and the son of one of the most powerful Dao Kings…
the young white lord! ’ ’

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