’ ’Hahaha! Lord Hao is invincible! ’ ’

’ ’Of course! Who do you think that our boss is? Could any random brat actually pose a danger to boss? ’ ’

’ ’Surround him, don ’t let him leave! Who knows what kind of evil trick this brat used to harm the Elder Qing Chen and Elder Qing Ren?! ’ ’

Seeing that Hao Jingguo was unharmed after taking on Shun Long ’s Thunderbolt finger, his subordinates exploded in excitement, and with newfound confidence, they slowly approached closer to Shun Long, surrounding him and cutting off all paths of retreat.

Shun Long smiled inwardly when he saw Hao Jingguo ’s subordinates entering the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’s ’ radius, while Little Black laughed mockingly inside the ’Stone of Time ’

’ ’Idiots! The last thing that master is afraid of, is small fries ganging up on him. ’ ’

Indeed, the moment that they entered inside the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, Hao Jingguo ’s subordinates immediately went still.

Inside the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, Shun Long was the absolute king!

Although he couldn ’t stop time against stronger opponents like Qing Ren and Hao Jingguo who were already at the Spirit realm, against cultivators who were merely at the Heaven grade, none of them could even think of standing against him inside the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’.

Hao Jingguo looked at his subordinates around him who had suddenly stopped moving all at the same time, with eyes that were filled with disbelief.

A trace of fear flashed through the pupils of his eyes as he looked at Shun Long and unconsciously, he took a step backwards.

Originally, he had thought that even if that bolt of thunder wasn ’t Shun Long ’s strongest move, it couldn ’t be too far off from that. 

But now, the same bizarre thing that had happened to Elder Qing Ren was also happening to more than 30 Heaven grade cultivators at the same time.

If the same thing had happened to him, wouldn ’t he be at the mercy of this brat in front of him?

’ ’What kind of terrifying Dao is this? ’ ’

Hao Jingguo thought to himself before he slowly sighed in relief. 

No matter what, there seemed to be some limitations to this move, otherwise Shun Long would have also trapped him along with his subordinates.

After taking a deep breath to calm himself down, the rank 3 Spirit realm expert lowered his head to look at his own earth armor on his chest, which was actually slightly damaged from the thunderbolt earlier, and using his qi, he quickly repaired the broken parts, as new pieces of earth seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, covering the small hole near his chest.

Then, holding his 2 white daggers, Hao Jingguo shot towards Shun Long with a serious look in his eyes.

Shun Long ’s golden eyes shone brightly, as a new scene appeared in his mind.

Hao Jingguo quickly arrived in front of him, and waving his 2 daggers, he attacked Shun Long ’s vital spots.

The chest near his heart, the eyes, the temple of the head…
a barrage of chain attacks assaulted Shun Long without stop, but under Hao Jingguo ’s horrified eyes, the young man in front of him either dodged or parried his attacks using the plain-looking wooden staff in his hands.

Shun Long however, could feel a numbness in his hands as he parried Hao Jingguo ’s attacks.
After all, although he wasn ’t a body refiner, as a middle rank 3 Spirit realm expert, Hao Jingguo ’s attacks that were infused with his rank 3 Spirit realm qi easily overpowered Shun Long every time they clashed with each other.

Even after using a rank 1 gold grade weapon and the Mystic high-grade ’Staff of Obliteration ’, Shun Long could only fend off Hao Jingguo ’s attacks, and was unable to overpower him no matter what.

However, Hao Jingguo was also shocked.

Originally, he had thought that Shun Long was hiding his real cultivation level, but after fighting with him for so long, he clearly understood that the young man in front of him was still at the early rank 9 in Heaven grade.

’ ’How is this possible? ’ ’

The rank 3 Spirit realm expert ’s attacks increased in intensity, but Shun Long still managed to hang on.

Although Shun Long felt discomfort every time he clashed with Hao Jingguo, since he was making use of both his early rank 9 Heaven grade cultivation as well as the middle of the third stage of the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’, the pressure from fighting against a rank 3 Spirit realm expert was the best way for him to bring himself to his limits.

