Looking at the large villa ahead of them, Shun Long saw more than 10 people stationed near the waterfall, keeping watch of their surroundings.

At the same time, inside the foggy place in the ’Stone of Time ’, Little Black and the silver-winged panther were both watching Shun Long with eyes filled with interest.

Little Black didn ’t use his soul sense to scan the villa, and he didn ’t give Shun Long any warnings or help either.

Since this was his master ’s and his master ’s wife ’s mission, the black dragon quietly observed everything from the ’Stone of Time ’.

Shun Long and Liu Mei stayed hidden on top of a tree as they observed the guards that were watching over the villa.

There were 2 squads with 5 people each, and a peak rank 9 Heaven realm cultivator was leading each squad.

Liu Mei was silent when she saw Shun Long seriously thinking over their next course of action.

After thinking for a while, Shun Long looked at Liu Mei and asked

’ ’Mei ’er, how far from your body can your undead creatures travel to? ’ ’

Shun Long realized that he didn ’t have enough knowledge regarding Liu Mei ’s necromancy.

Liu Mei thought seriously for a while before she answeredFind authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_50448998670065933 for visiting.

’ ’As long as they are within a 3 mile radius, then their ability will not be restricted.
But beyond that, their speed and their strength will start to drop. ’ ’

Nodding his head Shun Long answered with a serious look

’ ’In that case, it ’s better if you control your undead creatures from here.
They can come with me as I enter inside the villa, and support me when I need to. ’ ’

Liu Mei nodded her head in response after hearing Shun Long ’s words.

Besides, now that she was a necromancer, her physical abilities weren ’t that important.

Instead, the numbers and the strength of the creatures that she could summon was vital to her overall strength.
After all, necromancers usually didn ’t fight in close combat, but they summoned their undead creatures for them.

With a wave of her hand, a black ball filled with death Qi had appeared in front of Liu Mei, before it slowly fell on the ground.

This time, 50 jade-white skeletons along with 3 undead knights rose from the ground, as they assembled themselves in 3 lines in front of Liu Mei.

This was Liu Mei ’s current limit in the undead creatures that she could summon.

Looking at the 3m(10ft) tall undead knights who were each leading a row of skeletons, Shun Long smiled as he started walking towards the squad that was the closest to him and Liu Mei.

Once he arrived a few hundred meters away from the waterfall, the peak rank 9 Heaven grade expert was the first one to notice Shun Long and the small undead army behind him, as he shouted

’ ’HALT! ’ ’

The rest of the squad members ’ attention was immediately focused on the young man who seemed to be leading some kind of bizarre and terrifying creatures.

Shun Long ignored the peak rank 9 Heaven grade expert, and instead, he circulated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ as his eyes suddenly turned golden.

In the dark night, with only the light of the moon and the stars illuminating the earth from the night sky, Shun Long ’s golden eyes resembled a demon ’s.

The squad captain ’s body trembled when he saw the scene in front of him, but just as he was ready to shout ’ ’Enemy attack! ’ ’ the indistinct figure of an hourglass expanded from Shun Long ’s body, completely stopping time around the peak rank 9 Heaven grade expert and his squad members.

The skeletons and the undead knights however were also frozen, once they were caught inside the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’.

After all, Shun Long ’s control over the Dao of Time wasn ’t high enough to selectively choose the enemies that the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ would freeze.

Raising his right hand, Shun Long slashed the air in front of him, opening a space tear that led directly to the 5 squad members ahead of him.

Once he entered the space tear, Shun Long shortened the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’, allowing the army of skeletons and the 3 undead knights behind him to move again, before he took a wooden purple staff from his spatial ring.

There was no mercy or compassion in Shun Long ’s eyes as he looked at the 5 people in front of him who were guarding the villa.

As subordinates of Hao Jingguo, there was no way for these people to be innocent in the first place.
Besides, in the cultivation world, there was no absolute wrong or right.

Hao Jingguo was strong enough so even though he was an infamous killer, rapist and thief, people didn ’t choose to confront him for no reason.

But once a mission was set up in the ’Mercenaries ’ Association ’, the infamous rank 3 Spirit realm expert had already fought with more than 2 groups who had attacked his villa.

After all, it wasn ’t uncommon for mercenaries to die during their missions, which was why the ’Mercenaries ’ Association was extremely strict with their rankings.

Waving his ’Purple Blossom staff ’, Shun Long ’s attacks shattered the 5 squad members ’ heads, including the peak rank 9 Heaven grade expert ’s, killing them in an instant.

The other peak rank 9 Heaven grade expert who was leading the second squad, had his eyes wide open when he saw the scene that had unfolded in front of his eyes.

Without any hesitation, he took a deep breath, as he shouted in a heavy and loud voice that alarmed the entire villa


At the same time that the squad leader ’s voice sounded in the air, Shun Long raised his right hand once again, opening another space tear, as he arrived at the other side of the waterfall where the second squad was stationed in.

The second squad ’s captain immediately turned to flee when he saw Shun Long appearing in front of him, not even thinking of engaging in combat against him.
After all, he had just witnessed him killing the first squad all by himself in an extremely bizarre manner.

The members of the second squad were terrified when they saw their captain leaving, but Shun Long didn ’t pay any attention to them, as he activated the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ once again.

Time seemed to freeze around Shun Long for the second time, and without any suspense, Shun Long waved the ’Purple Blossom staff ’ as he effortlessly took care of the 5 squad members in front of him.

He then turned his eyes towards the villa ’s entrance.

The moment that the squad leader ’s voice had sounded in the air, the villa ’s entrance abruptly opened and more than 30 cultivators emerged from it.

Each of them was at least a late-stage Heaven grade cultivator, while a middle-aged man was leading the front.

Shun Long ’s eyes narrowed slightly once he sensed the aura coming from the middle-aged man ’s body, instantly recognizing that he was a Spirit realm expert.

The middle-aged man first had a confused look as he looked at the army of undead creatures on the right bank of the river, before his eyes were focused on Shun Long.

Seeing the fresh blood that was still dripping from the ’Purple Blossom staff ’, the middle-aged man ’s eyes quickly turned cold as he took a step forward.

At the same time, inside a private room in the villa, 2 middle-aged men were lying on top of a large bed, as they were indulging in the pleasures of dual cultivation with a black-haired young woman.

The woman ’s expression that was filled with l.u.s.t and enjoyment quickly changed into one of fear when she heard the words ’enemy attack ’, as she then lowered her head to look at the middle-aged man who was lying below her and was still thrusting his lowered body upwards, looking like he hadn ’t heard anything as he continued to enjoy himself.

With a trembling expression, the young woman bit her lips as she then said fearfully 

’ ’B-Big brother Hao! There is an enemy attack! ’ ’

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