Everyone turned their eyes at Zhao Lan, who in turn, was still staring at Shun Long as he continued speaking

’ ’First, let me explain some things about the Holy sect.
Then, whether or not you choose to grasp this chance will be up to you.

Of course, when I mentioned you entering the Holy sect, I didn ’t mean you entering by yourself.
After all, no matter how talented you think you are, in front of the geniuses of the Holy sect you are even less than an ant. ’ ’

When he finished speaking, a curious expression flashed through Zhao Lan ’s eyes, as he noticed that he couldn ’t verify Shun Long ’s actual cultivation level, before his soul sense suddenly covered Shun Long ’s body.

The moment that Little Black saw this happening, his eyes inside the ’Stone of Time ’ were filled with fury, while a shocked expression had covered Zhao Lan ’s face.

The gold grade alchemists around him turned to look at the old man in astonishment.
They hadn ’t seen such a shocked expression on his face for a long time, but Zhao Lan instead stared at Shun Long before he asked in a voice filled with curiosity and shock

’ ’Kid, why can ’t I sense your cultivation? ’ ’

The moment that the other alchemists heard this, everyone including Jin Wenling sent their soul senses to scan Shun Long ’s body, but they all got the same result.

It seemed as if Shun Long was a mere mortal.

Everyone ’s eyes turned to look at Shun Long, knowing that it was impossible for this to happen.

Even Jin Wenling seemed to have realized, that she had forgotten to ask Shun Long about his cultivation the last time he was here.
However, unless someone was actually stronger than these people, he wouldn ’t be able to hide his cultivation in front of them. 

Additionally, none of these alchemists believed that Shun Long was actually stronger than Zhao Lan himself.
Could Shun Long be a Dao Emperor realm expert? Impossible!

Of course, this was all thanks to the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’.

Although it would be suspicious if Shun Long covered his cultivation, it would certainly be even more suspicious if they found out that he was simply a peak rank 9 Heaven grade cultivator.

After all, according to what Shun Long knew, the minimum requirement for a rank 3 silver grade alchemist, was for their cultivation to have reached the peak of rank 9 in the Spirit realm!

Shun Long looked at the old man in front of him as he then answered

’ ’My cultivation technique is somewhat unique.
Unless I fight or refine pills, my aura will stay retracted in my body.
Otherwise, how could I hide myself, with just my rank 9 Spirit realm aura in front of so many seniors? ’ ’

Zhao Lan had a look of realization on his face as he stared at Shun Long, but he didn ’t ask anything further.
Although they were rare, as a peak Dao King realm expert Zhao Lan knew that these cultivation techniques existed, and he himself had one inside his spatial ring.

His eyes then stared at Shun Long, and nodding his head he continued explaining

’ ’Kid, this is a big opportunity for you! Even I and the other Dao Kings in the Night star continent had failed to enter the Holy sect when we went through the actual test all those years ago! Do you really think that I am slighting you when I say that you are even less than an ant in front of them?

Or do you actually believe that you are even stronger than the previous generations of the Night star continent?

It ’s best for you to not waste this chance!

In the past 100.000 years, only 2 peerless geniuses from our continent have managed to pass through the Holy sect ’s test.

It is actually even harder for alchemists like us, who dedicate ourselves to pill refinement, as our combat power is barely as strong as an average cultivator ’s at the same level.

Therefore, as an alchemist, you need to build strong connections, so that those who are indebted to you will help you in the future.

In the end, no one is willing to cut off their connections with a strong alchemist, since everyone needs to consume pills at some point, so having good connections with alchemists is always vital.

Thus, our guild is willing to help you.

We will teach you everything we can and will do our best to help you become a Nascent soul realm cultivator within the next 3 years, before the test of the Holy sect starts.

If you can enter the Nascent soul realm within the next 3 years, and participate in the test of the Holy sect, then if you manage to attract the attention of one of the real geniuses and become their follower, it will be beneficial to our guild as well as you.

At that moment, all you will have to do is to not be ungrateful, and remember who helped you enter the Nascent soul realm.
After all, if one of our alchemists becomes a follower of a genius who enters the Holy sect, the Feng family will definitely reward our branch.
This way, both you and the guild will win. ’ ’

Little Black immediately snorted when he heard this, while a condescending and angry look had filled his face at the same time

’ ’They want master to become someone ’s follower? What a joke! In this universe, people are unqualified to become master ’s followers themselves! ’ ’

Shun Long didn ’t pay attention to the angry black dragon who was fuming inside the ’Stone of Time ’, but his mind had immediately rejected the suggestion of becoming someone else ’s follower as well.

It was a feeling that came directly from his soul, that inherently rejected this without a second thought! Additionally, if he followed someone as an alchemist, wouldn ’t that make him nothing more than a pill slave?

Besides, even if he accepted the offer, what could the ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ teach him in terms of actual alchemy or cultivation?

In theoretical knowledge that involved alchemy, Shun Long was confident enough to teach things to even Zhao Lan himself.

As for cultivation, even if there was something that Shun Long didn ’t know, Little Black himself had more than enough knowledge to help him.

Seeing that Shun Long was staying silent, Jin Wenling took his silence as indecisiveness.

Then, with a smile on her face, she spoke in a gentle and amiable tone

’ ’Little brother Shun, don ’t think that it is a bad thing to become someone else ’s follower.
I can tell you that, if a talented genius really accepts you as his alchemist follower, it will open a brand new world for you! ’ ’

Zhao Lan however snorted after seeing that Shun Long hadn ’t immediately accepted his offer, before he said in an angry toneFind authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-offer_50563185492683977 for visiting.

’ ’Of course, our ’Alchemists ’ Guild ’ will not force you to do anything, and you are not the only person whom we will offer this chance to either.
There are 2 other young and talented alchemists of our guild as well, and I am certain that they will not be as indecisive when the time comes.

You can take some time to think about it before you give me your answer.
Whether or not you choose to grasp this chance will be up to you. ’ ’

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