Without any hesitation, Shun Long immediately used blink and appeared in front of Liu Mei, before he summoned both the black panther as well as Little Black!

Turning his head to look at Liu Mei he then said anxiously

’ ’Keep your eyes focused on my back! No matter what happens, don ’t stop looking at my back! ’ ’

Liu Mei was stunned when she heard Shun Long ’s words, when suddenly, a humming tone sounded from the depths of the mountain.

The small mountain started to tremble, and soon, it opened itself in 2, as a bird-like beast flew from the mountain ’s depths.

It was a 3m(10ft) tall bird, with a violet-colored beak and purple eyes, while its pink feathers gave it an indescribable beauty.

The moment that Shun Long had seen this magic beast through his golden eyes however, he knew that the situation was really bad.

’ ’A rank 5 ’Spellsinger bird ’! ’ ’

Shun Long understood why Little Black had failed to detect the magic beast ’s presence inside the mountain.
Once this magic beast was sleeping, it would emit no soul fluctuations, which would make it impossible even for a peak rank 9 Dao King to discover it in its hibernation state.

It would usually choose a place to sleep for a thousand years, and unless it was hungry, it wouldn ’t wake up no matter what.

And yet, Shun Long also knew, that the moment that the rank 5 ’Spellsinger bird ’ detected humans in its hungry state, it would immediately wake up and try to devour them.

Liu Mei didn ’t understand why Shun Long had summoned both Little Black as well as the black panther in order to deal with this magic beast, but seeing the serious expression on his face she understood, that there must be more to this beast than what meets the eye.

Little Black was hovering in the air in front of Shun Long, while his body was exuding the regal majesty of a dragon.

He originally had an uncaring look in his eyes, but the moment that he saw the peak rank 5 ’Spellsinger bird ’, the black dragon turned to look at Shun Long first, before his body exploded with the aura of a peak rank 5 magic beast.

The black panther instead had already spread its silver wings that were shining with a bright light, while it waited for Shun Long ’s command.

As long as Shun Long told Little Black and the black panther to attack the magic beast in front of them, they would destroy it without any hesitation.

And yet, Shun Long had a serious look in his eyes but he didn ’t give any orders.

After all, the ’Spellsinger bird ’ was different than most other magic beasts.

It always attacked by singing, and once it started, everyone around it would be affected, while its singing would directly attack its target ’s soul.

Shun Long didn ’t think for a moment that Little Black would have a problem fighting and killing off the ’Spellsinger bird ’.
He had absolute confidence in the black dragon ’s power.

What he was afraid of, was the bird choosing to actually fight in its hungry state. 

After all, once the singing started, Little Black had no way to protect Shun Long and Liu Mei ’s souls.

’ ’Let ’s hope that the bird gets scared off by Little Black and the black panther.
Otherwise… ’ ’

Shun Long thought to himself as he observed the pink bird ’s actions.

The rank 5 ’Spellsinger bird ’ felt a hint of fear creep inside it, once it sensed the terrifying aura of the black dragon.

After all, dragons were kings among other magic beasts, and their aura brought a certain degree of suppression as well as fear to the other beasts.

At the same time, the black panther had also released its own aura as well, pressuring the bird even further.

The ’Spellsinger bird ’ looked at the 2 peak rank 5 magic beasts in front of it, with an unconcealed sense of fear, but the moment that its eyes swept over Shun Long and Liu Mei ’s bodies, its natural instincts of hunger resurfaced.

It was hunger versus fear.

The ’Spellsinger bird ’ was afraid, and didn ’t want to fight against the black dragon and the ’Silver-winged panther king ’, but it was also hungry.

After all, hunting and killing humans or magic beasts around it once it woke up, was something that was carved deep in its soul.

This was part of its pride as a peak rank 5 magic beast as well.

The bird also believed, that in terms of its own soul, neither the black panther nor the terrifying dragon were its match.

As long as they were dazed for even a second, it could definitely snatch the 2 humans that were behind them and leave.

Shun Long had a serious look on his face when he saw the excitement in the ’Spellsinger bird ’s ’ purple eyes, and looking at Little Black as well as the black panther he then said seriously

’ ’Kill it! ’ ’

Little Black immediately flapped his majestic black wings once, quickly closing two-thirds of the distance between himself and the ’Spellsinger bird ’ in a single instant.

The black panther ’s silver wings that were shining with a bright light cut through the air, as he also flew towards the pink bird.

The peak rank 5 ’Spellsinger bird ’s ’ eyes were filled with both fear as well as excitement, as it suddenly opened its violet-colored beak.

Before Little Black had enough time to close the distance between them, a melodious sound was heard from the ’Spellsinger bird ’.

It sounded like a gentle humming tone that was soothing someone ’s heart, and yet, at the same time, it also sounded like a bewitching melody that would encapture someone ’s soul.

The sound instantly spread, from the ’Spellsinger bird ’ to Little Black, then to the black panther, and in the end, it reached Shun Long and Liu Mei ’s souls.

For the first time in countless years, Little Black felt fear, as he turned his head to look at his master who now had an absentminded look in his eyes.

Under the black dragon ’s terrified eyes, Shun Long ’s body who was hugging Liu Mei ’s, instantly collapsed on the ground!

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