Shun Long had already comprehended the principles behind the ’Time Prison ’, during the last parts of his fight with Cui Guoliang.

The moment that he activated this move, his golden eyes shone with a bright blue light while more than 40% of his qi was drained at once.

However, the moment that Shun Long ’s eyes shone with a blue light, the middle rank 2 Spirit realm Qing Ren ’s movements were instantly halted.

Shun Long knew that this move which required an enormous amount of his qi, could place even someone who was in a slightly higher realm than him, in a temporary prison that sealed time completely.

Because of the difference in cultivation between himself and Qing Ren however, Shun Long estimated that he could barely affect the middle-aged man for 2 breaths of time at most.

However, these 2 breaths of time were more than sufficient for Shun Long.

Hao Jingguo seemed to have instantly sensed that something was wrong, as he turned his head around and saw that Qing Ren had completely stopped in mid-air.

The scene in front of him was extremely bizarre, since there were no qi fluctuations coming from Qing Ren ’s body either.
However, the most shocking thing was, that even the circulation of Qing Ren ’s qi had somehow stopped.

At the same time, Shun Long slashed the air in front of him with his right hand, opening a small space tear.

His finger then entered inside the space tear, and thrusting forward, it seemed to have pierced through something soft.

A warm liquid poured over Shun Long ’s hand before he retracted his finger and closed the space tear in front of him.

2 breaths of time had passed as the ’Time Prison ’ then stopped detaining Elder Qing Ren ’s body.

The 2m(6.6ft) tall man didn ’t understand why, but he could feel a sudden pain in his chest, as he hurriedly clutched his chest with his left hand.

A warm liquid welled up in his throat before he spat out a mouthful of blood.

With his heart now pierced, Qing Ren couldn ’t even keep circulating his qi, as his body started falling uncontrollably. 

Hao Jingguo ’s eyes widened before he turned around and tried to support the middle-aged man behind him, but Qing Ren ’s strength seemed to be quickly leaving his body.

Hao Jingguo took a bottle of pills from his spatial ring and fed them to Qing Ren, but in the end, they didn ’t seem to alleviate his pain or improve his situation in the slightest.

With every passing second, Qing Ren was losing more and more blood from his heart, while the look on his face was that of uncontrollable fear as he stared at Shun Long.

After all, dying wasn ’t that scary.
What was scary was not even knowing how you died.

The middle rank 2 Spirit realm expert hadn ’t even seen the man in front of him moving, and yet, he still felt an intense pain in his heart. 

Closing his eyes, Qing Ren scanned his body with his spirit sense, only to see that there was a hole in his heart where his blood was unceasingly pouring out from.

However, an injury to his heart was almost as bad as an injury to the brain.
There was practically no way to heal it with normal means.

The only ways that Qing Ren knew of, would be for a high-level body refining cultivator to use enormous amounts of energy, or for normal qi refining cultivators to use rare top-grade healing pills that could heal such injuries.

Hao Jingguo had a cold look on his face after seeing that Qing Ren ’s situation was only getting worse, as he stopped supporting him with his hands, letting him fall from the sky, only to be caught by the subordinates that were waiting on the ground below him.

Killing intent was oozing from Hao Jingguo ’s body as he looked at Shun Long, and with an unconcealed murderous look, he said

’ ’Brat, since you have crippled both of my Elders, don ’t expect to leave here alive! I will personally cut off your head before I send it to the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’. ’ ’

At the same time, Liu Mei who was watching this scene from the forest a mile away from the villa had an anxious expression on her face when she saw that Shun Long was ready to fight with the middle rank 3 Spirit realm expert!

Shun Long however wasn ’t the least bit afraid of Hao Jingguo.
After all, the reason that he had accepted this mission in the first place, was to pressure himself and fight against stronger opponents.

Although it was dangerous to fight against a middle rank 3 Spirit realm expert as an early rank 9 Heaven grade cultivator, this was still the best way to make himself even more accustomed to his current strength.

Raising his right hand, Shun Long gathered his qi in his finger, before sparks of lightning started to appear on it.

The moment that Hao Jingguo ’s subordinates so the lightning that was gathering in Shun Long ’s right hand, they hurriedly shouted to warn Hao Jingguo before they all rose to the sky, surrounding Shun Long from all sides.

’ ’Lord Hao, be careful! ’ ’

’ ’Boss, watch out! This brat used this move to take out Elder Qing Chen! ’ ’

Since these people had already dealt with Liu Mei ’s undead army, there was no reason or excuse for them to keep watching the fight from the sidelines.

Hao Jingguo could also feel a sense of danger coming from Shun Long ’s finger, as his qi started to gather around his body.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-time-prison_50489148561216936 for visiting.


The sound of thunder booming resounded in the sky, as a bolt of lightning once again appeared from the tip of Shun Long ’s finger, heading towards Hao Jingguo at extreme speed.

Shun Long ’s eyes saw the bolt of thunder flying through the air extremely quickly, but before it could actually hit the rank 3 Spirit realm expert ’s body, a layer of earth armor appeared around Hao Jingguo.


The moment that his ’Thunderbolt finger ’ met with Hao Jingguo ’s earth armor, a booming sound was heard through the air, while small parts of the earth armor were immediately ground to dust.

And yet, the bolt of thunder was actually dispersed in the air before it could successfully break through Hao Jingguo ’s defenses.

After taking head-on Shun Long ’s attack, the middle rank 3 Spirit realm was still standing in the air, holding his 2 white daggers in his hands as he stared at Shun Long with a mocking smile on his face.

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