This middle-aged man who was lying below this young woman had a sturdy build that resembled a trained fighter, while his square jaw and his hawk-shaped nose gave an intimidating feeling to the people around him when he stared at them.

Shun Long had already seen this man ’s wanted poster when he accepted the B-rank mission and would quickly recognize him if he actually saw him.

This was the infamous killer Hao Jingguo.

Hao Jingguo stopped his lower body ’s movements, and looking at the young woman who was lying on top of him, he started fondling her plump b.o.o.b.s as he said with a smile on his face

’ ’Don ’t worry little girl.
This isn ’t the first attack this year, and it will certainly not be the last. ’ ’

Raising his head to look at the other middle-aged man, who was still continuing his back and forth movements behind the young woman, the square-jawed Hao Jingguo then asked

’ ’Don ’t you think so too Elder Qing? ’ ’

The middle-aged man who heard Hao Jingguo ’s voice suddenly stopped his back and forth movements, and looking at the back of the young woman in front of him, he nodded his head with a proud smile as he said

’ ’There is no reason to worry.
My younger brother is in charge of the villa ’s defense tonight, and even if he can ’t take care of the people attacking us, don ’t we still have brother Hao? ’ ’

Looking at the more than 2m(6.6ft) tall middle-aged man behind her, the young woman nodded her head somewhat absentminded, as if agreeing with his words.

’ ’Right! If Elder Qing can ’t take care of the intruders, he will definitely inform Big brother Hao along with his elder brother as well. ’ ’

When these thoughts flashed through the young woman ’s mind, a sense of relief filled her, while her waist seemed to have subconsciously started moving once again.

Laughter filled the room as the 2 middle-aged men then continued with their night ’s exercise.

At the same time, outside the villa, the middle-aged who was looking at Shun Long took a step forward, and with a mocking look on his face he asked

’ ’Don ’t tell me that you are another idiot from the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’ who is here for Elder brother Hao ’s bounty? ’ ’

Although the middle-aged man had a mocking look on his face, he actually didn ’t underestimate Shun Long because of his early rank 9 Heaven grade aura.
Instead, he raised his vigilance even further, certain that the young man in front of him was somehow concealing his true cultivation level.

Additionally, although his question may have seemed simple, the truth was, that the middle-aged man was actually trying to probe Shun Long ’s real intentions.

After all, to be able to kill 2 squads, while each of them was being led by a peak rank 9 Heaven grade expert, unless this middle-aged man was working together with his elder brother, he wouldn ’t be able to do it this quickly and stealthily just by himself.

Shun Long shook his head when he heard the man ’s question, and with a calm look he said smilingly

’ ’There is no reason to try and probe me.
You are right, I am indeed a member of the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’. ’ ’

The middle-aged man had a mocking look on his face when he heard this, and shaking his head in response he said

’ ’As expected, another idiot who is greedy for money! No matter whether you hide your cultivation or not, as long as you haven ’t reached the middle-stages of the Spirit realm, you will die like a worm! Even if you can beat the small fries that were standing guard, brother Hao isn ’t someone that idiots who barge here alone can challenge! ’ ’

As soon as he finished speaking, the middle-aged man stopped holding back, as his cultivation exploded outwards.

’ ’Peak of rank 1 in the Spirit realm! ’ ’

Shun Long just smiled lightly when he sensed the middle-aged man ’s cultivation, before his own aura at the early rank 9 in Heaven grade burst out in response.

Meanwhile, the man ’s subordinates who had come out from the villa along with him, immediately moved to attack Liu Mei ’s undead army.

Although the skeletons and the undead knights were somewhat scary, in the end they were only at the peak of rank 5 and early rank 6 in Heaven grade.

Against 30 experts at the late stages of the Heaven grade, it was a one-sided slaughter.

At the same time, seeing that the middle-aged man was flying towards him at full speed, Shun Long simply raised his right hand in the air as he pointed forward.

The qi inside his qi balls was being gathered rapidly in his forefinger, while sparks had even started forming on top of it.

The middle-aged man felt a sense of danger in his heart as he looked at Shun Long ’s finger, but he didn ’t choose to back down.

Instead, he used his qi to form an invisible qi barrier in front of him as he continued to fly forward, while his attention was completely focused on Shun Long ’s finger.

It took a single breath of time for Shun Long ’s qi to gather in his finger, before a booming sound resounded in the sky, drawing everyone ’s attention.

The middle-aged man ’s subordinates who were fighting against Liu Mei ’s undead army, instantly raised their heads to look at the sky, where a single bolt of lightning was moving towards ’Elder Qing ’ at extreme speed. 


The sound of thunder booming resounded through the air, while a bolt of lightning illuminated the night sky before it collided with ’Elder Qing ’s ’ qi barrier.

’Elder Qing ’s ’ eyes widened when he saw the bolt of thunder flying towards him, but he didn ’t even have enough time to move out of the way, before he felt his qi barrier shattering into pieces as an overpowering strength crashed on his body.

The moment that Shun Long ’s Mystic high-grade Thunderbolt finger hit the middle-aged man ’s body, ’Elder Qing ’ felt as if thousands of lightning bolts had suddenly zapped his chest, all at the same time.

Under the horrified eyes of his subordinates, ’Elder Qing ’s ’ body flew from the sky like a cannonball, before it crashed on the ground next to them.


The powerful peak rank 1 Spirit realm expert was now lying on the ground with a huge hole on his chest, unknown if he was still dead or alive!

The nauseating smell of charred flesh immediately brought the people around him back to reality, before some of them hurriedly rushed back inside the villa.

In the room where Hao Jingguo and the middle-aged Elder Qing were enjoying themselves, knocking sounds were frantically heard from the door, as the anxious voice of one of the subordinates outside sounded, as it said

’ ’Lo-Lord Hao! ’ ’

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