Shun Long was practically forcing his qi balls inside the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ to provide him with even more qi, slowly pushing his strength to its limits.

More than 2 hours passed like this, while the calm expression had long since vanished from Hao Jingguo ’s face.

No matter whether he tried to overpower the blue-robed young man in front of him with his middle rank 3 Spirit realm cultivation or what martial skill he had used, Shun Long would always dodge or defend, as if he had already foreseen his moves.

Even his most prized rank 2 silver grade daggers, were unable to cut through the wooden staff in his hands.

Of course, Shun Long didn ’t think for a minute that the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ could be damaged by Hao Jingguo ’s white daggers.

Hao Jingguo however wasn ’t dumb.

As a rank 3 Spirit realm expert, even if he hadn ’t recognized that Shun Long ’s wooden staff was a high-level weapon earlier due to its normal appearance, after enduring so many hits from his daggers without suffering a single scratch, it was obvious that it ’s quality was at least as good if not better than his own weapons, as greed quickly filled his eyes.

’ ’A rank 3 silver grade weapon?! ’ ’

A confused look flashed through his eyes after thinking about it a bit more, when an expression of disbelief soon colored his face as a different thought was suddenly etched in the infamous criminal ’s mind.

’ ’That ’s not right! Even a rank 3 silver grade weapon can ’t endure so many attacks without getting a single scratch! Could it be a gold…? ’ ’

The moment that this thought had filled Hao Jingguo ’s mind, his attacks increased in ferocity, while his 2 white daggers started to grow with a deep brown light.

Suddenly, from the earth below them, 2 large vines more than 2m(78inches) thick had appeared, and almost as if they were being guided by the 2 white daggers, they tried to entrap Shun Long.

Seeing that Hao Jingguo was no longer holding back, Shun Long ’s eyes lit up as a blue-colored light suddenly covered his body.

With the second ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, his speed instantly increased by more than 10 times, making even the rank 3 Spirit realm expert having trouble to keep up.

Shun Long ’s eyes lit up, and after dodging the 2 vines attacks he quickly appeared in front of Hao Jingguo.

Raising the ’Purple Blossom staff ’, he struck sideways at the burly middle-aged man in front of him.

This was the first move of the ’Staff of Obliteration ’.

Hao Jingguo quickly raised his 2 daggers in defense when he felt the danger that the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ was giving off, but he had failed to predict where the staff would actually land, as Shun Long ’s attack connected with his earth armor.

Pieces of earth were instantly broken as soon as they felt the might of the ’Purple Blossom staff ’, completely destroying the earth armor.

Breaking through the earth armor the staff squarely hit Hao Jingguo ’s lower ribs, forcing the rank 3 Spirit realm expert to take more than 6 steps back until he stabilized himself.

After the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ had broken through the layers of his earth armor, it had lost more than 90 percent of its full strength in the process, otherwise, even his bones wouldn ’t have been spared.

Seeing Shun Long who was raising his staff in the air once again, Hao Jingguo had a murderous look on his face as he suddenly surrounded himself with his own vines.

’ ’Brat, since I can ’t keep up with your speed, then I won ’t fight you head-on.
I will simply wait until your qi runs out before I destroy you.

I don ’t believe that raising your speed like that doesn ’t have some kind of limitation! ’ ’

Hao Jingguo thought to himself as he surrounded himself with the thick vines.

The vines that were created by a ’Mystic low-grade ’ martial skill and were infused with his middle rank 3 Spirit realm qi were more than sufficient to protect him against a rank 9 Heaven grade cultivator ’s attacks, no matter how much of a monster that person is.

And indeed, Hao Jingguo ’s thoughts were correct.

Shun Long ’s second ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ was draining his qi alarmingly fast.

He wouldn ’t be able to keep this up for much longer.

Shun Long didn ’t speak, once he saw Hao Jingguo hiding himself behind his vines, while the look on his face was that of unprecedented seriousness.

He could feel his concentration rising to its peak, as his right hand was holding tightly on the ’Purple Blossom staff ’.

Then, Shun Long muttered one single word, as he suddenly appeared in front of Hao Jingguo

’Blink ’

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