The ball of black flames landed in the same place where Xue Zhilan had crashed on, when a scream filled with pain and anger sounded in the air.


Shun Long ’s golden eyes were staring at the place where Xue Zhilan had landed on, with a solemn look.

He had used ’blink ’ to instantly appear behind Xue Zhilan, before he summoned Little Black.

Little Black ’s attack had also hit the bald old man when he couldn ’t dodge, as it then sent him crashing to the ground. 

The black flames had made contact with his body as well, and yet, the bald old man was still strong enough to shout threateningly!

Little Black didn ’t wait for the black flames to dissipate as he dove downwards, his claws reaching inside the cloud of smoke.

The sound of metal clashing against itself resounded in the air, while the cloud of dust started to spread thinner and thinner.

Soon, Shun Long could see the scene on the ground, where Little Black ’s claws and wings attacked Xue Zhilan relentlessly.

The old Dao King was shocked when he saw a living black dragon in front of him, attacking him without any mercy.

Xue Zhilan felt his brain short-circuiting for a moment, and yet his senses told him that Little Black ’s attacks were completely real.

Shun Long could clearly see a large claw mark on Xue Zhilan ’s back, while the metal armor on his body had already started to melt.

From the side, the black panther was watching Little Black ’s fight with shining eyes, staring at Xue Zhilan like a predator who was looking at a tasty piece of flesh.

Xue Zhilan wanted to use his Dao of Metal and reform the destroyed parts of his armor, but the black dragon didn ’t give him a moment ’s rest.

Each attack was nearing a step closer to taking his life.

Looking at the endless barrage of attacks that were coming his way, the old Dao King felt that he couldn ’t keep taking them head-on any longer.

Gritting his teeth, he allowed Little Black ’s attack to land on his shoulder, as he started gathering his qi in his hands.


The moment that Little Black ’s gigantic claw hit Xue Zhilan ’s shoulder, the sound of bones being crushed was heard, while an expression of pain and endless killing intent filled the old Dao King ’s face.

At the same time, a metal shield appeared from Xue Zhilan ’s hands, before it completely encapsulated his body.

Little Black didn ’t seem to stop once the metal shield appeared, as he started to attack the metal shield.

However, no matter how hard he tried, his talons could only leave small cuts on the shield in the end.

Seeing that he couldn ’t break the metal shield like that, Little Black soared in the sky before he opened his mouth.
A gigantic ball of black flames, even bigger than the one that he had created before, started to condense in the black dragon ’s mouth then, 

At the same time, Xue Zhilan who was covered beneath the metal shield had an ugly look on his face as he looked at the injuries on his body.

Little Black ’s talons had not only destroyed a big part of his armor, but some attacks had even reached the Dao King ’s bones.

’ ’F.U.C.K! How can a real dragon be here? Where did this brat find a dragon to help him in the first place? ’ ’

Looking at his bone-deep injuries and his completely crushed shoulder, Xue Zhilan roared inwardly to vent his frustration.

He only wanted to get the black panther, but he was now faced against a 10m(33ft) long dragon.

Clenching his teeth, the old man took out another yellow-colored talisman from his spatial ring as he thought to himself

’ ’This is my last offensive talisman.
Although the attack stored inside comes from a peak rank 3 Dao King, it is probably comparable to a full-out attack of an early rank 4 Dao King realm expert! ’ ’ 

Without any hesitation, Xue Zhilan sent his qi inside the yellow-colored talisman, while a ruthless look had appeared in his eyes.

He had already estimated that Little Black ’s strength was close to a peak rank 3 Dao King realm expert ’s, and he was certain that even if the dragon survived from this attack, he would still be close to death.

As soon as Xue Zhilan ’s qi entered the yellow-colored talisman, the talisman started to glow with a bright light, as rays of resplendent qi started to tear through the metal shield.

At the same time, Little Black looked at the metal shield with a cold look, as he then sent the enormous ball of black fire towards it.

It seemed that even the air itself was burning under the heat of Little Black ’s powerful fireball, which quickly arrived in front of Xue Zhilan ’s metal shield.

The SSS-rank mercenary had plenty of experience in life and death battles, and could instantly feel the deadly danger that approached from the sky.

He was certain that even his metal shield would be destroyed in an instant under the horrifying attack that was closing in at him.

He didn ’t wait any longer for the yellow-colored talisman to absorb more of his qi, and without hesitation, he pointed the talisman towards the sky.

A yellow qi immediately erupted from the talisman, taking the form of a bronze sword.

Guided by Xue Zhilan ’s qi, the sword pierced through the metal shield as it shot towards the sky.

Xue Zhilan ’s metal shield was immediately cut in half under the might of the sword, when he saw a giant black fireball flying towards him. 

Terrifying power was hidden both inside the bronze sword, as well as Little Black ’s fireball.

Shun Long stared at the scene in front of him with his golden eyes, before he used blink and immediately teleported himself next to Liu Mei.


The moment that the bronze sword clashed with the black fireball, it pierced directly through it when a massive explosion then filled the air.

Under the erosion of the black flames, the l.u.s.ter of the bronze sword dimmed until it was eventually extinguished.

The black fireball however, had also lost its shape and more than half of its mass by now, leaving behind nothing but wisps of flame!

Xue Zhilan ’s eyes were filled with terror when he saw the wisps of black flame continuing to fly towards him.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #'s-trump-card_50347294129703298 for visiting.

The metal shield that had already been cut in half from the bronze sword earlier, instantly disintegrated under the heat of the black flames, revealing Xue Zhilan in his metal armor.


The early rank 3 Dao King realm expert shouted and turned to escape, as he felt the embrace of death approaching him along with the black flames.

Little Black ’s flames however had completely surrounded him, leaving him with no path of retreat.

Xue Zhilan ’s miserable shrieks resounded in the air, filled with anger, unwillingness and killing intent, but under Little Black ’s flames, they slowly died down.

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