Hao Jingguo and the other Elder Qing both frowned when they heard someone interrupting them.

Hao Jingguo didn ’t move from his position, and looking at the door he said in a cold voice

’ ’Come in. ’ ’

The young woman on top of him immediately struggled to break free and put on her clothes when she heard the door opening, but Hao Jingguo simply held her in place with an evil smile on his face, as he watched another person entering the room.

A fl.u.s.tered young man with a terrified expression then entered inside, but as soon as he opened the door, the first thing that he saw in his eyes was Elder Qing ’s bare ass.

The scene of ’Lord Hao ’ and ’Elder Qing ’ both sharing one girl was now etched in his brain, but neither Hao Jingguo nor Elder Qing seemed to be embarrassed being under the young man ’s gaze.

However, the young woman ’s face was now buried in Hao Jingguo ’s chest while even her ears and neck had turned red.

Hao Jingguo looked at the young man who had entered the room, and with an imposing tone he asked

’ ’What ’s so urgent for you to hit my door like that? ’ ’

The young man quickly fell on his knees when he remembered the reason that he had entered the room, and looking at Elder Qing he suddenly felt his throat getting sore.

Both Hao Jingguo and Elder Qing could immediately sense that something was wrong, as Elder Qing turned around, and with a serious look he asked

’ ’What ’s wrong? Just speak! ’ ’

The young man nodded his head, and after recollecting his thoughts he said

’ ’It ’s Elder Qing Chen! He…
is heavily injured, and his condition is very bad! ’ ’

’ ’WHAT? ’ ’

The 2m(6.6ft) tall Elder Qing looked at the young man in front of him with a disbelieving look, while even Hao Jingguo ’s face changed when he heard this.

Taking a step forward, the n.a.k.e.d Elder Qing appeared in front of the young man, and lifting him from his neck he asked angrily

’ ’Tell me! What happened to my brother? How many enemies are outside? ’ ’

The young man struggled to breathe as his arms grabbed tightly on Elder Qing ’s thick left arm that was choking his neck.

Elder Qing snorted, but in the end, he released his grip, allowing the young man in front of him to take a breather before he started explaining what had happened outside the villa.

Hao Jingguo and Elder Qing both turned to look at each other with a dark look on their faces when they heard what had happened.

If someone defeated Qing Chen with one move, then his strength was probably not much inferior to Hao Jingguo ’s own.

With a serious look, the n.a.k.e.d Hao Jingguo stood up, completely ignoring the young woman who was lying on top of him just now, and after placing on a piece of leather pants and a shirt on him, he looked at Elder Qing and said 

’ ’Qing Ren, let ’s go together. ’ ’

Qing Ren nodded his head, and after putting on a piece of clothing that barely covered his lower body, he flew in the air as he and Hao Jingguo quickly appeared outside of the villa.

Hao Jingguo ’s subordinates started to cheer loudly once they saw their leader, but Qing Ren had a dark look on his face as he quickly arrived in front of his brother.

Seeing the large hole on his brother ’s chest, as well as his charred body that was barely breathing, Qing Ren understood that his brother ’s condition was much worse than the young man had described it.

Unless a miracle happened, even if Qing Chen survived, he was fated to live his life as a peak rank 1 Spirit realm cultivator from now on.

After taking a look around him, Qing Ren ’s eyes were soon focused on the young man in blue robes who was standing in the air, a few hundred meters away from him.

Shun Long looked at the middle-aged man who was staring at him with a murderous look in his eyes, when the man ’s aura suddenly burst out from his body

’ ’Middle rank 2 Spirit realm expert! ’ ’

Seeing that there a change in Shun Long ’s expression even after he had released his aura, Qing Ren soared in the air, and looking at Hao Jingguo he said in a voice full of hatred

’ ’Brother Hao! Qing Chen ’s future is destroyed! Even if he lives, this brat has already ruined any hope Qing Chen had to reach the middle-stages of the Spirit realm in the future. ’ ’

Hao Jingguo ’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Shun Long, and nodding his head, he soared in the air as well, standing next to Qing Ren.

Facing against Shun Long, Hao Jingguo unleashed his aura at the middle of rank 3 in the Spirit realm, before he took out a pair of white daggers from his spatial ring.

Staring at Shun Long who was calmly floating in the sky, Hao Jingguo had a murderous look deep in his eyes as he thought to himself

’ ’It looks like I need to send a serious message to the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’ this time.
After all, I can ’t afford to lose the Qing brothers ’ help. ’ ’ 

Qing Ren nodded his head when he saw Hao Jingguo ready to go all out, as he took out a silver-colored sword from his spatial ring as well. 

The moment that Hao Jingguo ’s subordinates saw the 2 white daggers appearing, they jeered mockingly as they looked at Shun Long who was standing in the air nonchalantly

’ ’Ignorant brat, Boss Hao is just a step away from the peak of rank 3 in the Spirit realm while his daggers are a pair of rank 2 silver grade weapons.
Unless you are actually a middle-stage Spirit realm cultivator, Boss Hao will make you pay for hurting Elder Qing! ’ ’

Shun Long ignored the jeers from the crowd, as his attention was focused on the 2 middle-aged men in front of him.

Hao Jingguo and Elder Qing didn ’t delay, as they both flew towards Shun Long at full speed.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-den_50471994747044187 for visiting.

Shun Long ’s eyes were instantly focused once he saw the 2 Spirit realm experts flying towards him.

After all, although he was confident in fighting against Hao Jingguo, he wouldn ’t take 2 Spirit realm experts lightly.

The invisible figure of an hourglass expanded from his body, as Shun Long activated the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, slowing down Hao Jingguo ’s and Elder Qing ’s speed by almost 20 percent.

Then, with a slight smile on his face, he thought to himself

’ ’Ever since advancing to the Heaven grade, I didn ’t have time to actually test this move. ’ ’

Shun Long ’s golden eyes then focused on the 2m(6.6ft) tall Elder Qing, as he silently mumbled 2 words

’ ’Time…
Prison! ’ ’

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